News Round-Up: Prerna Arora Hits Prison, Salman Hits for Rajshri, Tiger Shroff Hits at Fitness, and PC Hits the Smaller Screen

Fun fun little stories, Prerna Arora’s continuing legal problems always cheer me up, plus other people are doing things.

Prerna Arora Has a 176 Page Chargesheet Against her

Oh Prerna! I just get so much schadenfreude from reading about your legal problems. The charges have now been brought and explained in detail by the Economic Offenses Wing. She took out a massive loan against Kedarnath, even though she did not have full rights to the film. And she borrowed money from Vashu Bhagnani to buy property, and then never purchased it or paid him back (full story here).

Well, I think that answers the question of why they tried to shut down Kedarnath! And Parmanu. If she could show massive losses of some kind of another, she could explain not paying back her loans. But if Kedarnath released and did decent business (which it did), the bank would be looking for its money back.

Image result for the producers 1970s
Yes, this is the plot of the producers. But only if the kind of half thought out plan was to fund a perfectly find production and then randomly try to kill it later when you realized you had accidentally already spent the money on designer clothes

Also, this is why I am not enraptured with “professional” business tactics. The film industry doesn’t have to borrow money from the mob any more, or raise it on their personal connections. But banks aren’t any smarter than the mob (how could they not know she didn’t have full rights to Kedarnath when they gave her a loan?), and a company that deals with banks and international corporations may not be any more honest or reliable than one that deals with the mob. Not a comment on the Indian film industry in particular, seems like a universal that often the people with the fancy suits and business names are just as gullible and/or crooked as anyone else.

Salman Returns to Rajshri!

Well, this is exciting! Just been announced that Salman and Sooraj Barjatya will be working together again. Thank goodness, because Salman really really needs a strong director. Someone who isn’t Ali Abbas Zafar or Remo D’Souza and won’t let him just do whatever he wants (story here).

Based on previous interviews, Salman really respects Sooraj and follows his guidance on set. Hopefully he will still do that even now, and we will get a fun movie out of him. Probably too much to hope for that he will actually play his real age in the film, but at least he will be playing a character (“Prem”, no doubt) instead of just Salman himself slouching through a movie.

Plus, everyone loves a Rajshri film

Tiger Shroff Opens a Gym

Well, this is a totally reasonable and expected business development. I think Tiger worked as a trainer for a while already, so it is a business he knows. The spin on it is that he just wants to help young people be healthy and learn from him, but I can’t imagine a Bandra gym is going to be for the struggling young people of India, more like “I have a good name brand, what is a business I know that I could use it for?” (story here).

I’m still impressed with Tiger. It shows some levelheaded thinking ahead, to set up a business while he is riding how on fame and name recognition, and pick a business that he understands fully and can really turn into some kind of a success. If the Tiger wave dies down in a few years and he becomes just another young star, he has used his time to build up something that will support his family for years to come.

Image result for tiger shroff gym

Priyanka Hits the Small Screen

Well, BH has some SNARK!!! Not only are they pointing out that Priyanka’s newest movie isn’t getting a theatrical release, they point out that she really has just a cameo role, and that she only had a cameo role in her last American release too. (story here)

I got a little clarity too, for what the whole “Netflix” thing is. Isn’t It Romantic is getting a theatrical release in America, but not in India. In India, it is hitting Netflix the same day it releases in theaters in America. So, basically, Rebel Wilson is a big enough star to open a movie in America, but Priyanka isn’t a big enough star to open a film in India. Sounds about right.

The spin is that PC is developing her own scripts now since no one else is offering her roles. Like, this is a good independent thing. But, I don’t know, I guess it depends on if/when her own projects pan out. If they end up being brilliant and interesting and all of that, then she is a savvy business person and artist. But if they end up not happening, or being kind of weak, then she is still just spinning her wheels and trying to stay relevant.


14 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Prerna Arora Hits Prison, Salman Hits for Rajshri, Tiger Shroff Hits at Fitness, and PC Hits the Smaller Screen

  1. Prerna defrauds, Rangana lies … again two women who could have bring a change but don’t/did… *sigh*

    Good move, to build something that is not film-fame related (or at least not in the long run)…and he still could expand into other areas (local and social) when his business venture succeeds.

    Priyanka…we will see…maybe she will cock a snook at all her detractors (male & female) or maybe she will fizzle out .

    Salman…there are Dabangg 3 and rumours (Bhansali and Rajshri)…we will see…


    • I’m very impressed with Tiger, most stars open a restaurant or start a clothing line. But those are terrible businesses to go into in general, very risky in general, and will fail once the star’s fame fades, unless they have actual talent. But a gym, that’s a good solid business no matter what, and it is something Tiger actually has a real understanding of, way way smarter than what these other young stars are doing.

      On Tue, Feb 5, 2019 at 12:12 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’m happy to see that Prerna pays for her crimes.

    And for Priyanka -she was really unprofessional when she left Bharat, and I’m happy that her career is not as good as she wants (yes, I’m mean) First the movie she wanted was cancelled, now we discovered that Isn’t it romantic won’t be in cinemas, and she isn’t even the main star.

    Salman news – Sooraj is the only director/writer who can make me curious about Salman movie.


    • Priyanka is just making bad choices, it seems like. Unless her career goal is not being a movie star. She keeps taking these smaller roles in smaller films and passing on films like Bharat.

      I wouldn’t say Sooraj is the only director who can get me excited, but he is one of a very few. Salman needs a strong hand and someone he respects.

      On Tue, Feb 5, 2019 at 1:45 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Well, she passed on Bharat because she thought she had landed a movie with Chris Pratt. It backfired because that movie got shelved and she lost Bharat too. One of her biggest misfires ever but it’s because she got greedy and left last minute for the possibility of a HW movie. It also sends out a signal that PC can’t be trusted and prefers HW so Indian filmmakers won’t be so keen to offer her movies again.


  3. Prerna’s legal troubles always make me laugh.
    As for Isn’t it Romantic, it’s going to straight to Netflix all over the world except the US. I think in general romantic movies no longer have a theater audience but maybe they think Rebel Wilson might get it some money after stuff like Bridesmaids.
    My guess is that Priyanka doesn’t care as long as she gets to keep her name circulating and appear on talk shows for promotions and keep up a certain fame level. That is enough to get ads and promotions and make some money. Her Sheela movie also seems like a publicity stunt to deflect from the criticism over the PR wedding and 900 receptions that everyone got tired of. The director won an Oscar more than 30 years ago but is now a has-been and hasn’t done anything of worth in a long time. Just the fact that he would consider directing a movie for a movie produced by someone as irrelevant as PC is in HW shows what doldrums his career is in. These types of in-development movies takes years to happen and most of the time don’t happen at all. Meanwhile it’s good publicity and makes it seem like she’s working instead of just publicizing her personal life.


    • I think it’s more that rom-coms and films like that have always had only a domestic market. They are too culturally specific to translate overseas. And now that Hollywood is trying to cash in on the overseas market, they are less interested in rom-coms. This is probably the best way to release it, in America and maybe England just like it would have released in the 90s at the rom-com peak before the movie market got so international, and then simultaneously on Netflix so they don’t have to worry about pirating.
      But all of that still says PC isn’t getting the bigger budget movies or the bigger roles. She should have the Rebel Wilson lead role if she really is a big name. Or should be more showcased like, “special guest star”. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are right, if she is heading more in a direction of just wanting something official to talk about rather than actually caring about the project.

      And Prerna’s legal troubles always make me laugh too! It’s one of my most Happy Making stories.


      • PC is not bankable so she would not get a lead role. HW has tested the waters a little bit by giving her a role in Baywatch just the same way they did with Ash in Pink Panther. Their presence could not even open the movies in India, forget about anywhere else. If they were helping HW open the Indian market, it would be much easier for them to get roles but even that is not happening.

        Rebel Wilson was also just getting side roles (though very popular ones) for many years. She has a very unique selling point because of her comic timing and body. Priyanka doesn’t. She is just the ‘wannbe sexy’ type that HW is already full of and there are thousands of new ones like that angling for roles too. She can’t even offer the Indian market because she is not bankable there either in that way. Not only that, HW has the same age issues that BW has with actresses like Maggie Gyllenhall complaining she couldn’t find roles or the best ones would have her paired up with men in their 60s. This when she was 37 at the time. PC just doesn’t have a lot going for her.

        The tabloid fame she’s acquired is as good as it gets. She gets to attend parties/events as a paid guest, go on talk shows and walk red carpets, do instagram ads and so on. It will help her keep up her lifestyle in a Kardashian kind of way and the possibility of another TV drama or reality show is always there. TV likes to get “name” actors that do not really have movie opportunities.


  4. Why do I get this feeling that PK’s next move will be in the American Bigg Boss?
    Doesnt she have the sky is pink with farhan or is that shelved too?
    Plus she is ending KWK with Kareena. Will be interesting.
    Her insta posts with Nick dont ever seem candid but staged. Her latest post of laying on his chest was CRINGE. *sigh


    • Definitely feel like she is heading towards reality stardom. She and Nick are perfect for a reality TV show.

      I think The Sky is Pink is still on, but it’s probably not going to be a big Big movie by any means.

      Did not know she is going to be on KWK! That will be interesting, I feel like Karan and Kareena will either completely pander to her narrative (you and Nick are so romantic! So proud of our Desi Girl doing well overseas!) or will not be able to hide their distaste. I would far prefer the second option, much more entertaining than fake make-nice.


      • Hah, they should go ahead and do Keeping up with the Jonas’ on E! like the Kardashians do. God knows they have dozens of family members too. That way they can get the fame and money without having to worry about getting acting roles. They love exposing their personal life as it is, or staging it more honestly, so it works for them.


        • “Nick’s Bollywood Bride”. I came up with it back when they got engaged, and if Bravo ends up using that title, they had BETTER pay me!


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