Never Rains But it Pours Life Report

I know, I haven’t had a lot of “real” content in a while. Although I did review Luka Chuppi and write a really long in depth review of an American film yesterday. I was going to review an artsy film that just got added to Netflix today, but instead Life Happened.

Let’s set aside the surprisingly busy week at work, plus new employee, plus hosting the church quilting group last night. Let’s jump right to getting up at 6am today in order to take my poor dented car in for an estimate (remember how I got rear-ended on Friday?)

“rear ending”. At least I haven’t lost my sense of humor!

The problem is, I take the dog to work with me in the car. And the other problem is, it is negative 8 degrees in Chicago today. If I took the car in on the way to work, the dog would be with me, and the two of us would have to stand outside (because Dog can’t go inside because Dog doesn’t have perfect Inside Manners yet) in the freezing cold. So my solution was to get up at 6am, leave the house at 7 with the dog locked up in his doggie cage, and drive to the garage with enough time to drive back home again and get the doggie and then go to work.

Yes, it is “Gerua” level cold, the first week of March. Fun times in Chicago!

And of course I went to the garage and the nice older guy came out with a clipboard, looked at the big dent and went “yeah, I can fix that” and went back inside with his clipboard. Whole thing took 30 seconds and the D could have been in the car for all that anyway!

He didn’t even do a dance number for me! Also, Dhoom 1 review going up tomorrow!

Back home, give the D his morning pill-and-cheese-lump, updated and posted the Fat Tuesday post, then took the D outside and he was all slow on his walk which meant we were slow getting to the car, so we were late for work after all.

I need Vidya to sing me a peppy song about time

At work, work work work, sent the new hire out to wait in line for 40 minutes and buy us Paczkis (now that I am supervising 4 people and a dog, I have gone mad with power), took a bunch of phone calls from folks yelling at me for various reasons, and set up my little little dog on his big big pink bed (left over from Dog Hazel), and just try to make it through until it was time to take Unnamed Dog for a walk.

And then right before I took him for a walk, I logged in to my bank account to make sure my rent cleared and BAM! $771 dollars in cash taken out on Friday! Kind of stopped my heart for a second. Because that sure wasn’t me.

Yes, I am terribly money minded when SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS disappears on me

Checked to make sure I still had my ATM card, I did, and then tracked down the emergency number for the bank. Called them, all “AAAA! My MONEY!!!” And they were remarkably calm and casual, about it, said “oh, let me check on that” and then “ha-ha, looks like we transposed the account numbers on the transaction slip, we took the money from your account and gave it to someone else. Isn’t it a kooky world?” Okay, they didn’t actually say “isn’t it a kooky world?”, but that was the tone. Should I maybe change banks?

This attitude is cute in Shahrukh, not so much from your banker

Anyway, took the dog for a little walk, came back, had three work phone calls in a row with people yelling at me (now that there are 4 people under me, turns out a call has to be really really REALLY bad before it gets bumped up to me), tried to write this post, failed because I was too busy, left work late, got home changed into loungey home clothes, put the leftover pizza in the oven and sat down to finish this post.

Pizza! The non-haunted variety

4 thoughts on “Never Rains But it Pours Life Report

  1. The totem animal thing is great for dog-naming. But you need a few minutes of total relaxation for it to work and it sounds to me like you have precious little time for that right now. Sorry. I add my hug to joyomama’s.


    • I think we may finally have landed on a name! At least, one that the whole office can support. It was like picking the place to order lunch from but way WAY harder. I’ll put up an announcement post in a bit.

      On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 10:24 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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