Silly Sunday ReRun: April Fools! Plots Based on Tricks

Happy April Fools! Here is the post I wrote last year, which has lots of fun movie ideas based on tricks and pranks.

I hate mean-spirited jokes, so all of these are light happy jokes of the “surprise party” kind of feeling.  But of course they can all turn into something bigger and more complicated if we have the right plot.

False Name Hotel Getaway Turns Into Spy Thriller

This is partly from procrastinatrix and my conversation about the lack of “finding the spark in marriage” movies.  So, let’s say our hero and heroine, Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla, are an over-worked middle-aged couple.  They don’t even really talk any more, just pass each other in the hallway of their house as they rush off to competing responsibilities.  Until Anil Kapoor has to go to a business conference in Istanbul and Juhi’s mother-in-law encourages her to go there and surprise him at the hotel.  She also gently suggests that it can be exciting to have strange hotel sex, like you were people who just met that day, and reminisces fondly of when her husband was alive and they used to sneak off to a little guest house in the country whenever the kids were away on school trips, and she would pretend to be a rich widow, and he would pretend to be her humble guide.

Image result for juhi chawla anil kapoor

(Hopefully Ek Ladki Ko Dekho will give us the middle-aged love story we are wanting from Juhi and Anil!)

Juhi goes to the hotel and randomly picks up a nametag from the table to sneak into Anil’s conference, and then pretends to be an important busy business woman for his benefit.  Anil is delighted with this game and pretends right back, that he is willing to do “whatever it takes” to get Juhi’s big businesswoman to agree to sign the contract with his company.  But they don’t realize that Juhi accidentally took the identity of an RAW operative who was using the conference as cover for a meeting with an informant who was going to tell her about Indian businessmen selling state secrets for profit.  Juhi and Anil get caught up in the whole scheme, running from assassins and taking meetings and piecing together clues.  And along the way they also rediscover the spark in their marriage (of course).  The happy ending is, at the last minute, the real agent showing up to rescue them and take the evidence….Madhuri!  She was watching all along and found Juhi and Anil useful as kind of wild cards in the whole espionage game, agents of chaos to shake things up.  She offers them her card and tells them to get in touch any time they want another “adventure”.  Anil says “no no, we will be happy just going home to our little house”, but Juhi takes the card.  And the epilogue shows them returning home, greeting the mother-in-law, being a much happier couple, and then Juhi getting bored one day while chopping vegetables and thinking about it and then picking up the phone.  And we end by seeing Anil and Juhi on the run in disguise in another European city, with the implication that they are off on another adventure.

One Person Pretends to be Twins

This one starts off innocently, a new professor at college, a gang of friends decides to play a trick on her, convince her that one of their friends is actually twins.  It goes off even better than they expected and they are debating how to reveal the truth, but before they can do that, one of the “twins” is caught seemingly stealing test answers (not really, he’s a good kid) and is expelled.  The friends manage to pull off convincing everyone that the “good” twin is innocent and can stay in school.  Only, they don’t realize that a very sincere and earnest female student has heard this whole story and is very upset about the unfair expelling of a student on circumstantial evidence.  To keep her quiet, the “good” twin agrees to have his “bad” brother meet with her and explain how he is really perfectly happy to not be in school any more, and she can stop making a fuss.

Only, the meeting with the “bad” brother goes surprisingly well.  He keeps trying to scare her off, making her ride behind him on her motorcycle, taking her to a dive bar, daring her to drink alcohol, and she goes along with all of it, because she cares so much and wants to help him and show that she doesn’t “judge” him for his sad life.  He can’t help but be charmed.

Image result for rajkummar rao

(Would this be a good story for Rajkummar and his girlfriend?  I can’t decide, I want someone sincere and sweet feeling for the girl, and someone lighthearted and carefree for the boy)

And so an odd romance starts, the “good” brother trying to find out how she feels about the “bad” brother, and the poor heroine being torn between the two, sometimes dreaming about the damaged bad boy, sometimes touched by the sweet gestures of the good boy who sits next to her in class.  In the end her parents are about to arrange her engagement to the “good” brother, but she asks if she can talk to him alone (after saying a bunch of confusing things to his parents about their “other” son).  And she tells him that she can’t separate her feelings for him from her feelings for his brother and so she doesn’t think she can get engaged to either of them.  At which point he FINALLY reveals that they are the same person.  She is furious, because this really is unforgivable, and breaks off the engagement meeting and all contact with the hero.  The hero sinks into a deep depression, stops going to class, eventually is suspended from college, starts drifting around and drinking.  And finally his good friend goes to the heroine and points out that, in his broken heart, he has BECOME the “bad” brother after all!  If that is the man she fell in love with and wanted to save, he is right there.  And so she does (save him, that is).  Tells him she loves him and the parents approve the engagement (with marriage after graduation) and everything is happy.  And then flashforward 5 years to discover the twist ending, our heroine is giving birth….to TWINS!!!  Only when her husband tells her, she doesn’t believe him until he actually hands her both babies at the same time.

Fake Haunted House-Real Murder Investigation

A professional gang of pranksters!  We see them in a childhood flashback, 5 friends who love playing pranks on each other and then on teachers and others.  The young man who moves into their building hires them to help set up an elaborate prank that ends with him proposing to his girlfriend.  A business is born!  We see them all years later, sitting around after college talking about how they can’t find jobs until the leader of the gang suddenly has an idea.  Set up a website, “professional pranksters”.  And we see a whole series of jobs, a woman surprising her husband with the news that she is pregnant, a little kid and a surprise birthday party, and so on and so on.

Until they get a new job, they are supposed to fake-haunt an old house, the nice old lady who comes to them explains that her kids want to sell her house and won’t listen to her, she wants them to scare off any prospective tenants.  They are a little nervous at first, because it isn’t their usual sort of job, but she is such a sweet old lady, they agree.  And then they start to enjoy it, researching horror movies and figuring out special effects the can use and so on.  It all goes well the first few times, but there is one evil developer who is really determined to buy the house and planning to bulldoze it all down, he says he doesn’t care if it is haunted, once it is torn down there won’t be any ghosts.  So they decide to do a really big show for his next walkthrough, dig into the garden and show that the land itself is haunted.  And they find a dead body.  Just then, the police show up!  And arrest one of our pranksters while the others run. They have to solve this mystery and get their friend out of jail, and use all their skills in pranks to do it.

Image result for golmaal

(Very Golmaal feel to it, but with a younger cast and slightly darker and more realistic tone)

In the end they discover that the old lady coordinated everything.  She had killed her young lover and buried him in the garden, and then her children surprised her by putting her in a nursing home and planning to sell the house, meaning the body might be discovered.  At first she just wanted to stop the sale and move back home and use the kids to help, but when they reported that they were planning to dig up the garden, she gently directed them to the right place and then anonymously called the police to find them with the body.  She also planted evidence in their office making it appear that her young lover (a venture capitalist type) was trying to take over their business.  They set her up one last time and get her to make a full confession on tape and with the police listening.  And in the end, the police indicate that they may hire the pranksters themselves a few times to help with confessions.

1 thought on “Silly Sunday ReRun: April Fools! Plots Based on Tricks

  1. The second plot sounds very similar to the original Golmaal. That was a perfect casting for pretty much all the roles in the movie. Have you watched it? If not, then it is the perfect movie for an April Fools watch.


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