News Round-Up: Actresses Doing Stuff

Ready for a quick news post before I start the long journey towards home? Fun fun! There’s pictures!

Vaani Kapoor Learns Kathak

I honestly forgot that Shamshera was even happening. There are so many epic movies right now! In addition to being in that superhero trilogy thing, Ranbir is also filming his dacoit epic. And Vaani Kapoor, in addition to being in the Hrithik-Tiger film, is Ranbir’s heroine. And now she is learning Kathak because she is supposed to play a beautiful dancer and they want her to be authentic. This should be interesting. I love Vaani as a dancer, but particularly because she has such a strong kind of athletic style. I’ll be curious to see how she does with Kathak. And I’ll be curious to see what the film is going to do with a dancer character that is authentic enough to require Kathak lessons. (original story here)

Vaani Kapoor pushes her limits as an artiste as she takes professional training in Kathak for Shamshera

Deepika Wears Make-Up

The first look for Deepika’s first movie as a producer, directed by Meghna Gulzar, is out. Deepika plays the survivor of an acid attack and her make-up is very good, I think. Not just “good” in that it looks real, but “good” in that it looks real while still giving her enough to work with as an actress. Her smile is still in place, and I think that is one of her most powerful tools, whenever she smiles I want to smile back. And her eyes are free and can still be expressive. (story here)

No One Will Dance in Dabangg 3

Salman is starting the buzz parade for Dabangg 3. And one of the things that has come out is that it will be a “different” Dabangg, with no item number. I wonder why? Is this going to be more of a Tiger Zinda Hai kind of Dabangg, very serious and gritty instead of fun and silly? Or is it because he is getting “woke” and doesn’t think item numbers are appropriate any more? (story here)

4 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Actresses Doing Stuff

  1. That makeup on Deepika is quite amazing actually, especially when you compare it to pictures of the real Laxmi Agarwal.

    I really hope Vaani makes an impression in those two roles…always rooting for her. Being in the YRF stable did not help her career at all.

    All of the drama around Kat at the Filmfare Awards is so stupid. I am really surprised that Raazi did so well. I loved it and probably deserved most of the awards it got, but, no surprise I guess, they decided to shower awards on the patriotic film starring Bollywood’s current sweetheart. Ranbir lost a lot of points in my book for his Hirani comments and he shouldn’t have won anyway.


      • Oh, just that OMG! she arrived looking amazing and there were all these “awkward” moments with Ranbir and Alia and then Ranveer and Deepika were sitting next to them! OMG! Just manufactured drama for the most part on Twitter. The real newsworthy moment was Ranbir being gross about Hirani calling him an “amazing human being”.


    • The FilmFare Awards is just stupid in general! I have less and less patience for them as I get older and crankier.

      On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 12:01 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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