20 Madhuri Songs Outside the Standard List

I’m taking my parents to see Gully Boy! Because it is so good, it is Mom and Dad good! Which means I will be gone much of the day, so I’m gonna throw up a fun post for you all to read today.

Madhuri has A LOT of really good songs. As one of the few classically trained movie stars, she dances up a bunch. But I am going to try to find songs that are not on the usual “best Madhuri songs” kind of lists. And yes, this means Anjaam WILL be included. Enjoy!

Shooting right off with “Barson Ke Baad”!

And the cheerful rape song! I can’t find it with subtitles, but it is all about being in the chickpea field and being grabbed and stuff. “Chane Ke Khet Mein”

A Salman-Madhuri song that is NOT from Hum Aapke Hain Koun or Saajan! “Dil Tera Aashiq”

A Madhuri-Sanjay song that is NOT from Saajan or Khalnayak. But is extremely sexy, oh my goodness they have crazy chemistry. “Choole Choole”

A newer one! Poor Aaje Nachle got almost no attention, but at least the songs got some attention. But not this one. “O Re Piya”

Get ready for a bunch of Rajkumari songs! I love that movie, and not nearly enough people have seen it. Plus, Madhuri’s dances were amazing. This one isn’t necessarily the best, but it is the sexiest. “Payal Meri”

Or this one, Anil is in disguise! “Tu Bijlee”

Last one! Get ready for SPANDEX! “Bechain Hoon Main”

Another Aaje Nachle song! The opening credits song, which is very cheesy and 90s wanna be, but I kind of love it. “Dance With Me”

Madhuri and Jackie! And a whole bunch of horses? “Sun Beliya Shukriya”

I don’t even know if this song is good, it is just SO ODD that I had to include it. “Batata Wada”

And this is also very odd! But cute. Anil and Madhuri did some very odd songs. “Pyar Hua Hai Mujhe”

Fun song, but frankly kind of a lame stage show. “Main To Tumhari Hoon”

Madhuri and Saif? This just doesn’t feel right! “Sajan Sajan Teri Dulha”

Madhuri and Govinda! I had no idea they were every together! “Tum Ko Dekh Ke Jhoom”

Madhuri and Ajay! This is such an odd movie, I always forget it exists. Ajay is a crook who looks exactly like Madhuri’s dead husband. So she has to kind of seduce him? But not really? “Aaja Aaja O Piya”

But it’s okay, she gets to end up with Sunny Deol! “Halle Halle”

I have nothing to say about this song beyond “the 90s were weird!!!!” “Le Le Dil De De Dil”

Why an old west theme? What is happening!!!! “Tere Pyar Main”

And finally, grand finale that is maybe not really forgotten but it is so awesome, “Humko Aaj Kal Hai”

5 thoughts on “20 Madhuri Songs Outside the Standard List

  1. I think the “cheerful rape” song from Anjaam is actually a good one to introduce Hindi film newbies to Madhuri, along with Ghagra and Dheemi Dheemi Si from Gulaab Gang (if that’s the one with her and the other women around the fire). She is stunning in the Anjaam song, joyful, for herself and her man, and sharing that joy with their guests. Her dances in Devdas are amazing, but colder. And her first Devdas song is also a rape song, unless I’m mistaking all those lyrics about breaking some ladies bangles while she’s going to get water.


    • Agree about the Devdas songs being colder. What I like about Madhuri is that she is so warm and human in her dances, along with being technically excellent. Choli Ke Peeche would be my chosen intro song for her.

      On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 8:17 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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