Discussion Post: Marvel Characters Recast for India (Iron Man=Aamir or SRK?)

More shameless pandering/laziness! Assuming we all vaguely know the Marvel characters as they are presented in the film universe, I think we can generally recast them.

Thor: Muscular, moral, kind: John Abraham

Image result for john abraham shirtless

Iron Man: Sarcastic, difficult, brilliant, older: Aamir Khan

Image result for aamir khan ghajini

The Hulk: Gentle, intelligent, but with sudden bursts of anger and looks good without a shirt: Madhavan

Image result for madhavan saala khadoos

Black Widow: Smart, troubled, confident: Radhike Apte

Captain America: Honorable, Handsome, old-fashioned Gentleman: Prithviraj! Or Prabhas?

Wolverine: Sexy bad boy, sarcastic but with a core of sensitivity especially towards young women: Shahrukh

Image result for shahrukh jab harry met sejal

Professor X: Wise kind respected mentor: Amitabh Bachchan

Image result for amitabh bachchan

Magneto: Professor X’s old nemisis, smart and less dignified: Naseeruddin Shah

Image result for naseeruddin shah

Mystique: Shapshifting bad girl: Vidya or Rani

Image result for vidya balan

Spider-Man: Hero just trying to grow up, a little immature but trying: Rajkummar Rao

Image result for rajkummar rao

Ms Marvel: Teenage heroine just trying to grow up, a little immature but trying: Sara Ali Khan

Image result for sara ali khan

Captain Marvel: Powerful confident woman who refuses to fit into the usual mold: Swara Bhaskar. Or Anushka Shetty?

Image result for swara bhaskar

Okay, that’s it, I’m out of ideas! Not for recasting, for Marvel heroes. I’m about 5 years out of date at this point and have completely lost track of the Marvel extended universe. My Sunday school kids were trying to explain it to me on Sunday, and it was hopeless.

What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Marvel Characters Recast for India (Iron Man=Aamir or SRK?)

  1. This a great list!
    Only one that I think for me needs someone else, is Spider-Man. I guess cause the current Spider-Man is younger and in high school in the movies, I think Rajkumar is too old.

    Maybe Ishan Khattar?? Can’t really think of any other actors in their early 20s.


  2. I like John as Thor, Aamir as Iron-man, SRK as Wolverine, really like Swara as Captain Marvel. And sure, Amitabh as Professor X and definitely Naseeruddin Shah as Magneto. Maddy as Hulk would work – you have to believe Bruce Banner has like 7 PhDs – though Hulk is currently played by Mark Ruffalo, and you’d said Abhay Deol is the Indian Mark Ruffalo.

    Mystique should be Taapsee. Black Widow is very physical, you have to believe her as a super fighter. Anushka Sharma, maybe? She’s a little tall for a spy but her tougher side might work if she plays it cool. We should give Kat a part too, I’ve been trying to cast her as an action hero. I would say Wonder Woman but we’re in Marvel, so. She’d make a good Gamora, and we can put… who’s funny?… maybe Vicky Kaushal with her as Star-Lord. Radhike could be half-borg sister Nebula.

    I kind of like Rajkummar as Spiderman. It’s true he’s a little old but he’s got the right mix of humor and hidden strength.

    How about Ranveer as Dr. Strange? Who should be Thor’s good/evil brother Loki? Rana? I’d believe him as a god.

    Tried to think of one for Ranbir but I’m coming up blank. Maybe he’d be better as a bad guy.

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    • Ranbir as Hipster Man, he wears a slouchy knit hat and ironic t-shirts and inherited vast wealth, and his secret plan is to kill everyone over 40 and under 20 because they aren’t “woke”.

      Loki MUST be played by Jim Sarbh!!!! He is perfect for it. And I would love to see him playing off of steady and sane John.

      According to the usual unreliable rumors, Vicky and Kat are dating! so we should totally cast them opposite each other. She might also make a decent Black Widow, but a very soft and kind one.

      I like Abhay Deol as Hulk, except that I am less interested in seeing him without a shirt than Maddy.

      On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 10:48 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. Argh! I really want to comment on this, in detail, but I don’t have time! For now I’ll say that I like Shah Rukh as Nick Fury, and Amitabh as Magneto–would be fun for him to be the bad guy. The heros/gods, etc should be from Ranbir and Deepika’s generation or younger. Not meaning to be ageist, but if there are going to be 20+ movies, they need to have longevity. Don’t want a Dumbledore 1 and 2 situation. 🙂


    • You really need to make time! I don’t have your Made in Heaven comments yet either and I REALLY REALLY need them!

      But yes, I like the idea of SRK as Nick Fury, partly because he would look awesome in an eye patch. I will say that Iron Man can still be Aamir, because he is supposed to be aging and so on, that’s like part of his character. And if we are going younger, Tiger should really be something or other, he has the perfect superhero physic already. Not Captain America, that needs to have more gravitas (I think we can keep Prithviraj for that, he is much younger than he seems). Maybe Thor? Who is really active and jumping around in Marvel? And Ranbir could be Emo-Hulk, usually sane and intelligent, but sometimes overcome with ugly crying-anger. Jim Sarbh can stay as Loki.

      On Fri, Apr 5, 2019 at 9:56 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I know! My sister visited last week, and this week my office moved. Lot’s going on. I’m now in an open office plan type situation, which will make reading and posting here during work much harder! Boo!

        Jim Sarbh as Loki is perfect!


        • Try to cultivate insomnia so you can comment late at night from home after everyone else is asleep.

          I’m just glad you are healthy! I still have recovered from the two times a regular commentator faded away and it turned out to be massive health issues.

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