Life is SO COMPLICATED! Here’s My Ring Story, Not as Good as Jab Harry Met Sejal, but With More Dogs

Just called the garage, my car is STILL not fixed, which means there is a good chance I will be stuck with my rental car until I come back from my trip. It’s not a terrible thing, it’s just irritating and makes my life complicated. On the other hand, my ring got fixed!

In the past two weeks, I got a dog, got rear-ended, had my ring from my grandmother broken AGAIN, and had to prepare for a cross-country trip. It’s been busy, and not very fun. Good news is, my ring is fixed! Free of charge! Because the jewelers messed up and it broke like 3 months after they last fixed it.

Long story with this ring, when I was 6 years old I went shopping with Grandma and they had a display of cheap little child rings on the counter and I really wanted one, so she got one for me. And I started wearing it on my right hand because (and I took this concern very seriously), I didn’t want to put it on my left and have people think I was married.

Like them! Exchanging rings!

And then I outgrew that ring and my Dad brought me another from a business trip, and I outgrew that one and got another one made of a shell which just completely shattered when I hit it on a door, and then I got another one, and so on and so on. Until I was 14 and I put “ring” on my Christmas list again, and this time Grandma suggested we go shopping together for it.

My Grandma was very much not like this Grandma.

My Grandmother must have been a saint, because shopping with an uncommunicative 14 year old girl is not fun. We went to lots and lots of stores and looked at lots and lots of rings but I didn’t find any of them “cool”. And then finally she took me to a “real” jewelry store and I fell in love with a “real” ring. Grandma was all excited to buy me my first piece of good jewelry. I put it on right away and didn’t take it off for 5 years. And then in my freshman year of college I stayed late at the cafeteria talking to my first new college friend, it was the night that kind of cemented our friendship, and I walked back to the dorms feeling all happy to have a real friend at college and looked down at my hand and discovered I had lost the central stone from the ring.

Like this, only instead of finding a ring and a true love, I lost a ring and found a friend.

I put it on a chain around my neck and didn’t take it off for another 5 years, until my Grandmother died. And then I decided it was time to find out if I could get it fixed. I took it in to a jewelers and it actually wasn’t that hard or expensive! The center stone was cheap cheap cheap, I just had to pay for that and the actually repair and it didn’t take any time at all. I had my ring fixed for about 3 months, and then I was out on a boat with new friends from work, the day that really cemented my friendship with them, and the jib sheet snapped and the stone went flying out again. So the ring went back around my neck for another few years.

Come to think of it, the ring around my neck would make me look more married in the Indian context than wearing it on my left hand. In the American context, it did confuse a fair number of people, until I explained it had no deeper meaning, just lost the stone and would catch on things if it was on my hand.

I took it in to the jewelers again, finally, after I got my first real job and had the money saved up to fix it again, and this time I told them to use the cheapest stone they had because I didn’t want to pay for something I was just going to lose. They stuck in a cheap ugly stone but they stuck it in REALLY REALLY WELL. It stayed there for 5 years until just recently when it went flying out while I was putting coins in a coin machine. Back around my neck it went. And then this summer my car died, the one I inherited from my other Grandmother, and I decided it was a sign and I should get the ring fixed. This time I paid for a really good stone and got it all fixed and pretty. And it only lasted about 4 months.

Not Time to Disco, time to get ring fixed!

But it’s fixed now. I made a big stink at the jewelry store because I had told them they needed to be careful and really force the stone in and they didn’t listen to me. And they fixed it again for free! I still have no faith in their workmanship, but I will enjoy the stone for as long as it lasts. It’s kind of a nice reminder to take life as it comes and never count on anything lasting forever, the stone goes away but then I just get another one that is different, but the same.

Albie Dog, different from Dog Hazel, but just as good.

Just like dogs, or friends. Or cars I guess, except I REALLY REALLY HATE MY RENTAL CAR!!!

4 thoughts on “Life is SO COMPLICATED! Here’s My Ring Story, Not as Good as Jab Harry Met Sejal, but With More Dogs

  1. The ring looks very pretty. I lost my grandma’s opal ring on the playground in fourth or fifth grade and I’ve never worn a ring with a real stone again!

    Also, Albie is adorable. The brindle is so cool and he looks wiggly and fun like a good cheerful puppy.


    • Maybe it’s the opal? It’s supposed to be terribly bad luck if it isn’t your birth stone, and it isn’t mine. I’ve asked about getting it swapped out for a different stone, but there isn’t another stone that would look quite right.

      On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 10:21 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. You definitely have your own ring-story :-))) no grandmother’s ring from my side…actually no story at all related to one of those rings I still have from my childhood days…so booooring. Maybe I should give it a try in future with my granddaughter…


    • I really like having the ring from my grandmother, my aunts got all her actual rings, but I don’t care because I have the ring she bought me which is just as special as having a ring she used to wear. Oh, and her piano. I also have her piano. No one wanted that because it is huge and heavy and inconvenient, but I like having it.

      On Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 1:32 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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