I Had a Nice Saturday, How About You?

Happy Saturday Night! I am having my usual exciting Saturday evening, sitting around the house enjoying not having anything I have to do.

I got my driver’s license! Well, I filled out the paperwork and stuff, it will arrive in the mail in a couple weeks. I sincerely enjoy updating my driver’s license, it always makes me feel better about the world. The license office used to be the most corrupt office in my state. Not like you couldn’t get a license without paying a bribe, but if you wanted to pay a bribe, that would be okay. And then 20 years ago one very honest, hardworking, and generally boringly decent man decided to run for Secretary of State (the office that supervises licensing). And he completely turned it around, made it the best government office I’ve ever been to. While I was waiting in line, there was a couple with a stroller in front of me and one of the staff came bustling out to ask how old the baby was. I was all set for her to say there was some rule about ages or something, but no. She just wanted to know if it was old enough to like a balloon. Because they have balloons, if anyone needs them.

Balloons! He also instituted policies that dropped the teen driving fatalities by 40%. And he created a legally binding organ donation registration that you can sign up for with your new driver’s license. And he found a way to redirect funds from his office to keep local libraries open during our budget crisis. He’s just a really really good guy, and has turned his office into a really good office.

So whenever I feel bad about the world, I remember that all you need is one honest man to take charge and change things so completely that you can’t even remember what it was like before. It can happen with just one person in just a few years. Oh, and also I got to sit in the chairs waiting for my number to be called for an hour reading my book, that was fun too.

I got to watch the cheerful videos of people who survived thanks to organ donations while reading. They missed the opportunity to use this song though.

And then I came home and cleaned out the fridge because I am a SAINT. And also I was kind of curious what the odd brown stain on the bottom shelf was. Turns out, soy sauce. The bottle tipped over and now I have a weird stain and no soy sauce. But I also threw away the sad limp carrots and other stuff that has just been sitting there for ages.

Shahrukh and his sad limp carrot. 3:06 into the video, somehow his overacting of the misery of a frozen dinner always cracks me up.

As a reward for cleaning out the fridge, and also because it is supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow and I don’t want a dog whining about not being able to run around outside, I took us off to the dog park. Albie Dog looooooves the dog park, and I like talking to the nice dog park people, and then coming home with a sleepy low energy dog. This time, an elderly woman gave me advice about harnesses and a nice gay man with a beard told me Albie Dog was very cute. And Albie ran and ran and wore himself out. He’s curled up on the coach next to me now.

Which is a lot better than last night when he was all perky and fighting me for the laptop and ready to write my blog posts for me.

The only downside to the dog park is that he gets super dirty and I don’t want to give him a bath every time. Because when I give him a bath, he gets miserable and scared and hides under a blanket. Can you find the Albie Dog in this picture?


6 thoughts on “I Had a Nice Saturday, How About You?

  1. Too many baths aren’t good for the dog’s coat and Albie’s is such a lovely brindle. If you can hose him down without soap, that’s best. But if you can’t, do a quick towel rub on the worst and wettest parts and then let him dry or shake off naturally. Buddy is allowed on the couch and sleeps in my bed, so I keep the furniture covered. Also, I don’t have rugs. Also, I’m not the neatest housekeeper.


    • I have a furniture cover too, but I keep forgetting to use it. And then the sofa gets all dirty and I think “what’s the point of putting on the cover now? I’ll wait until I clean the slipcovers and then put it down”.

      On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 6:56 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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