Albie Dog is Afraid of the Ceiling Fan

It’s hilarious. And I’m having a busy Saturday and my head hurts, so I don’t want to do a real post, instead I am going to share the doggie funny with you all!

It’s nice here today so I opened the window and turned on the ceiling fan. Did not occur to me that Albie Dog had never seen a ceiling fan before. He ran to the other room and hid behind his crate.

I kept talking to him and taking photos until I got his attention.

I finally convinced him to carefully come into the room with the fan going.

Although he kept checking for escape routes, just in case.

He stood watching long enough for me to take a video

But then gave up and left to hide in the safety of the crate.

3 thoughts on “Albie Dog is Afraid of the Ceiling Fan

  1. Aww, poor Albie – he’ll get used to it eventually. He needs treats or something to distract him while it’s on until he just ignores the fan.

    BTW – I can’t get that video to play.


    • Gosh darn WordPress! The same update that lost everyone’s usernames also lost my ability to post videos.

      And Albie Dog is already doing a little better, I think he just has to get used to it, like riding in the car and wearing a leash. A dog straight from a shelter really doesn’t know anything!


  2. It’s like with kids…just a learning process. Although there are fears that never leaves…

    Busy, busy Margaret…hope that nothing serious will come into the way of your trip 🙂


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