Happy Fat Tuesday! Songs That Indulge Our Baser Instincts

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Last year I waited in line forever for Paczkis, and also wrote this post. This year I am slightly updating this post, and considering whether or not I want to bother with the Paczki line.

First, this is a Pazki:

Image result for paczki

Moving on, I am going to put one of the best food related songs at the top, because I know at least a few of you will be waiting for it until I put it in:

Rajshri is always good for some food love.

Angamaly Diaries, to make you desire meat like never before.

Video from the “wrong” Premam, but at least the cooking scene is cute!

Fat Tuesday of course isn’t just about food.  It’s also about general excess and indulgence.  For instance, also drinking!  Starting with some classic Amitabh.

Classic Aamir, the song that he actually got drunk for/during.

I can never remember if Shahrukh actually got drunk for this song or not.  But it feels like he might have.

And now the ultimate indulgence, our sexy songs!  Starting at the top.

This song is just ridiculously fun

Continuing the Katrina theme.  I think I like her best as an Item Girl.

I forgot to include this song in my “overlooked Madhuri songs” post, so I am thrilled to have another opportunity! Also, I really want her bathtub.

More Madhuri!  Always more Madhuri!

To gently ease us into the other gender, here is a nice song with eye candy for all of us.

Another one

Finally, all male!

I love everything about this song

And of course the classic.

A new song from last year, that celebrates all kinds of indulgences from drinking to food to sexual.

And finally, to remind you that this is DHOOM WEEK, and I will be reviewing all three movies starting tomorrow, a few Dhoom songs! One for sexy indulgences.

And one that is an actual Fat Tuesday/pre-Lent song!

If I missed anything, any favorite food/drink/body song of yours, feel free to put it in the comments!  It is Fat Tuesday after all.  INDULGE!  For Jesus!


5 thoughts on “Happy Fat Tuesday! Songs That Indulge Our Baser Instincts

    • I just had my second one. First was banana and whipped cream, second was German Chocolate (chocolate and coconut topping, almond past filling). I was going to say “oh, just buy them tomorrow instead” but they probably won’t be available tomorrow, will they?

      On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 4:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Good paczki are always hard to find here. I think they will be available tomorrow somewhere, but it’s Ash Wednesday and I can’t eat them 😦


  1. From the anonymous Miss Braganza.

    I’m a native New Orleanian, as I may have mentioned, and sometimes it is hard to look at my FB feed and see all the music. It’s already Ash Wednesday here. I appreciate this post, not least because I’ve been watching Aga Bai on repeat this week for some reason and now I have an excuse to do it again. I wish the whole movie had been this sexy and fun and full of joy.

    Oh! Have you done a theme post on songs for the seven deadly sins! You’ve got lust and gluttony covered. Wrath would probably be easy, and pride wouldn’t be too bad. Envy and sloth might be a challenge.


    • I thought I had, but I think it was just an SRK birthday month post with SRK for each sin. Fun, but not really comprehensive. Maybe a good Lent post idea!


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