Friday Classics Announcement: Pinjar Before Kalank, 4/12

I am giving lots of notice for this one because it is a Very Important Movie and I want as many people as possible to watch it, especially before Kalank releases. It’s a movie that honestly deals with the trauma of Partition, a time when there were no easy answers for anything. Fun times! Watch it on youtube before next Friday, 4/12.

Pinjar! This is a bit of a time travel, back to 2003, when weird movies like this would slip out and survive on word of mouth. And back when Manoj Bajpayee was still finding his way in the film world. And Urmila Matondkar was the sexiest actress around who alternated between item songs and shockingly powerful performances. And when somehow these difficult realistic films seamlessly combined popular song soundtracks and actors with gritty plots.

It’s also time travel to back before films had streaming rights to sell. So if you want to watch it “legally”, you will have to track down one of the few DVD copies available. Otherwise, you can watch it on youtube here:


5 thoughts on “Friday Classics Announcement: Pinjar Before Kalank, 4/12

  1. Pinjar is one really one of those films that has really stuck with me all those years. It’s a hard watch but it’s so powerful. Can’t wait to read your thoughts!


    • I heard about it when it first came out, a friend from college told me about it after seeing it on DVD with her family over the weekend, and I have been avoiding watching it ever since then because it sounds so powerful. But with Kalank dealing with the same kind of story (kind of), it seems like it is time for a reminder of the messy non-fairy tale version of what happened.


      • For me, I had the DVD (and it was one of those fancy extended film copies too) lying around my house for around decade and nobody in my family watched it. I knew that it was about the Partition and kidnapping but that was about it. When I finally sat down and watched I was like I let this sit around and collect dust this entire time??? There are a lot of sad moments but it thankfully has an ending that’s a bit more bittersweet than bitter.


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