Silly Sunday: 14 Romances for Valentine’s Day, Part 2

Happy Valentine’s Week!!!!! I already did part one (here), and it got one pity comment from my sister and very few views, but I don’t care, this is my Valentine’s present to myself. So I’m doing Part 2 anyway!

Valentine’s Day Florist Romance

A lonely older perfectionist runs his floral shop like a little kingdom, every flower has to be perfect or he rejects it, every arrangement he does himself. But his accountant tells him he is going to go out of business unless he makes some adjustments, maybe do some kind of promotion for Valentine’s day. He is furious and grumpy and rejects the idea. Meanwhile, a talkative older widow desperately needs a job, she never finished school and has no experience, but a lot of energy. She goes to the shop just to look at the flowers and cheer herself up, and upsells a fellow costumer on an arrangement. The florist hires her on the spot. But then tries to fire her the next day because he can’t stand all her energy, she refuses to pay attention to him firing her, they fight and make-up and fight and make-up for days, she invigorates the shop with bright displays and give-aways and he slowly comes to appreciate her. He woos her in his own way, showing her his secret greenhouse and letting her take a flower home, and she starts to feel all tingly and excited about him as well. But then her grown son comes to visit for Valentine’s Day. He doesn’t like his mother working, wants her to move in with him instead, and really doesn’t like this old guy hanging around his mother. She reluctantly tells her boss that Valentine’s Day will have to be her last day. They are both sad all day, and then the son sees one of their flower arrangements at his office, a boyfriend sent it to his secretary, and everyone is crying! It’s just flowers, but somehow they bring with them this beautiful broken hearted melancholy. The son finally understands that his mother’s love story is true love and he is breaking their hearts, and gives his blessing. HAPPY ENDING.

Image result for ratna pathak naseeruddin shah

Language: Hindi

Hero: Naseeruddin Shah

Heroine: Ratna Pathak

Son: Vivaan Shah

Valentine’s Day Pop Song Romance

A young music company secretary is desperately trying to get noticed and appreciated and made into a producer instead. She loves music and has a great ear, but no one at work seems to see her or listen to what she says. She is all depressed and her roommates insist on taking her out to a party, even though she hates parties. But, while she is there, one of the guests plays an amazing song and leads an amazing dance, she ends up joining in in an attempt to talk to him, but fails. He goes home with another party guest, she follows, waits outside in the rain all night until he leaves in the morning and then ambushes him and asks him if he wants to be a star.

Our hero, meanwhile, is an engineer. He went to IIT, he did everything right, now he has a tech job just like everyone wants. But his boss is abusive, there is no chance for advancement at work, and the company teeters on bankruptcy and survives contract to contract. He cuts loose every weekend just to handle the stress. Just like he did at IIT and all through school, study until he feels like dying, and then play music to come back to life again. When our heroine gives him her offer, he thinks she is crazy, but goes along with it because she agrees to buy him breakfast. And she helps him out when one of his co-workers sees them and starts talking about work stuff, she convinces the co-worker they are in the middle of an intense break-up conversation and gets him to leave. She points out that he clearly hates his job, and loves music, why not take a risk on something he loves? He turns her down, because it is crazy, and goes back to his regular life. But she won’t give up! She sends him flowers and candy and even singing telegrams, texts him and emails him and calls him, everyone at work thinks it is his ex-girlfriend trying to get him back, he finally goes to shout at her at her job for embarrassing him at his, and while he is shouting, she drags him along to a meeting where her boss’s are, shoves a guitar in his hand and he reflexively starts singing and playing out his feelings, her boss’s hear, come out, she starts talking fast and selling them on this new kind of musician, young and angry, the office worker with passion in his heart, and they all listen, and our hero is discovered!

Picturing Varun and Kriti together, I think they would be perfect for this

He still isn’t sure he wants this, but our heroine’s boss tells her she has to get him to sign the contract, or she is fired. She waits outside his office until he leaves for the day and asks him to just walk with her. She gives him a sensitive talk that shows she really does understand his life, explains that she broke out, didn’t marry the guy her parents wanted, is living with 5 roommates and struggling every day, but is so much happier because it is the life she chose for herself. Doesn’t he deserve the same thing? He takes the contract and promises to think about it. Back in his small depressing apartment, he listens to the calls from his parents, asking him when he will be promoted, why he isn’t doing as well as his cousin who also went to IIT, when he will get married, when he will get a bigger apartment. And he looks at his work emails, more panicking about getting the next contract, blame-game for who made a mistake, and then looks at the contract, and signs it.

The music company is now fully behind him, they want to give him a “look” and help him write his first song, and design a music video around him, and so on. But our heroine is out in the cold, she got a pat on the head for doing a good job and is still stuck as a secretary. Our hero sees her in the hallway and asks what is happening, she says it is okay, she is happy that she had some small part in bringing his music to the world. But that isn’t good enough for him. He makes a big fuss in the meeting and insists she is brought on as his supervising producer, because she is the only one who really understands his music. She gets her promotion, and he lies to her that it was because her boss’s finally saw her talent. They work together brilliantly, come up with a look that keeps the “office worker on the weekend” vibe, and a really clever video concept that goes viral. And of course they start to fall in love. After the video release party, they sleep together.

But the next day at work, her boss gets fired. For being stupid and incompetent, basically, and she is promoted into his role. He is bitter and confronts her and tells her she only got her chance because the hero insisted on it, because he wanted to sleep with her, she will have to sleep with a lot of men if she wants to keep getting promoted. She is all confused, confronts the hero, he says the wrong things which make her think he made her his producer just because he was attracted to her and not because he thought she was talented, they break-up and she assigns someone else to produce his next song, the big Valentine’s Day single she pitched (“it’s fresh, it’s young, it’s new! His first big release should be for Valentine’s Day!”). But of course, the song he ends up writing and filming is their love story. And when she watches it, she understands everything, that he didn’t like her at first, not like that, but he respected her and liked her, and love slowly grew AFTER they were working together. So she forgives him, and rushes to meet him at “their” spot (the sidewalk where she waited for him that first morning) and he proposes. HAPPY ENDING.

Language: Hindi

Hero: Varun Dhawan

Heroine: Kriti Sanon (HA! I spelled it right!)

Valentine’s Day Card Company Romance

Two friends are burned out working at a card company, wise-cracking smart alec types. One of them is married and his marriage is in trouble. They eloped two years ago, but now they argue all the time. She moved out to live with her sister, they are going to therapy, but it is hard. The other is a young guy, never married, or dated, always too shy to talk to girls. And then a new hire is brought on, a gorgeous new graphic designer. The single guy has a crush on her, the married guy offers to help him woo her.

The plot continues, the married guy woos her and she ends up falling for him, he freaks out and explains he is married and was just trying to help his friend, she points out that it sounds like maybe he is trying to escape his marriage and if he put as much effort into his relationship with his wife as he did trying to help his friend court her, his marriage would be better. Lesson learned!

This is all very Jhankaar Beats like, but I love Jhankaar Beats.

Meanwhile, the single guy has been returning the favor by trying to help his friend fix his marriage. Which meant spending a lot of time over at the wife’s sisters place delivering gifts and love notes and so on. While there, he played video games and talked and just kind of hung out with the wife’s “plain” sister. After the truth comes out about the married guy, the single guy and the woman start dating, but it is hard for him, he never knows what to say to her. And then he finally has a realization, on Valentine’s Day, that he doesn’t want her after all. He wants the wife’s sister, who he could talk to and enjoy spending time with. She even inspired his best card, the one with the message “I love spending time with you” (but poetic and stuff). On Valentine’s Day, the husband finally manages to show his wife that he is willing to put in the effort and make his marriage work, and the single guy interrupts the boring internet date the sister is on to confess his love to her.

Language: Malayalam

Married Hero: Prithviraj

Wife: Parvathy

Single Hero: Nivin Pauly

Wife’s Sister: Sai Pallavi

Valentine’s Restaurant Romance

A restaurant is having a Valentine’s special, 14 men and 14 women register and then are paired up for romantic Valentine’s dinners. Only at the last minute, they realize they are down a man. The restaurant owner convinces her brother to help out, he doesn’t want to because it is lying and he is a “good” boy. Plus, he is in the process of having an arranged marriage. But he does it, because she is his sister and she begs. The woman is the worst possible one for him to match with, a rude pushy career woman, her mother forced her into this meal. The meal goes terribly, but then her car has a flat tire and he offers to take her home, because he is such a good guy. They get lost, they are both hungry, end up having street food together, and it turns into a great night. She lets loose and forgets about work, he lets himself be a little bit of a “bad boy”. And it would be just one night that they forget forever, except that she leaves her cell phone in his car. He brings it to her job to deliver it, gets sucked into pretending to be her boyfriend (to cover up a lie she told having a boyfriend), then gets invited to a work trip to Goa. It keeps going and going, she is falling more and more in love with him, he is falling for her too but at the same time continuing with the plans for his arranged marriage. It all falls apart spectacularly when she ends up being a guest at his big fancy engagement party. She is cool about it, does not embarrass him in front of his family, and in private pretends he didn’t hurt her at all, she’s fine. A year later, it’s Valentine’s Day again. She goes back to the same restaurant to remember and ends up telling her whole sad story to the cook, not realizing that the cook is the hero’s sister. She texts the hero, he shows up and explains that he broke the engagement for her, has been trying to reach her (but she blocked his number and told her office not to let him in), please let him explain, and also he wants to marry her. HAPPY ENDING.

Language: Malayalam

Hero: Dulquer

Heroine: Nithya Menon

Valentine’s Day Drug Smuggling Candy Movie

A drug gang is smuggling in drugs through candy boxes. The police find the boxes but can’t figure out how it is done. One of the cops goes undercover at the candy company and the owner’s daughter falls in love with him. BUT! He finds out it is HER FATHER who is running the drug ring! He breaks it off with her and she is heartbroken. But then he saves her when drug-rivals kidnap her from her Valentine’s party and arrests her father. HAPPY ENDING.

So we can have this chemistry, but without the drugging

Language: Telugu

Hero: Mahesh Babu

Heroine: Kajal Aggarwal

Valentine’s Day Smuggled Hearts Romance

An Evil Person is running an organ smuggling ring. Surrounding all the preparation for Valentine’s Day is a desperate hunt for a heart to transplant into the dying daughter of a rich man. She has no idea what her father is doing and is saintly and perfect. The cop investigating comes close to her father and meets her and and flashes back to college days, she was his old girlfriend!!!! Until she sent him a good-bye note and told him to forget her forever. Now he understands everything, that she learned she was dying of heart stuff and that’s why she disappeared on him, trying to save him the heartbreak. And by pursuing this case, he might be killing her. Oh the ANGST!!!!!! After love songs and agony and so on, he decides (with her blessing) that he must go after her father and the men he hired. He captures them all, and then her father commits suicide. He knew his heart was a match, but he didn’t want to die because it would leave her all alone. Now that she has the hero to take care of her, he will kill himself so she can live. Weeks later, the heroine finally leaves the hospital, the hero takes her to their special place from college and proposes by giving her the Valentine’s card he was planning to give her years ago in college and has been carrying around since then. Bittersweet HAPPY ENDING.

This kind of feel to the movie.

Language: Tamil

Hero: Ajith

Heroine: Trisha

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Heist

I’ve run out of romances, I’ve got more and more action! A master thief is pulling off a series of jewelry store robberies, which the cops realize are making the shape of a heart on the map. In flashback, we learn that the master thief was carefree and in love a year ago, but then the woman he loved married someone else before he could confess his feelings on Valentine’s Day. This year, he is making the heart shaped robberies in order to get her attention.

TWIST!!!! The woman he was in love with, is THE WIFE OF THE COP INVESTIGATING!!!! They had an arranged marriage and are struggling a bit to make it work. He loves her, but is bad at expressing himself. She is frustrated because he works so much. The thief kidnaps her and the cop misses her and she misses him, he finally rescues her and it brings them closer together and they admit their true love for each other. Oh, and the thief is arrested.

Language: Any

Hero: Anyone

Heroine: Anyone

Thief: Nawazuddin Siddique


2 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: 14 Romances for Valentine’s Day, Part 2

  1. I like that music company one! I think it would be different and fresh. Is Kriti a good actor though? Or atleast a charming actor? I haven’t actually seen her movies. Or Varun’s either, how is he? Maybe Varun and that girl from October, Banita Sandhu would be nice.


    • Oh, she would be perfect for this! She has a very strong screen presence, and can play interesting and intelligent very well. Not like intellectual intelligence, but just smart. I first saw her in Dilwale and she wasn’t very impressive in that, but I think it was because she was being shoved into the usual pretty brainless heroine role and it doesn’t suit her.

      On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 4:06 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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