Silly Sunday: Sitcom Ideas Based on Star Stories, Shahid and Mira to Sushmita and Shahrukh

I’ve been on a bit of a sitcom kick, and we were just talking about the possible “Madhuri in Denver” sitcom idea, and now I can’t stop thinking of TV series ideas based on movie star lives.

Shahid and Mira

Shahid Kapoor, famous movie star, 3 big name public relationships in his past, at age 34 decides he wants to settle down. His family pressures him to meet a young woman they know through their temple, he doesn’t think it will work but goes along with it. Meanwhile Mira, an every girl college student, is worried about tests and what to wear to the big dance when her parents keep nagging her to meet them for lunch. She shows up ready to complain to them about making her take time from studying, only to be ambushed with an introduction to a boy they are trying to set her up with. At first she thinks it is the charming college kid her age, but then she realizes it is the silent much older guy who isn’t saying anything. It’s a disaster, but they agree to go off and talk for a while because their family is pressuring them.

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Only, once they are alone, suddenly they really hit it off. They start talking and just can’t stop. They talk about the age difference and the life difference, she asks about all his tabloid affairs and he is honest and funny in his answers, she goes back to the dorm that night and, when her parents keep texting her what she thought, she texts back “maybe”. He says the same thing to his family in the car as they drive him to the airport. END OF PILOT.

The first season goes through all the movements of the romance, the next few episodes deal with them trying to continue a long distance connection despite such different lives (he calls her at 4am because he just got off work on a location shoot, she is angry because she has a big test the next day). They almost call it quits, but then decide it is worth it to try. Finally after another fight, he sneaks into the girls’ hostel in the middle of the night just like every other college boy (maybe there is even a funny moment when he and another boyfriend kind of silently nod at each other as they duck from the supervisor), and tells her that he knows it is crazy, but he thinks this can work, if she will just give it a chance, and they get officially engaged. End of First Half Season

Wedding planning craziness, the complications of him needing a big movie star wedding for his career and her wanting the wedding she dreamed of as a little girl, they both make sacrifices, she gets lessons on how to be a proper public figure from his dramatic ex-actress/dancer mother, he asks advice of her level headed best friend from college on what will make her happy, Season Finale is the Wedding.

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Season Two, the newlyweds have a perfect honeymoon and enjoy being somewhere that they aren’t recognized. But the second episode is reality crashing down as they return to Bombay. She has to learn how to be a Star Wife, living in a big luxury flat, making nice to the neighbors who are all fellow celebrities, dealing with her crazy mother-in-law. Thank goodness, her best friend from college is in Bombay too, struggling to start a career, living in a tiny apartment with roommates and constantly running in and out of the flat to mooch food. Everything gets crazier when she gets pregnant. He turns into an obsessive nervous father, driving his co-workers crazy by crying whenever he sees a baby and wanting to call his wife every five minutes. She is miserable and sick all the time, and her mother-in-law is driving her crazy. Season Finale is The Birth.

You can see where this goes from here, right? Second pregnancy, best friend from college starts up a romance with Shahid’s personal assistant, Shahid’s mother starts up a romance with Mira’s old college professor, the laughs and tears keep coming, it runs for years and there are lots and lots of celebrity cameos playing themselves.

Kapoor Kids

I really wanted to write this show! It’s so easy, a touching “This Is Us” style dramedy, start with the wedding and introduce all the conflicts and backstory of the family, end the first episode with everyone learning about Sridevi’s death, go on through the funeral, the small moments of laughter and tears as the family starts to build a bond, the third episode surprise reveal that Arjun has a secret hook-up older girlfriend no one in the family knows about, and so on and so forth. The heartwarming moments of love, the gentle human comedy. But I kept feeling tacky when I wrote it out in detail using real names, so you will have to imagine it for yourself. But it would be awesome, wouldn’t it???? I would watch the heck out of it!

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Star Kids Boarding School

Fun fun, right? It’s a teenage drama, at a boarding school in Shimla. Our central kids are Aryan-Suhana like, their parents are incredibly famous, but they had a normal childhood in a loving home. And now their parents sit them down and explain that after they were chased by the paparazzi when they snuck out of the house to go to a party, they are no longer safe in Bombay. It isn’t a punishment, it is for their own good.

The two kids arrive at boarding school to discover that everyone hates them because their parents are so famous. They cling to each other, but it gets better when they find the little group of fellow film star kids. The other kids have different problems, divorced parents, alcoholic parents, absentee parents, our central two end up being the solid healthy center of the group. Episodes blend teenage hijinks (obviously, there is a humorous owner of a local snack shop where they all hang out, and also a wise but stern principal) with Important Life Lessons. There is a “Very Special Episode” when one of the kids comes out as gay, in which it is revealed that one of the other kids has a secretly gay parent. There is another “Very Special Episode” for alcoholism, depression, sexual pressure, and so on and so forth. Basically, Boy Meets World, but set in a boarding school for teenage children of Indian movie stars. I’d watch it!

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Sushmita and Kids

Sushmita is all drama, her daughter is all common sense and shy, the first episode starts with Sush telling her daughter that she is thinking of adopting again, they fight all episode, the daughter says it is a mistake to make another little girl deal with a mother who is so embarrassing and horrible. But by the end of the episode, Sush has proved herself to be a wonderful mother when she skips an award show to stay home and comfort her daughter after her friends don’t ask her to come with them to the school dance. And her daughter takes the step of mailing in the adoption forms.

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First season is all about the two of them adjusting to having another child in the house, an adorable 4 year old little girl. The two sisters fight because they are different ages and personalities, Sush deals with job problems and love problems, at the end of the season she turns down a proposal from the director she has been flirting with all season because she realizes she has to put her daughters first right now.

Second season continues with the challenge of Sush trying to split time evenly between her two daughters, and trying to understand her oldest as she grows up to be more and more different, especially compared to the younger daughter who is like a little mini-me for Sush. They consider a plan to send the older daughter to boarding school so she can get away from the publicity, and really focus on her studies and her own interests (crossover episode!) but in the season finale, in a dramatic reveal that causes the studio audience to spontaneously gasp and applaud, Sush goes sadly back to her apartment after dropping her oldest off at school, curls up in the daughter’s room on her bed, the youngest daughter comes in and crawls into bed with her and says “I miss her too”, and then the door opens and the oldest walks in! Says “Is there room there for me?” She left boarding school, decided all the hassle of life in Bombay is worth it to be with her mother and sister.

Third season, new conflict is needed now that Sush and her oldest have found a peace between them, Sush gets caught up in a scandal. Taxes? Yeah, that seems good. They lose all their money, the press goes after Sush, their friends tease the girls at school, and in the middle of all of this, the director from the first season comes back into their lives. He offers Sush a job and she is grateful for it. He is seeing someone else, but is always around to help Sush and the girls. Eventually his girlfriend breaks up with him because it is clear that he cares more about Sush and the girls than her. And finally, Sush’s daughter goes to meet him and propose marriage on her Mom’s behalf. They all want him to join the family. And I guess the wedding is the series finale?

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In a dream world, Shahrukh plays the director

Okay, out of all of these, which would you prefer?

The comic/romantic sitcom of Shahid and Mira

The comic/dramatic heartwarming show about the Kapoor Family

The learning lessons show about teenagers in a star kids boarding school

Sushmita’s warm family sitcom about her and her daughters

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