Albie Dog Started School!

Read on if you want dog pictures. Skip if you don’t. There’ll be plenty of “real” posts to keep you busy over the next few days.

I took Albie Dog to class today and he was the worst one there! There were only 4 dogs, and Luna was best, and then Parsley, and then Willie, and then Albie. All the other dogs already knew sit and down and touch, and Albie dog just knows sit, kind of, if he isn’t distracted. And he’s usually distracted.

Licking himself takes up much of his brain space

Albie didn’t seem to realize he was the worst dog, but it was torture for me! I am always the best student! ALWAYS!!!! I am 2 weeks ahead in the syllabus, and I always grab the middle seat in the front row so the teacher can see me laugh at their little puns. It’s not that I want a good grade, it’s that I want to make the teacher happy. Teachers are the best people! With their little teacher jokes and trying to make us interested in the topic and hoping that some day some student will respond to a discussion question. I just want them to know I care.

You know how Shahrukh is about Sushmita in Main Hoon Na? I am like that about all my teachers! It is the one authority figure I actually like.

Albie Dog doesn’t care. Albie Dog would probably be one of those Bad Students who sits in the back and only does the bare minimum of work for the grade and never comes to office hours or does the suggested homework or the extra reading (I always do the extra reading).

After class we cuddled and I tried to explain that he should feel bad about himself, but I don’t know if it sunk in.

Although, Albie Dog was also the friendliest dog. He kept going over to the other dogs and saying “Hi! hi! hi! hi! Let’s play!” And he was very encouraging, watching all the other dogs learn how to roll over and do “down” and stuff with an attitude of “That’s amazing! I could watch you do that all day!” And as soon as the other dogs indicated they didn’t want to play, he backed off right away all “sorry sorry sorry, I see you are shy, I will go over here”. He has very good dog-manners, I just need to get him better at his people-manners.

Albie Dog, you aren’t supposed to jump on the sofa!

Anyway, I foresee 6 weeks of Albie Dog having a wonderful time playing with a bunch of dogs and silly humans every Saturday while I am undergoing the terrible trauma of the good student in a class she is failing.

Yes, Albie Dog! fun times for you and your big ears, I’ll be the one learning the lesson.

8 thoughts on “Albie Dog Started School!

    • He does do very well at the dog park, so at least he gets plenty of praise there.

      On Sat, Apr 20, 2019 at 7:15 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • It’s just horrible, I thought once I finished grad school I would never have to get stressed about doing well in class again. But now it is all coming back!

      On Sat, Apr 20, 2019 at 9:31 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. LOL. Nevermind, I am a teacher and I have a cat who can only be called “Special Needs.” Sugar is a persian: beautiful and sweet but not too bright. Luckily, his playmate, my street rescue Kaali, is smart as a whip and he is gradually learning from her. Albie will learn at his own pace.


    • I’m afraid his own pace might have me coming back to class for the next two years. He has a lot of things to keep track of and “sit” and “stay” are not high on the list.


  2. “Teachers are the best people! With their little teacher jokes and trying to make us interested in the topic and hoping that some day some student will respond to a discussion question. I just want them to know I care.”

    We really really appreciate that. I make myself laugh most days.

    I was also like that in school so I get horrified at my students sometimes as I could never imagine doing as they do!

    Albie will get the hang of it, he’s still a sweet pupper.

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