Best Song/Soundtrack of 2018! Manmarziyaan and “Mere Naam Tu”!

The Ms have it!!!! Clearly, it was the year of the 13th letter of the alphabet, musically speaking.

Big disclaimer here: Reflects on Life, you picked too many!!!! I ended up just choosing “Bom Diggy” because it was the first one you mentioned and I got overwhelmed.

Okay, lesser disclaimers. Like with all these posts, the idea was to get a conversation going in the comments more than a simple poll. Which makes the scoring a bit subjective. In this case (besides Reflects on Life), it was pretty clear in most comments what was intended. But it is still possible that my score sheet wouldn’t agree with yours if you scored it.

Anyway, this is what I got:

Best Soundtrack:

Manmarziyaan: 6 votes

Andhadhun: 4 votes

Padmavat: 2 votes

Veere Di Wedding: 1 vote

Best Song:

Mere Naam Tu: 6 votes

Ghoomar: 2 votes

Dhayaanchand: 2 votes

Naina De Kasoor: 1 vote

Bom Diggy: 1 vote

Chogada: 1 vote

Daryaa: 1 vote

You know what I get from this? A good soundtrack usually means a good film. But a good song doesn’t necessarily mean a good soundtrack.

See, if you are being careful and serious about the film you are making, you will take care of the soundtrack as well as an element of the film. But it is completely possible to have one good song in a soundtrack just by random accident. A soundtrack is on purpose, a good song can just kind of happen.

Oh, and from the other side of things, you can still have a good film without a good soundtrack. A soundtrack isn’t what makes the film good necessarily, it is just a sign that there was overall care taken in making the film, and that care is what makes the film good. So, Badhaai Ho has a so-so but unmemorable soundtrack and is still a good film.

The other thing that jumps out at me is that, 5 years from now, there is a decent chance that “Mere Naam Tu” will end up being the most remembered song of 2019, but the rest of that soundtrack and even the film itself could be a bit forgotten. Isn’t it interesting how that can happen?

Even within this year, poor Loveyatri got a vote for “Chogada”. That movie as a whole will never win anything, but at least that one song will make it remembered.

3 thoughts on “Best Song/Soundtrack of 2018! Manmarziyaan and “Mere Naam Tu”!

  1. Interesting observations, but I did want to say that I think the Zero soundtrack is quite strong. I didn’t vote for a best soundtrack because I haven’t seen enough of the movies to compare.

    So another observation is that when a movie disappears quickly or gets negative word of mouth (deservedly or not) the soundtrack is also affected, whether strong or not.


    • Good point. Especially if it is a very good soundtrack, as a soundtrack. Not just a series of catchy songs, but a series of songs that really capture the mood and journey of the film. As you know, Zero didn’t work for me. But last year with JHMS, that soundtrack was downright brilliant and a few songs were noticed, but it didn’t get attention as a whole creation in the way I think it would if the film were appreciated. The soundtrack, if it is a good soundtrack, is an integral part of building the movie and if the audience doesn’t see the movie, they can’t fully and truly appreciate the soundtrack.

      I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I find that really noticeable with the later Ratnam/Rahman combinations. Ratnam doesn’t play the full song in his movies any more, there aren’t really visuals to go along with the pieces. But Rahman so fully captures the mood of the film and the journey of the characters in his songs, that even if they aren’t used in the film, you can listen to them and still sort of “feel” the film.

      On Fri, Feb 1, 2019 at 10:17 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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