It’s Local Election Day! Guess Who I am Voting For!

This is so exciting! It’s all super local elections, but they are all really good choices, so I get to pick from the best of good options. Also, most importantly, I get to see the inside of the super weird and funky Croatian Community Center again.

For Mayor:

The guy with the family name

The minority woman with the long term political career

The young upstart minority woman with celebrity endorsements

The minority woman with less of a long term political career

My Dad’s friend from college

Two other people I don’t remember, it’s a VERY BIG RACE

For Treasurer:

Desi smart outsider candidate with adorable baby

Two other people I’m not voting for

For city clerk:

The one candidate who got her paperwork in on time

Two other people who are tentatively on the ballot but probably won’t be accepted because of paperwork issues. And they are running for CITY CLERK!!! That’s really bad, right?

For Alderman:

Current Alderman whose husband got caught in a sex scandal two years ago and now she is divorcing him and still running for re-election.

Really sensible and progressive old white man whose positions I completely agree with, but he is an old white man

Young woman of color who speaks only in soundbites and seems to have no real positions

Young man of color who didn’t even bother to take a professional photo

Now, can you guess which of these candidates I am voting for in each election?

6 thoughts on “It’s Local Election Day! Guess Who I am Voting For!

    • I ended up voting for him because he was so nice and sensible. He probably won’t win, but even getting a percentage of the vote will help the incumbent pay more attention to his ideas and work harder to keep her own job.

      On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 10:58 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. Everyone I know in Chicago seems to be super excited to vote in this election. I keep hearing that there will likely be a run-off in April, so you should be able to vote again.


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