Monthly Reminder to Promote!

Once again, I forgot and skipped February. Oh well, it was a depressing month, maybe no one would have liked me if they had found me then anyway.

This is just a reminder that I have no PR team, and no free time to be my own PR team, so I have to rely on you all to spread my name and the blog around the internet. Something as simple as retweeting a post, or mentioning me in a comment, can have an enormous impact and I really appreciate it.

Don’t lie, of course. But if you sincerely like something I wrote and think it is relevant, please pass the information along! Otherwise no one will ever find me.

And for a little insider info, I can tell you that in the past month I got a big twitter boost from this post:

9 Shahrukh Films You Can and Should Avoid

Of course, the boost was because a lot of people hated it and spread the link around for other people to read and also hate it, but it was still a boost! So feel free to retweet my posts saying “this author is the stupidest, can you believe she wrote [link]” because apparently that really works!

No, on second thought, don’t do that because then you will hurt my feelings. Even if it is effective promotion, not worth it to damage our relationship. Just say “I like this authors take on [link]” instead. Assuming you actually like my take.


2 thoughts on “Monthly Reminder to Promote!

  1. `
    Maybe you should do a whole series of “9 Shahrukh _______ You Can and Should Avoid”

    9 Shahrukh Dances . . .

    9 Shahrukh Photos . . .

    9 Shahrukh Hats . . .

    etc., etc. etc.


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