I’m At the Lake! Albie Dog is Miserable

Everything I love about this experience are the things he hates (the nice drive up, the nature sounds, the change of place). Oh well, being in a couple means making compromises. And I pay for everything, so he has to put up with doing stuff I want to do that he doesn’t.

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Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Hide From Snow!

Happy Saturday! I am so glad to have my nice warm house. I woke up early and did our watchalong, than ran a bunch of errands, then walked the dog, and then was SO COLD. It’s not super super cold here, just around 7 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it’s warm enough that if I dress for it I don’t realize how cold I am. Until I come home and go “wow, I was outside way too long! I am so cold!”

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