I’m Home Again! Yaaay!!!

I’m home! After many hours of traveling, no idea how many because the time zones get me all confused. But I’m here now!!! Yaaaaay!

I had a wonderful wonderful trip, a perfect combination of sunny weather and good friends. And then the best part of the trip, spending the last day thinking “should I just move here? Should I change my life all the way around because it is so much nicer in the place where I vacationed than where I live?” and then walking in the door of my apartment and going “aaaaaah. No, I am happier right here in my home where I already live than I was on vacation. I’m right where I am supposed to be.”

It’s like having an affair, right? You go off and sleep with someone else or flirt with them or kiss them or whatever, and all it does is confirm that you love your spouse more than anyone else. At least, that is what popular culture has told me can happen with affairs. And for me, that is a vacation. I go off and get intoxicated with some place different and flirt with the idea of just living their forever, only to return home and discover just how much I love where I live already.

Oh, and little Albie Dog was happy to see me too. I was visiting a different dog, who I briefly thought might be better than Albie Dog, but no, Albie Dog is pretty great too.


13 thoughts on “I’m Home Again! Yaaay!!!

  1. Ha ha! I like your comparison vacation-flirting with what seems nicer (obviously you did it with Albie, too…already!!!)
    Well, basically, it may depend of how much you feel at ease with where you live, with whom you live and what you do for a living…

    In any way: welcome back to wher you feel at home 🙂


  2. Welcome home, mredlich! I just moved to a different place and all is new and strange except for Buddy who makes it home. Nothing like a dog to ground you. And thanks for the Ghar vid. It brought me back to the SRK of old.I know the film wasn’t lauded, and reviewers claim he’s slipping. But not to me. I wish he wouldn’t listen to the critics but to his fans. He doesn’t have to strike out into uncharted territories and play little people or God knows what to prove himself. He’s a brand, like Coke, that we WANT to taste the same, no matter how long it’s been around. Shah Rukh should be allowed to age naturally and beautifully into mature roles (Dear Zindagi) and steer clear of daring stuff not suited to his particular romantic persona. That said, however, I so dislike whatever they occasionally stuff into (or shoot into) his cheeks to make his sexy lines disappear. He’s capable of conveying so much with that naturally craggy, naturally maturing face. Since being introduced to Indian cinema by SRK, I’ve fallen in love with many actors: Prabhas, Ranveer, Madhavan, Harsh Kapoor…the list is endless. But he will always hold a special place in my heart. The King is always the King.

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    • This is reminding me of my last move, when I had to put up my Shahrukh posters and then I immediately felt at home even if everything else was in an uproar.

      If you are anywhere close by, Carol and Molly usually see Indian films in the Times Square theater.

      On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 8:36 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I think they edit the lines away in post production, especially around and under his eyes. They’ve also started giving him digital chin tucks too, which I can’t stand because I really like the little pooch he’s always had just behind his chin. In Zero a couple of places it made him look quite strange–like when he jumps up and kisses Salman after their song together. I thought–that’s not Shah Rukh’s profile at all!

      “He’s capable of conveying so much with that naturally craggy, naturally maturing face.” I couldn’t agree more!

      SRK Chennai Fan Club posted a showreel of Red Chillies VFX “de-aging” work, which has now been taken down from YouTube. I watched it and just kept thinking, “I like the ‘before’ so much better!”


      • Thanks,Pro, especially for the vid. Amitabh, Suniel Shetty, and others have aged so well. SRK will, too, if he’s allowed, or if he allows it. I know mega stardom must come with a healthy dose of self-regard. But somehow, I see Shah Rukh as a regular guy, ambitious and hard-working, but not at all stuck on himself. Hope I’m right.

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  3. Thanks, Margaret. I am in Yonkers, NY, not far from Manhattan, but Times Square daunts me. I found a theater near my former home that is about half an hour from my new home. It’s in a mall with easy parking. I’ve been introducing friends to all things Indian (by now, they’re used to jumping on the bandwagons of my various passions.) and they have agreed to give the films a try. Besides, now that I’ve moved away, it’s one of the few ways we’ll get to see each other. A Namaste to Carol and Molly!


    • The Hello Dolly town!!!!!! I have such a warm feeling for it, just because of that.

      On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 10:01 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Yonkers really is close. I used to work in Riverdale which is what Yonkers borders on. If you ever want to ‘brave’ Times square, we will be happy to ‘escort’ you. Its really actually quite calm and easy especially if you come by subway. And next SRK film (Who knows when) we would also be happy to come to join you.

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      • Sorry, didn’t mean to like my own comment. I meant to like the idea of a story about Albie, the wonder dog with the purple tie!!!


      • Thanks, Molly. SO nice!
        I’m about half a second from Riverdale and really loving my new digs altho they are a big change from the back of beyond where I came from. My dog is wondering (Do dogs wonder?) why he can’t slip thru his doggie door and roam around the woods for ages. But does he ever get into all the people watching!
        I’m still settling in (I unpack a box a day) but when the smoke clears, I might get brave and do the city with you.


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