Kalank Song Trailer! I Still Have No Idea What the Plot Is

Another song, another puzzle! The way the characters are interacting just doesn’t seem to fit with any standard relationship. I am mystified!

You ready for an off the wall thought? What if Alia is kidnapped by Varun? Their interactions here have a kind of “slowly getting to know his life and falling in love against her will” feeling. Not like they were already in love and ran off together, or like they are supposed to be falling in love now. Alternatively, I could also believe that Alia is temporarily staying with Varun because of some legitimate reason, like there was a threat against her life so she is in hiding with him. What do you think?

Additional off-the-wall thought, what if Varun is Aditya’s illegitimate half-brother? That shot of Sanjay and Madhuri feels like it is hiding secrets. In that case, the plot could be that Madhuri raises Varun without asking for anything from Sanjay, Varun is a friend of Aditya and for Reasons, Alia (Aditya’s new young bride) has to temporarily stay with Varun and Madhuri. Meanwhile, Aditya is reluctant for this marriage because he really loves his first wife or mistress Sonakshi. Alia marries Aditya, but by now is in love with Varun. And then Varun fights a bull. That part I still can’t fill in.

Oh, and I also think this song sounds really really pretty, I think it is my favorite song on the soundtrack so far.


22 thoughts on “Kalank Song Trailer! I Still Have No Idea What the Plot Is

  1. My guess is that due to Partition issues/riots Alia gets separated from her rich Hindu family. Varun, a lowly Muslim, saves her and gives her shelter…he takes her to his friend/mother figure Madhuri place for refuge…love blossoms…but then Alia has to go back to her upper class life and marry ARK…finally somehow in the climax the lovers will be reunited for a happy satisfying ending…maybe turns out Varun is Sanjay’s long lost son…

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    • Oh good, we got the same vibe! Alia is staying with Varun, but they aren’t in love or eloping, at least not yet. It also kind of makes sense of the “First Class” song. Alia is getting married and crying because she secretly loves Varun, Varun is drunk and dancing because he is trying to pretend he doesn’t love her.

      Still no idea what’s going on at the bull fight though.


  2. This looks like the kind of movie that we all turn to Bollywood for! Looking forward to it.

    A while ago I said that Sid Malhotra stole ARK’s career right out from under him. Now I think that ARK is stealing it back. But he’s just so dead on-screen when he’s not “doing” anything. He comes alive as a character actor but doesn’t know how to be a “straight” man. If this were KKHH, he could play SRK but not Salman, if that makes sense.


    • Yes! That was the exact problem with Fitoor. When Aditya had some big crazy emotion to play, it was okay. But when he was just being soulful and in love, it was super dull.

      On Sat, Mar 30, 2019 at 12:23 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Sanjay! I’m going with Sanjay Dutt being Aditya’s father and forcing the marriage. And then Madhuri can be his ex who shows up again and forces him to break the wedding.


  3. I think ARK marries Alia because Sonakshi can’t have kids cos Sona-ARK look so in love. Varun – Alia are in love but then separated due to ARK. Varun is Madhuri’s son with Sanjay (illegitimate). Varun giving me SRK vibes completely. Kalank probably refers to Varun’s character or Varun-Alia love.

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    • What I really want is for it to end with Madhuri confronting Sanjay about how he abandoned her and their son and all she is asking from him is to support Alia and Varun being together.

      On Sat, Mar 30, 2019 at 3:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • 100%. Was already feeling this, but this song kind of reaffirmed by thoughts on Alia being a 3rd in the ARK-Sonakshi marriage, and ARK being a spoiler in the Varun and Alia love story.

      Still haven’t figured out the Madhuri and Sanjay part, put liking the idea that Varun is the illegitimate son of Madhuri.


      • So far we haven’t had a shot of ARK and Varun together, right? So we don’t know if they hate each other over Alia or are friends or don’t know each other at all. Come to think of it, we haven’t seen Sonakshi and Alia together either.

        On Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 12:10 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Reading the comments reminded me how we guessed Zero’s plot based on the songs. Our ideas was much better than the real script. I hope Kalank will be different.

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  5. I had got the Zero story right by the trailer & songs ,so I will venture a guess on this one- ARK is Sanjay Dutt’s son,nephew,younger brother(same surname)and they are rich Zamindars. Sonakshi is ARK’s childhood sweetheart (maybe a distant cousin raised in the same household). Varun is the local angry guy & tortured soul angry and raised by Madhuri who is the local courtesan. Madhuri may have broken Sanjay’s heart long back going by his disdain filled look given to her. Enter Alia who seems like an orphan living in a big palace that can afford to light lamps and burners even during daytime. Maybe she inherited recently,she looks new in town in the earlier dance song and this one. She loves Varun going by the looks she’s giving him but he says I can give you only pain in the beginning of the song. So maybe he doesn’t reveal his feelings go her. When partition happens, to save their riches or some cooked up reason, Sanjay Dutt forces ARK to marry Alia who is loaded. Sonakshi convinces ARK to sacrifices their love for family honour and Alia anyways gets no-go from Varun.So they marry. But Varun is also the local rebellion leader trying to bring down the Zamindars and is a threat for Sanjay & ARK. Additional twist that maybe Varun is Sanjay’s illegitimate son(with another woman,not Madhuri. I don’t think KJo is that daring to suggest an illegitimate relationship between Madhuri and Sanjay) and Madhuri raised him keeping the shame of unwed mother(when it’s really Sanjay’s shame & hence the title)and became a courtesan.Anyways I expect Madhuri to die-as the pure soul,Sanjay Dutt to go on pilgrimage or die in regret.ARK & Sonakshi has good chances of dying or moving to the other side of the country leaving Varun to become the legitimate heir, remarry Alia(ARK and Alia wouldn’t have consummated the marriage) and remove the Kalank. How’s that?
    What I dont get though is any sense of time or place through the songs.

    The bull is of course Varun’s intro scene to establish him as the local stud with anger issues. Also an excuse to flaunt his 6-8 packs.


  6. Would it be impossible that there are two time-zones with Sanjay & Madhuri being one couple whose story we get to see in a flashback?


    • I was thinking that! Only we have now seen Alia with ARK, ARK with Sonakshi, and Varun with Alia and Alia with Madhuri. So there is no one left that could be playing young Madhuri and Sanjay.

      On Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 4:11 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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