Happy Saturday Evening! I Saw Gully Boy Again and Got a Pedicure!

Happy Saturday! Again! I had a nice indulgent day in an effort to stave of SAD which mostly worked (yes, I am considering talking to my doctor at this point, so if you have been secretly thinking I should do that, you can relax), and I was also super lazy and didn’t bother putting up any substantive blog posts.

Wanna see my feet? They are BEAUTIFUL! I went to a new salon and she had a different system. Instead of the whirlpool foot bath and massage chair combo that every other salon has, she had like a big salad bowl with hot soapy water and a little half lid. So you put your feet in the bowl to soak, and then take them out and rest them on the half lid. To be cleaned up and massaged and painted and all that. Anyway, BEAUTIFUL.

Other interesting thing, she wrapped them in cling wrap after! Never had that before either. But it did keep them nice while I put my nice warm socks back on. And then I had to keep them in cling wrap for a really long time because I had to rush off to see Gully Boy with my parents as soon as I got home. And they liked it!!!!

Hey, “Train Song” is finally on youtube!

My parents are very hard to please, especially my mother, so I am super careful about what movies I take them to. But they liked this one! Were curious what they had seen the actors in before, loved Siddhant Chautarvadi (of course), were very stressed that it wouldn’t all work out okay, and my mom had her “aw, young men are so cute and innocent” smile on her face for much of the Ranveer scenes. You know, the Mom version, where she wants to give them clean clothes and snacks and make sure they talk out their feelings.

Her reaction to Fan was, of course, to be worried about poor little Gaurav. Meanwhile, my Dad thought he was a little creep.

Best/worst part of the experience was the Old White Couple who sat right behind us. They were not racist or anything, but they were just a little bit deaf. And confused. Picture watching a movie while behind you this conversation was happening: “IS THAT THE SAME GIRL? IS HE KISSING ANOTHER GIRL NOW? OH NO, WHAT ABOUT HIS GIRLFRIEND? NOW, WHO IS THIS WOMAN? IS THAT HIS SISTER?” 

Picture Amitabh struggling with technology, but instead it is an Old White Couple struggling with following their first Indian movie

I am of course super curious how they ended up in this movie! The theater is in a mall in the middle of Retirement Apartment TowerLand out in the suburbs. So I could believe the Retirement Bus dropped them off and they looked for a movie with subtitles so they wouldn’t have to hear dialogue. Or I could believe that every Saturday they look at the listings and look at the reviews and figure out what movie seems interesting, and Gully Boy was their pick. I mean, they certainly enjoyed it and liked getting out of their comfort zone. While also not being able to tell any of the characters apart.

Image result for golf road niles retirement home
This particular retirement home is called “Embark”. Hmm.

And now I am back home and I am NOT going to make myself write anything at all, instead I am watching cheerful TV and doing Minor Home Chores. I already folded and put away all my laundry, now the new challenge is to organize my box closet. Meaning, the closet where I randomly shove empty cardboard boxes whenever I get deliveries. But I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna break them all down and maybe even recycle them! And gain a closet back, so I don’t have to keep the vacuum in the middle of the living room anymore.

Hey, there’s my toe again! Still looking good.

11 thoughts on “Happy Saturday Evening! I Saw Gully Boy Again and Got a Pedicure!

  1. Holy cow that’s a lot of boxes!! I love to hoard but my husband recycles them the second I turn away 😦
    I watched Kumbalangi nights today – loved it, still thinking about it.


    • Me too,such a lovely movie and still thinking about it. I was contemplating Kumbalangi Nights or Gully Boy and threw the question at a Twitter film gyani who had watched both.He suggested the former & I followed through.Now I am perfectly content to wait for GullyBoy until it streams.


        • The little boy has the most innocent smile. I loved Babymol and Shane Nigam too. Everyone was just perfect. And the songs and visuals.Such a well made movie with so many layers.


  2. Random Oscars-inspired comment: I just realized that Bradley Cooper is the actor Ranveer has been reminding me of all this time. (Also, Bradley got older while I wasn’t looking, so Ranveer = young Bradley.)


    • Yeah, somehow Bradley went from super young to mature and wise and over stardom without ever feeling like he had his big star period. Which, come to think of it, is also the same as Ranveer! He was a promising young guy and now he is one of the top stars but I kind of missed the part where he had his big big star film.

      On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 10:20 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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