Monthly Reminder to Donate!

Oops, I skipped last month! Oh well, think of it as a Valentine Present to you all, you got to skip this boring boring post in February.

Here’s something interesting, I did my taxes this year and actually paid attention to the expenses I had recorded related to the blog. One way or another (references books I purchased, movie tickets, domain names, etc. etc.), I ended up spending $2,600 last year on website expenses. And I wasn’t that great at tracking, so there is probably at least another thousand there that I missed (gas money going to the movie theater, tickets I purchased in cash and didn’t record, Hotstar annual subscription, and so on). Meaning, YAAAAY! I get a tax refund! And also, BOOO! This is costing me way WAY more money than I realized!

So, if you want to help off-set the $3,000 annual expense of bringing you well-researched information, up to date reviews, and reviews of obscure films, you can give me a donation.

Two ways to donate:

Patreon lets you set up a recurring monthly subscription, so you don’t have to think about it. $1, $5, $10, whatever you want:

And Paypal let’s you pay right here, just change the quantity to pay more:


Donate money to Don't Call It Bollywood


And of course, you can always buy my book. It’s brilliant and wonderful and you will love it.

1 thought on “Monthly Reminder to Donate!

  1. `
    Done and done! Good luck.

    (And, meeting expenses is kind of a low bar. How about making SO MUCH money from your writing that you can quit your day job. —- we can dream, can’t we?)


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