Why Is Everyone Doing Laundry at Midnight on a Saturday?

Hello! I am waiting for the washers to be available, so I am knocking out one more random post while I wait.

My headaches gone, because I took my magical pills. But now I get to be up all night, because my magical pills have a shockingly large amount of caffeine in them. Works out okay though, because I spent the afternoon hours when I was planning to do laundry staring into space listing to my pulse beat in my temples. I thought “great, I’ll do laundry now, I can use all three of the tiny machines in my building, because who is doing laundry at midnight on a Saturday?”

Laundry Laundry!

Everybody! Everybody is doing laundry on a Saturday! Is this some thing I don’t know about? Drunk laundry or something? Go out partying and then come home and wash all your clothes at once? Or do people party even later than I think? Do laundry at 11:30 and then go clubbing?

See how their clothes look so nice and clean? Must be fresh from the dryer!

So here I am, waiting for the machines to finish so I can take down the first of two loads, which means I am definitely up for another hour and a half. Oh well, at least I don’t have to teach Sunday School tomorrow because it is the special fun kids invited Purim service. OH! Purim themed fanfic!!!! That’s not insulting, is it? Nah, I don’t think so. I’m totally doing it.


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