Monday Morning Questions the Day My Vacation Ends

Happy Monday! I’m taking an afternoon flight back home, and because of stupid time zones, I will arrive late evening and have almost no re-acclimating time before I have to go to bed and wake up and go to stupid work on Tuesday.

As always, this is where you can ask me a question. If it’s not related to a particular post I have already written, but you still want to talk about it and find out what I think, this is the place! Kind of the catchall junk drawer of discussion. And you can keep coming back here through out the week if you think of something new, that’s why I put it up on Monday, to start us off fresh.

Now, I have a question for you! Or really, advice request. What brilliant tricks have you used to help get back to the real world post vacation?

For example, I always like to unpack right away and put my suitcase away. So there is no lingering weirdness or reminder. And, of course, I take a full shower including washing my hair as soon as I get home.

16 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions the Day My Vacation Ends

    • I don’t know, California to Chicago, either the flight leaves fairly early (like I’d have to be at the airport at 10 or 9), or it arrives late. It’s 7 hours with time zones, plus another 2 hours for security and hour getting home after the flight lands on the other end. Thank goodness I have a lot of books!

      On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 4:40 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. I also unpack immediately and open all my mail.

    My question for you: have you seen Call My Agent on Netflix, the French comedy series? I started watching the 3rd season and for some reason I was getting major Made in Heaven vibes (like I’m almost certain that Zoya and Reema have seen this show…which has been out for a while now). They like to refer to their cinema/tv as reaching out to a global audience and their influences are clearly Western…and now that I think of it Dil Dhadakne Do really does have a French farce quality to it. In the case of the similarities of MIH and CMA, it’s not so much the content but the concept of a workplace dramedy that has a different (usually famous) guest French actor-related plot in each episode but the agents in the firm have their own drama…the agency is threatened by money troubles, the assistants are naive and also act as kind of the Greek chorus for the drama, and the central relationship is the friendship between two of the leads, a gay woman and a straight man, in this case. I highly recommend it, by the way. Camille Cottin is phenomenal and would make my list of favorite actresses from around the world easily.

    I’m in another movie slump…don’t feel like watching anything. Tried 5 Weddings…it was hilariously awful despite Rajkumar Rao looking so hot in a uniform and trying to redeem the film through his acting in every scene! I don’t think I can defend Nargis anymore:) Also, tried the Notting Hill esque Telugu film Sammohanam and it was too silly, though Aditi Rao Hydari is absolutely gorgeous as usual. The hero wasn’t particularly attractive and all of his family members were manic and stupid. I bet I would have liked the second half once the romantic drama sets in…so I might give it another try someday.


    • It’s funny because I watched Sammohanam last week and I loved it, and the main reason was hero’s family. All of them were hilarious and loving; so different from usuall strict father, holy mother and blank sister.


      • I honestly only watched until she shows up on the shoot. I still may go back to it, especially if you liked it (out tastes are usually lined up well!). I like that the family vibe was loose and silly, but it went quickly to annoying for me. We’ll see…


        • Yes, we like the same kind of movies, and I was very surprised when I read you didn’t like Sammohanam. I even checked if it’s really you 😉
          I think you should watch the part when hero and heroine fall in love, and if you won’t like it, you can abandon the movie without regrets. There are some not very convincing scenes in the second half. I didn’t mind because I loved all the rest, but if you already have problems it can ruin the film.


    • So on board with the Call My Agent-MIH comparison. It’s even similar on the opening credit montage where the glamourous clients’ life forms the backdrop just like the weddings in MIH. But I feel the drama is more powerful in MIH while Call My Agent was more on a lighter vein and I didn’t feel as invested as in MIH and stopped after season 2.


      • Yep, there’s just some kind of similar vibe to it. MIH is definitely more dramatic and has that social commentary going on. CMA doesn’t have any of the latter and definitely veers light. But it does tackle things like infidelity and stuff in interesting (and very French) ways.

        I haven’t lost interest in it yet…I binge watched the first two seasons in a day a year ago and I feel like I have to savor the six episodes in season 3 that just arrived on Netflix. I think the New Yorker also just reviewed it and it’s still getting lowkey buzz. I watched the first episode last night and Camille Cottin deserves all of the awards. The character of Andrea is so tough and cool and ridiculous at the same time. And Cottin’s comedic acting is so good. I kind of love the character of Hicham too even though that whole lesbian knocked up by her hot jerk of a boss is a little bit male wish fulfillment. Looks like there will be a fourth season as well in 2020.

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    • I haven’t seen Call My Agent. But I bet you are right about it influencing Zoya and Reema. Along with all the other influences like Band Baaja Baarat and the similarities to life on a film set and so on. I was also thinking of Scandal while watching it, but the first season of Scandal before it got BONKERS, when there was a case of the week and the focus was on Olivia Pope plus her staff and only a smattering of personal drama mixed in. I really hope this doesn’t go the way on Scandal in later seasons, I want to keep the wedding-of-the-week format and not let the personal overtake it. If Call My Agent managed that, then I hope Zoya and Reema are watching it!

      I’m trying to think of something to pull you out of your slump. Hmm. I think you would probably love Sharmilee if you could track down a copy. And if you like it, you should watch Blackmail too.

      On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 6:39 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Blackmail is the one with Irrfan, right? I’ve almost watched it a few times but I haven’t been in the mood for a dark comedy or drama lately, I really want a swoony romantic film and nothing is working for me there. I’m also still irrationally mad at Zee5 for hording all of the films, especially Kedarnath and Namaste England.


  2. The only “trick” that I always try to stick to is coming back early on Sunday, which isn’t too much of a problem for me since I am an early riser and live on the east coast, so if I travel west, I am almost always up ridiculously early. If that is not possible, I try to come back late Saturday, which cuts my vacation a bit but gives me time to get relax, do laundry, and generally recover from my vacation. My question for you: did you watch the Filmfare awards? If so, any thoughts on the outfits?


      • I did not watch the actual awards. I could not deal with the drama and the nonsense. But I did look at all the outfits. Hense the question about the outfits. My votes for best dressed would go to Alia, Kiara, and Diana Penty. My least favorite outfit was Vaani Kapoor’s. Other outfits that I was less impressed by were Sonam’s (surprisingly), Kajol’s, Kirti’s. Finally, I thought Deepika’s and Katrina’s dresses seemed like something we have seen them were before and seemed a bit boring.


  3. Domestic flights in Japan are usually super short, so I don’t do anything in particular. On a long flight I try to always drink at least a liter of water; it helps to make you feel a lot better after you get off the plane. When I fly to Bangladesh I immediately shower, change into Bangladeshi clothes, and drink a salt lassi while watching the Bollywood music video channel.


  4. There is nothing special I’ll do when coming back from a vacation as I know the place I’ll go back to…it’s simply using my switch in the brain and I adapt – whatever day, whatever time, whatever the distance between the two places.
    There are a lot of things in my life where it is easy for me to change focus rather quickly which – I feel – is helping a lot to deal with situations not always welcome.


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