Saturday Small Talk: What Shall We Talk About the Day the New Kalank Song Maybe Comes Out?

Happy happy Saturday! I went to a movie last night, I get to sleep in today, life is good! And while I am sleeping, you all can talk about all kinds of interesting things!

So, did you see the Karan Johar tweet announcing that he WASN’T releasing a new Kalank song? After announcing he would be? That’s weird, right? These twitter things are so coordinated, you announce it two days, and then one day, and then you drop it. And everyone else that owes you a favor announces it two days and then one day and then retweets the actual thing. Karan did all that, and then at the last minute put out this tweet:

Any guesses on what this is all about? CGI failure? Really unattractive angle in some edits? But, what could be really bad, and yet only show up at the last minute, and still be able to be fixed with just a day of work?

Also, first song from Mahesh Babu’s new movie is out! As is traditional for Telugu films, no song video, but we do get a few stills. Which brings up the biggest question, how do we feel about the bearded look on Mahesh?

And finally, Ranveer Singh started a music label! Weird, right? But I guess it kind of makes sense, now is the time to diversify and try to build something sustainable. And he seems to really have a feel for the music scene, based on the interviews around Gully Boy, not to mention connections also thanks to Gully Boy. I will reserve judgement, this could be a savvy decision that helps him build something for his family. Or it could be a stupid posing decision. But then, it’s Ranveer, it could somehow be both.

Image result for ranveer music label

Okay, that’s all I’ve got to talk about! What do you think about these topics, or anything else?

3 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: What Shall We Talk About the Day the New Kalank Song Maybe Comes Out?

  1. I find this Kalank song being delayed very odd. The movie is so expensive and is going to be released in few days but the song is not ready? Strange.

    But new posters were out, and again there is this “I have seen it somewhere” vibe in them.
    Varun-Alia poster looks like copy of Bajrao Mastani. But I must admit I have a thing for bearded, fluffy haired man, so I like it, and this is the first time maybe that I found Varun sexy.
    There is also Sonakshi-Aditya poster. and if Alia-Varun are all sexy and fire, this one is like touch of the ice on your neck. So lacklustre, and Aditya’s eyes are more blank that of the bull on the other poster. I would never watch a movie with such unexpressive photo. What is happening with ARK?


    • I really want ARK to be just spectacular in this film and reinvigorate his career. But it is not looking good for that to be happening.

      On Sat, Mar 30, 2019 at 3:26 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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