Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Watch the Rain

It’s been raining and raining and raining. Albie Dog is depressed, I’m depressed, my parents are stuck out of town with a flight delayed 24 hours, and the streets are all flooding. I think I will either spend the day at home and sleep in, or I will go to the movies for the day.

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Saturday Small Talk: What Shall We Talk About While Albie Dog Takes a Second Try at Learning “Sit”?

Happy Saturday! Training class number 2 today, I’m excited! We’ve mostly got “sit”, and we sometimes have “down”. “Come” is still a misty dream though. The world is too exciting to drop everything just because I ask him to come to me.

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Life is SO COMPLICATED! Here’s My Ring Story, Not as Good as Jab Harry Met Sejal, but With More Dogs

Just called the garage, my car is STILL not fixed, which means there is a good chance I will be stuck with my rental car until I come back from my trip. It’s not a terrible thing, it’s just irritating and makes my life complicated. On the other hand, my ring got fixed!

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