More Hot Songs! Desert Themed This Time

It is “desert” not “dessert”, right? I always get confused between the two. Anyway, Angie suggested desert songs to go with my fire songs, and while I still prefer fire for heat, it is also freakishly cold right now (seriously, the forecast says well below freezing into the beginning of March), so I will take any option.

Deserts! Starting with Shahrukh, obviously. “Suraj Hua Maddham”

And then my favorite song from my favorite movie featuring my favorite Nivin, “Dubai”.

So long as we are down in Kerala, let’s check out Dulquer in “Oru Kari Mukilinu”!

Okay, no desert technically visible, but it takes place in a bar in the middle of a desert. “Manohari”

One of Aamir’s all time best love songs, he just looks good in a desert. “Guzaarish”

But John Abraham looks better, “Khwabon Khwabon”

And naturally, John makes me think of Abhishek, who looked pretty good in a desert himself! “Chori Chori Dekha Tumhe”

And then there’s Akshay, not at his peak hotness but pretty good, and I love this song “Shaayraana”

The honeymoon song from Dabangg! In which Salman is one of the more charming and romantic characters in his career. “Chori Kiya Re”

And to end, going back to Shahrukh, “Zaalima”!

12 thoughts on “More Hot Songs! Desert Themed This Time

  1. I am wondering, how it would be if we had a baahubali remake with Dulquer as baahubali, Nivin Pauly as bhalla deva, Prithviraj as Kattappa and Mohan Lal as Bijjala deva

    Also The desert scenes reminded me of Jodhaa Akbar. What a waste of Hrithik’s hotness !?
    Imagine a Zaalima like song with Shah Rukh & Maahira Khan in Jodhaa Akbar
    Hrithik was topless with an Elephant & not with Aishwarya

    Also ending with this bonus desert song starring Tabu & Ajith


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