More 7 Sins, Songs in the Tune of WRATH!!!!

Is this the best post for me to put together while fighting a migraine? Oh well, I have to do something while I wait for the pills to kick in. Let’s get ANGRY!!!

This is more of a “anger drives me to succeed in life” song, almost makes anger look good, but remember, anger is BAD. Even if Farhan gained a ton of muscle for the song, BAD. “Zinda”

This one, kind of hard to see “wrath” as bad too. The “wrath” is what lets them succeed and break out of the female prison they live in. “Dhaakad”

Finally! Actual sinful wrath! Shahrukh and what’s his name getting ready to have a gang fight because they are dumb angry young men. Even though Shahrukh looks really good in a leather jacket. “Sailaru Sailare”

You know what the scariest kind of wrath is? Rani as a silently resentful and angry wife not talking to her husband. “Chori Pe Chori”

This one starts out as a nice happy family song, but give it time, by 2/3rds in it is CRAZY ANGRY. “Deva Shree Ganesha”

Is this the angriest Hindi song ever? Honestly, it could be. It’s pretty raw. “Sadda Haq”

I love this one. Nothing scarier than a woman driven crazy by anger. “Heer Badnaam”

And finally, just for fun because the Made in Heaven scene reminded me, Mahima Choudhry going off on her in-laws for demanding dowry. No subtitles, but do you really need Hindi to figure out what she is saying? Oh, and the groom is the young man going “Papa papa papa!” Anil Kapoor is the wedding crasher who (SPOILERS) ends up marrying the bride because she is AWESOME.


1 thought on “More 7 Sins, Songs in the Tune of WRATH!!!!

  1. I guess you could also put the Chak De India title song in the non sinful wrath category.

    One song that I always associate with wrath is the song Aarambh Hai Prachand from the movie Gulaal – not sure if you have watched it. Given your posts about Indian politics, I think you will find the movie interesting, though depressing. The song is even written in the “veer rasa” meter. Here is the version that has the English translation Maybe don’t read the comments on Youtube. Within the context of the movie, I took the song as being sarcastic but it seems like the irony is lost on the very people whose politics is being criticised in the movie.


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