Kalank Full Length Trailer is Out!!!! (Also, it’s not based on What the Body Remembers)

Well, it’s pretty much what we thought. I think. No subtitles, because Dharma hates us. And then they will magically appear in like 3 hours. WHY DO THEY DO THIS???? Oh, and I actually did 5 minutes of research and confirmed that it is NOT based on What the Body Remembers any more than Paa was based on Benjamin Buttons (yes, that was a story for a while too).

Someone who saw the teaser trailer tweeted at the author of the book What the Body Remembers asking if it was based on her novel. She wrote back that she hasn’t seen the film so wasn’t sure. This idea has spread like wildfire on The Internet, based on a one sentence plot description and the fact that Sonakshi’s character’s name is the same as in the book.

I haven’t read the book either, but I took five minutes to go to GoodReads and read some reviews and comments and no, it is not what Kalank is based on. The book is about the relationship between the first and second wife over a decade, including power struggles over their children. There is no Varun character at all. Oh, and Aditya’s character is a civil engineer. Unless Kalank is really about Alia giving birth multiple times and Sonakshi playing petty power games with her as they fight over their middle-class Sikh engineer husband as India slowly moves towards Independence and Partition over the course of a decade and Varun and Madhuri’s characters don’t exist–then it is not based on the book. The author seems reasonable, her response was “I don’t know, I haven’t seen the film”. Presumably if Karan wants to kill this buzz, he can just send a copy of the film to her and her lawyers. Or he can let it play out since it really doesn’t matter.

The only thing they have in common is the Partition setting, and a young woman married off as a second wife since the first wife is barren. I think you would be hardpressed to make any kind of plagiarism claim based on that. Absolutely it is possible that Karan or his father Yash read the book and liked the idea of the older-younger wife and the power struggles during Partition, but then took it in a whole different direction. Or they didn’t read the book and the barren older wife-unwilling young wife idea came from any number of other sources that have had the same idea.

And now we have the full length trialer and it is even more not based on the book. No subtitles, but from what I can get, Alia is an innocent young woman married off to Aditya to give him children, although he really loves his first wife Sonakshi. Varun is a lowclass Muslim man who falls in love with her and vice-versa despite her being about to be married. Madhuri is something or other. The shot I find most interesting is the very end when Aditya grabs Alia’s hand inside the train as she reaches for Varun outside. What I can’t tell is if Aditya is trying to keep Alia with him or if he is helping her so she can drag Varun into the train with them.

The other thing I wonder about is that Sonakshi isn’t really shown in the last bits and Aditya seems more committed to Alia. Maybe they will kill Sonakshi off? Or just send her off? Making the love triangle more complex as Aditya learns to let go of his earlier love and falls for Alia, while Alia is unable to forget Varun.

Oh, and unless I am missing something, we still have no information on the relationship between Sanjay and Madhuri. That’s a mystery!

7 thoughts on “Kalank Full Length Trailer is Out!!!! (Also, it’s not based on What the Body Remembers)

  1. I’ve read The What the Body Remembers (I left a comment about it about the second wife thing on the post about the First Class song I think). I can see the similarities with the book. But there definitely wasn’t the Varun character in it. Also I agree, I can’t see Sonaskshi as a bitter hardened women, like the first wife in the book. Also they are all younger than the book characters; in the book the husband and first wife are much older than the second wife, here I guess Alia is young but the age difference isn’t as big as what I remember from the book.

    For me the book was about Roop and her changing relationships with her friends of different religions, growing more independent as she grew up, willing to stand up for herself and her children, letting go of childish fantasties about life; not a love story like this movie seems to be between Alia and Varun. (Roop does love her husband, and he loves her too in the book)

    I definitely think ARK is helping Alia to get Varun on the train. I wish they had stuck with the teaser trailer only and not released this, I think it gives away a lot. Now, I’m less interested in this movie.


    • Ohh, the names are the same as in the book too I believe. I can see Karan and/or the director reading the book and thinking it would be a good story for a movie. But they seem to have added enough to differentiate it from the book.


      • I could see it being either complete subconscious, not even having read the book but read a review or the back cover or something and somehow those two names stuck int he mind as good names for a senior and junior wife, or being a purposeful homage, having read and enjoyed the book and wanting to give a little nod to another story of two wives. Like naming two leads Raj and Simran or something.

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    • Yaaaaaaay! I was hoping someone who had read the book would comment. I read 3-4 detailed reviews on GoodReads and the official synopsis, and based on that was 95% sure I had the right plot and all, but I couldn’t be really sure. It sounds like a wonderful book, but very much about the woman’s realm and how a household experiences changes, right? So, not the epic romance that Karan is selling at all. And, also not a “multi-starrer” story, Lots of characters, but focused on the experience of the central figures.

      I hope ARK is helping Alia too! If the story is two love triangles, Varun-Alia-Aditya and Alia-Aditya-Sonakshi, and it ends with Aditya making his peace with supporting Alia-Varun, that could be a very interesting plot. Especially with the religious differences thrown in.

      On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 9:06 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • Haven’t read it since high school but, yeah as I remember it, it was a book focused on Roop as she goes through life. Poor girl, young second wife and mother, a women going through Partition, having to give up her child to another women, navigating a relationship with a husband who has another wife etc.

        Epic romance is not what I remember at all the book being, although people have different interpretations. A look, at growing up under British rule, with religious harmony leading to the Partition and its effects on the country and family and friends. Literally think of it as Roop becoming more independent as the country becomes independent.

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  2. Since I dislike the Varun and Alia jodi, I’m kind of hoping that she falls for Aditya’s character somehow, but that’s unlikely. I think he grabs her hand as a reflex to save her falling out of the train and killing herself and then he realizes what is happening and lets go of her hand so she can be with Varun. This has the potential to be an iconic Partition train sequence…trains do figure so dramatically in the history and in the film interpretation of that historical moment. It’s so much a part of the collective memory of partition. My good friend’s mother was born in Lahore right 1947 and she once told me of the stories of her uncles having to pretend to be Muslim on a train to survive. This film will be heartbreaking for sure.

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    • Based on the ending shot of the trailer, I think it will be like Kedarnath in that there is a lot of time spent on establishing the love triangle and relationship complications, then a massive action sequence at the end as characters slowly get picked off one way or another (dying, deciding to stay, whatever), until it gets down to just Alia and Aditya and Varun with all the social status and everything else stripped away and they have to make a decision on the train platform as to whether Alia goes with Aditya, or stays with Varun, or Varun leaves with them. Or I guess Aditya could stay too, that would be an interesting ending.

      Have you seen Pinjar? I still haven’t, it’s supposed to be just devestating, but I think I might need to before I watch this film since it gives another angle on the Partition cross-religious couple.

      On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 9:25 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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