Hindi Film 101: Filmi Babies (and a few older kids), the Adorable Little Munchkins That Will be Running the Industry in a Few Years

This is not a “oh boy, these are the next stars to launch!” post. This is a 101 post, it’s just the basic names and general ages of the children of celebrities, so when I (or other media outlets) casually refer to “Hrehaan” or “Nyssa”, you will know who we mean.

These kids are important not just because of “nepotism! Booo, hisss!” but because a lot of Indian film studios are privately owned, meaning some of these kids are going to inherit enormous power from their parents in about 20 years. Or sooner, depending.

Kajol and Ajay’s Kids Nyssa and Yug

Kajol and Ajay got married in 1999, but they had fertility issues including a late term medically recommended abortion (one of the reasons I love Ajay and Kajol, they made a public statement saying it was an abortion because the doctor recommended it. No shame, no dancing around the issue). Their first child, a daughter Nyssa, was born in 2003. She is now 16, and in boarding school overseas, a little more protected from the media. Both her parents were very involved. meaning she was there in the background on Ajay’s sets and at Kajol’s awards shows, the media and public have seen her grow up in a very natural way. Now that she is a little more mature, her father has started taking her as his official “date” for events, no more funny looking candid shots, now she is mostly seen in public with proper hair and make-up and clothes all fixed.

Kajol started acting at Nyssa’s age. That is the tradition in her family, the daughters start acting at 16 or younger. At one point at least she was talking about how she wanted her daughter to start working at a young age too because she thinks it is grounding. But that was a few years back, the plan may have changed by now.

Yug, Kajol and Ajay’s son, was born in 2010. He is still very young and, like his sister before him, is seen all the time in casual candid shots in the background of his parents’ lives. Ajay himself was launched at age 21, if they want that same kind of career for Yug, it will be another 12 years before we will see him onscreen.

Image result for kajol ajay nyssa yug

Hrithik and Suzanne’s Kids Hrehaan and Hridhaan

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan both come from film families, producers and stars all mixed together on their family trees. Hrithik himself was first caught on film at age 8 when he started spontaneously dancing while visiting his Grandpa on set. He went on to be a child actor, that is, if his father was making a movie and another relative producing it, they used Hrithik for the child part. Hrithik and Sussanne married young, he was 26 and she was 22, and didn’t have kids for 6 years. Their oldest son Hrehaan was born in 2006, and Hridhaan in 2008.

Hrithik and Sussanne separated in 2013 and have happily shared custody since then. Hrithik will often share photos from fabulous vacations he takes with his boys, occasionally Sussanne will join them. Hrithik’s boys have mostly escaped intense media coverage, perhaps because they are still so young, perhaps because their parents divorce took the focus off of them, perhaps because Hrithik has been so good about picking and choosing photos to release on his instagram so the press never feels like it has to hunt for them. Hrehaan made his film debut in a small cute cameo in Bang Bang, as a little boy Hrithik makes faces at on a bus. Even that was treated as a fun little Easter egg in the film more than as a sign that Hrehaan is about to make his debut.

Image result for hrithik suzanne hrehaan hridhaan
Divorced Parents Goals! Family cooking class. I don’t like Hrithik’s career decisions, but seems like he makes really good parent decisions.

Saif and Amrita and Soha and Kunal and Kareena’s Kids Sara, Ibrahim, Taimur, and Inaaya

Saif grew up in public himself, with his father the Captain of the cricket team and his mother a glamorous movie star. He was sent to boarding school at a fairly young age (as was his father before him and his father before him) and then moved right into acting almost as soon as he graduated, his started filming his first movie at 21, and then was replaced for being unprofessional and had to wait two years before he got another chance. In the meantime, he met and romanced Amrita Singh. She is 12 years older than him and from a solidly upper middle-class family. She didn’t make her film debut until 25. Saif and Amrita had two children, Sara born in 1995 and Ibrahim born in 2001. Sara spent her early childhood doing father-daughter photoshoots, and her later childhood being caught in candid photos as she visited her father on set after his 2004 divorce from her mother. While Amrita followed a policy of complete privacy, retiring from acting and the public eye with her children, Saif continued to allow them to be photographed with him at events and other candid occasions. Sara was a familiar face in the media for years, but her parents sent her to college and made her wait until she was launched. Her brother Ibrahim is only 18 and there is talk about him being launched now, but it may not happen. And then there is Taimur, Saif and Kareena’s son. Kareena and Saif have both made him available to the media from a young age. He is adorable and very popular with the paparazzi.

Saif’s much younger sister Soha married Kunal Khemu in 2015. Soha had had a minor acting career, a few standard “heroine” parts and some really interesting good roles mixed in too. Kunal is 5 years younger than her and was a child star in movies like Raja Hindustani before transitioning to a young hero role. His career never quite took off, although he was respected as an actor. They had a daughter, Inaaya, in 2017. She and Taimur look strikingly similar, and are both adorable little babies, the paparazzi likes to take photos of them together.

Image result for sara ibrahim taimur inaaya
Sara, Inaaya, Taimur, Ibrahim. I won’t actually kidnap a baby, but if I were to kidnap a baby, Taimur and Inaaya would be high on my list.

Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukherjee’s Daughter Adira

Yash Raj is the largest studio in India, and is entirely privately owned. It was founded by Yash Chopra and then expanded enormously and rapidly by his son Aditya. Aditya’s brother Uday is still unmarried, meaning right now Adira looks to inherit a massive physical studio, an ad films, youtube films, DVD, distribution, and production business all for herself. She is the richest and most powerful little girl in Indian film. Rani Mukherjee of course was one of the top actresses in the early 2000s and is still very connected and respected. She is also part of “the” Mukherjee family, stretching back to the earliest days of film, and founders of another massive studio lot, Filmalaya. Adira is very connected on that side as well. There aren’t many photos of her, her parents tend to be protective of her privacy, but they also threw her a massive 1st birthday party, shutting down the studio lot and turning it into a carnival for her and inviting all the other little baby power brokers for her to start building those connections.

Image result for adira
Aditya Chopra with his daughter Adira a couple years ago. Such a little handful! Very cautious about the cameras.

Karan Johar’s Kids Yash and Roohi

Karan Johar is a single father, he spent years as an honorary “uncle” to Shahrukh’s kids and then later “adopted” Varun and Sidharth and Alia when he launched them in SOTY1. After all of that, he finally became a father through surrogacy with the birth of his twins Yash and Roohi in 2017. Little son Yash and daughter Roohi (named for his parents Yash and Hiroo) don’t travel with him usually, there aren’t as many airport and candid shots as with other babies. But he does regularly post curated photos on his social media and invite his famous friends over for their birthdays and take them to the birthday’s of other famous babies. He is co-parenting them with his mother Hiroo. And in 20 years or so, they will inherit the Dharma empire.

Image result for yash roohi
Very cute, and yes Yash is blonde. Maybe his hair will get darker as he ages, maybe not. There are odd little recessive genes in all kinds of families.

Shahrukh’s Kids Aryan and Suhana and AbRam

Possibly the most famous star kids. Shahrukh broke the mold when he was starting out by making his wife Gauri part of his public life. And he kept that pattern up with his oldest kids Aryan and Suhana, before other stars were doing it as much. Partly this was because of who he was personally, someone with very few family so he liked to keep them close to him, even if that meant babies on film sets and wandering in and out of interviews. And partly it was because that is the kind of star he wanted to be, inviting the public into his life. Aryan never liked the cameras, from birth he always scowled in photos, while Suhana always played to the cameras. When Aryan turned 14-15, Shahrukh and Gauri sent him to a small private school in London to give him some space from the paparazzi. Suhana followed a few years later. Aryan is now finishing up film school in LA, focusing on directing. Suhana is about to graduate high school and start college, and has already given her first public interview and is planning to be an actress (although Shahrukh and Suhana both said her parents will want her to finish college first). AbRam was born in 2013, by surrogacy, when his older siblings were already young teens. He spent his babyhood and toddlerhood traveling with his father and making public appearances. Now that he is older and becoming more aware of himself, he is a bit more sheltered and less likely to appear in public, but he is still a media darling when he does. And Shahrukh is somewhat openly building up Red Chillies so that he can hand off a healthy company to his children as their legacy. Look for AbRam and Yash and Roohi and Adira to get in bidding wars over the hottest new scripts in about 20 years.

Image result for aryan suhana abram
They all look like models, don’t they? It’s not just Shahrukh, Gauri really takes the eye and is naturally photogenic too.

Aamir Khan’s Kids Junaid, Ira, and Azad

Aamir’s kids and Shahrukh’s kids kind of line up. Aamir married the girl next door, Reema Dutta, at a young age and had two kids with her, son Junaid and daughter Ira. Junaid and Ira grew up out of site of the cameras. Their mother didn’t like the attention, although she and the kids were known by the industry insiders, the media and public never really saw them. Even their ages are hard to track down. Junaid and Ira are now both fully grown and out of school, they have worked with their father on a few movies, and Aamir is beginning to talk about Junaid wanting to be an actor, although Ira seems more likely to want to stay behind the camera.

Aamir’s third child Azad has had a very different life. Reema and Aamir divorced in 2002, and three years later Aamir married again, Kiran Rao, who was a few years younger than him and never married. Kiran was already an active artist in the film industry pursuing directing and continued her career post-marriage, directing and co-producing with Aamir. In 2011 they had a son by surrogacy, Azad. Thanks to the higher papparazzi focus, and Kiran being more involved in Aamir’s work life, Azad was captured traveling to and from the airport, on film sets, and in other places with his parents. They also usually have family photos for the holidays, appearing for the press in front of their apartment on Diwale and Eid, and Aamir will post photos to social media of the occasional children’s party for Azad. Aamir is also rumored to have had a child with a British reported, Jessica Hines, but that has never been confirmed and the child lives in London anyway, is not part of the Indian film scene.

Image result for junaid ira azad
Kiran, Aamir, and Azad. Junaid, Ira, and Reema. Don’t read too much into the separate photos, they all spend lots of time together, I just couldn’t manage to find a photo of all 6 of them in one frame.

Tusshar and Ekta Kapoor’s Sons Laksshya and Ravie

Tusshar and Ekta are brother and sister and both single and looking to stay that way forever. Their father, Jeetendra, was a well-known star in the 80s, never at the top but recognized and worked a lot. He started a small studio to make TV shows in the 90s when satellite television first arrived in India and had his 19 year old daughter Ekta run it for him. Ekta, before she was 24, had turned it into a massive TV empire, essentially creating the modern Indian TV landscape. Tusshar meanwhile went to school and then started acting, had a moderately successful launch but never really caught on, his most famous role is as one of a team of comics in the Golmaal movies. Tusshar was the first high profile single father to have a child by surrogacy in India, when his son Laksshya was born in 2016. Ekta followed her brother’s lead and had a son Ravie in 2018. The two siblings still live in the same house with their parents, and the two boys will most likely be raised as siblings. Similar to Adira and Yash and Roohi and Shahrukh’s kids, they are important because they will most likely inherit the BalajiTelefilms empire in about 20 years.

Related image
Ravie all wrapped up and hidden
Image result for laksshya kapoor
Laksshya, totally adorable

Shahid and Mira’s daughter Misha and son Zain

Shahid is kind of second generation himself, but not really. His father Pankuj is a stage and film actor, never famous but highly respected by the industry as a great talent. His mother Neelima was a dancer in films and occasional small part actress. Again, not famous, but known as a very good classically trained dancer. His parents divorced when he was a child and he spent his childhood moving between them in a joint custody arrangement. When he was a teen, he won an open casting call to join Shiamak Dewar’s dance troupe, worked as a back up dancer for a few years and then won another open casting call for a role in a small teen romance, Ishq Vishk, that turned into a minor hit. And then he really rocketed to the top of the fame list when he started dating teenage new star Kareena Kapoor, one of the first public romantic relationships in Hindi film. After years of his personal and public life going up and down, at age 33 he finally married a 20 year old college student in a marriage arranged by their parents and religious community. They have turned into one of the most PDA filled and bright and in love couples in Hindi film, and they had their first child, daughter Misha, a year after the wedding. Their son Zain was born two years later. Mira has never worked, going straight from college to marriage, but she is very good at the “job” of being a star wife, is charming and beautiful at events, clearly very much in love with her husband and very happy in her life. Shahid and Mira have kept their children in the public eye to some degree, making photos available on social media and taking them with them to events. With Shahid’s own experience of starting work at age 15 as a back-up dancer, and becoming a full time actor by 21, it is possible that Misha and Zain are looking at early launches. Or, they could just be super cute babies on instagram that get a lot more protected and private as they age.

Image result for shahid mira zain misha
Tiny baby!

Twinkle and Akshay’s son Aarav and daughter Nitara

Twinkle was the starriest of star kids, daughter of a teenage actress who quite her career for motherhood and the biggest star Hindi film had ever seen, Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh Khanna. Her mother sent her to boarding school at a young age to get her away from it all and then delayed her launch until she was 21. Meanwhile, Akshay had a totally normal childhood in a normal middle-class family, not becoming famous until his late twenties after having already had a career as a martial artist and a model. Their son Aarav was born in 2002, their daughter Nitara ten years later. Twinkle and Akshay have always been very VERY protective of their children. Aarav was seen in the occasional candid shot at the airport and at his grandfather’s funeral, but otherwise the message was clear that their kids were off-limits. Nitara had even more extreme protection around her, there was hardly a photo available of her until she was almost two years old. On the other hand, Twinkle’s popular newspaper column tells lots of funny family stories about her kids. So they are well-known as people, but their images are closely protected. Based on Akshay’s normal upbringing, and Twinkle’s extremely protected upbringing, it seems likely that these kids will remain protected and private until/unless they decide they want film careers.

Image result for akshay twinkle nitara aarav
Nitara and Akshay, Twinkle and Aarav

Amitabh and Jaya and Raj Kapoor’s grandchildren, Shweta and Nikhil Nanda’s children Navya Naveli and Agastya

Navya Naveli is possibly as famous as Shahrukh’s kids. She won the biggest genetic lottery possible in Indian film, the link between Raj Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan. Her mother, Shweta Bachchan, married her father in the 90s in a grand wedding complete with photos of the bride provided to the media. Her father was the son of a Delhi industrialist, and the grandson of Raj Kapoor. Navya was born in 1997 and her brother Agastya in 2000. The Bachchan’s routinely made posted family photos available for the press, after Shweta’s marriage they expanded to include Nikhil and then Navya and Agastya. When Abhishek started his film career in the mid-2000s, Navya was his occasional “date” to awards shows, looking very cute in her little dresses. Agastya has never been as much in the spotlight, but Navya seems to love the cameras. Both children were sent to boarding school as teens, at which point Shweta moved back to Bombay to stay with her parents. Navya became a regular feature in Shweta’s appearances, and any images the media was able to steal from social media accounts were immediate hits. Navya went to the same exclusive private London boarding school as Aryan Khan and they were part of the same friend group, leading to even more media obsession with both of them. Navya is now something of a social media celebrity and the public loves her. But her mother Shweta has publicly said many times she is against an acting career for Navya. If Shweta ever relents, Navya could easily leap to the top of the game within weeks. Everyone wants her. Meanwhile, Agastya has faded into the background and seems likely to take over the family factory.

Image result for navya naveli agastya
This is from a few years back, Agastya has gotten a growth spurt and is quite striking himself, but Navya still has something special.

Amitabh and Jaya’s granddaughter and Abhishek and Aishwarya’s daughter Aaradhya

Aaradhya was controversial since before birth. Aishwarya had signed a big BIG movie, Heroine, which would have her in the leading role and onscreen almost the whole time. And then Amitabh went on twitter and, in his very “oh Grandpa!” kind of way, excitedly said that he was going to be a grandfather again. Aish’s director called her, said “What the what?”, she had to drop out of the movie with no notice, it was all super messy. No shade on Aish and Abhishek, based on the pattern of Aish not signing movies for a while after marriage and then starting up again, I am guessing they may have planned for a baby right away that ended up not happening and Aish went back to work while they were waiting for a baby to come. And then Amitabh announced this pregnancy way WAY too early and Aish had to rush around and figure out how this baby would fit in with work. When she was born it was such a big deal that the hospital shut down a floor and confiscated cell phones from the staff. Since then, she has sunk down to an equal level of popularity with the other star babies. She travels with her mother everywhere, allowing for lots of candid shots. She also goes to star birthday parties and the occasional event like a Kabaddi match where her father’s team (he owns the Jaipur Pink Panthers) is playing. And occasionally her doting grandfather Amitabh is allowed to post a photo of her on his very active social media accounts.

Image result for aaradhya bachchan

Okay, that’s all I can think of. I am sure there are more famous kids out there that I am forgetting, but that will do for now. And you can always bring up more names in the comments so I know who to stick in Part 2.

40 thoughts on “Hindi Film 101: Filmi Babies (and a few older kids), the Adorable Little Munchkins That Will be Running the Industry in a Few Years

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of little power brokers! Are there any regional language (or non-Hindi–what’s the most respectful way to say that?) industry babies who are in line to inherit the filmy thrones in them?


  2. I am fascinated by the fact that Shweta seems to have separated from her husband and NO ONE has uttered a word. You wrote, ” Both children were sent to boarding school as teens, at which point Shweta moved back to Bombay to stay with her parents.” Can you imagine if the line was, ” Both children were sent to boarding school as teens, at which point Gauri moved back to Delhi to stay with her Mom.” The press would have gone BESERK. Not a peep about this. Riveting. He is no longer at any events or in any pics….Navya by the way was in school in NY and I think left and went back to India.
    I think this is a hard thing. All these parents I think are coping as best as possible.


    • I’m shocked that the media is just ignoring it. Shweta lives full time in Mumbai with her parents and is obviously separated but crickets from the media.

      Navya used to go to Fordham but I think she either dropped out of college or maybe just moved to an Indian school. She is often seen around Mumbai so maybe she lives with mom and grandparents too? Pretty fascinating coming from the Bachchans who always make it look as if they’re so traditional. Good on them for accepting the situation and loving their daughter and having her stay with them.


      • I feel like Navya is appearing in more family events and stuff than Agastya, so I’m going with your theory that she moved back to Bombay and is living in the Bachchan house.


        • Btw, this kind of goes with my theory that most celebrity media stories are pushed out by PRs. Bachchans wanted this to stay quiet so it stayed quiet. Shweta is not an actress either so there are no rivals trying to take advantage of a vulnerable moment and planting articles against her. So you get crickets.

          That brings me to Priyanka’s brother’s wedding. He was apparently supposed to get married this past weekend. That’s why PC came back to India. There were loads of articles about it because you know she loves attention. He was supposed to get married a few years ago to another woman and she cancelled the wedding a day before the ceremony. Now it looks like his wedding got cancelled again for the 2nd time also days before the ceremony. Nothing happened over the weekend and PC already left for the US. Now articles are coming out that it’s been “postponed.” Except that the bride just had surgery in another city and nobody went to visit her. PC and her brother were busy partying in Mumbai. They also unfollowed her on social media. Seems like they’re trying to get a soft landing with the postponed stories and hoping people just forget about it with time.

          I like that the Bachchans just kept quiet from the beginning instead of playing media games.


          • Good point, the media doesn’t really go out and try to hunt down stories so much any more, they just wait for people to leak stuff either about themselves or their enemies. there’s probably a lot of stuff we don’t know just because no one is interested in spreading it around.


    • I think it is a hard thing too. When I was going through the list, I realized most of the parents (even if they allowed photographs of babies) shut it down hard once the kids got to be 5-6, old enough to understand what was happening and not needing to be with their parents all the time for security. It also kind of explains things like Kajol’s two year maternity leave. While she wasn’t acting or promoting films, she could just huddle in and hide out with her baby until the baby was old enough to stay with a nanny or something while she was out in public. I think Aish did something similar. Social media has kind of been a blessing, instead of having to bring in an outside photographer and do a big deal magazine shoot (which is just opening your kid up to more criticism and weirdness in life), you can take a nice photo in the backyard and put it up on your instagram account, and now people can see your baby without the baby having to deal with a bunch of media.

      None of that helps when they are teenagers though, I really understand why so many parents are choosing to send their kids to boarding schools out of country.


  3. These kids are all pretty attractive. Then again, they have their parent’s genes so obviously. People keep complaining about nepotism (me included) but you can see why it works. They have good looking people with training and connections nearby so obviously they will use them. Why will they go looking for outsiders?

    I think Aamir’s son is the oldest out of all the kids and probably close to launching. I wonder if the public would accept both father and son acting as leads? Or would Aamir have to phase out and become more of a character actor to let his kid have a chance? He is very tall unlike Aamir. I kind of hope his younger son stays cute and little like him and Kiran. We need some cute small people. Not everyone has to be model height.

    Aryan is the second oldest. SRK must have powerful genes. All his kids look like clones of him. Aryan looks so similar to young SRK of KKHH. He used to look like Gauri as a kid but now the SRK genes have won.


    • I love little bitty Azad. I want him to stay tiny and with little glasses and short hair his whole life. Even if it means he is never a movie star. So cute!!!!

      I am sure you have scene the photos that show Shahrukh himself looks like a clone of his father. There must be a whole bunch of cousins in Pakistan wandering around looking like Shahrukh.


  4. I disagree about Aryan looking like his Papa. He is a Chiba through and through. They are tall and handsome too. What he does have is his father’s hair (good thing cause Gauri’s brother is balding) but that is not the same face.

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    • Thank you! To me Aryan looks 100% like a masculinized version of Gauri, and Suhana looks 100% like a feminized version of Shah Rukh. Everyone says the opposite about Aryan, so it’s good to know someone else sees the same thing. Especially in those rare smiling/laughing photos of Aryan–such a mama’s boy! 🙂

      AbRam on the other hand is a lil Shah Rukh clone–it’s kind of disturbing, but also cute!

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      • Kind of lucky it is the youngest child that looks the most like SRK. By the time he is an adult and looking really really like his father, SRK will (probably) be far less famous so being a mini-him will be less of a handicap. Aryan is already struggling with just his minor resemblance, can you imagine if he looked as similar as AbRam does?

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        • I think it will actually help AbRam to look like his dad. People’s greatest disappointment in Abhishek was that he couldn’t be a younger Amitabh for them. He didn’t look or act like him and the audience didn’t like it.

          It’s Suhana that will struggle the most. A girl having her father’s face is not helpful. She is already trolled so much for it. I have a hard time believing that the audience will accept a female SRK as a heroine no matter how good she is. It’s good that she’s going off to NYC. Maybe she can use her college’s connections to audition and do some roles here and there in the US for a while but as a brown girl, that would not be easy either.

          AbRam has it easy. SRK’s shadow will be much lesser by the time AbRam is an adult and by then, people will be thrilled to get a younger version of him.


          • Twinkle had/has her father’s face. And you are right, it was not helpful. She would have had an easier time if people could look at her and see her mother reborn. Although in a larger sense, Twinkle ended up having a great life, probably much better than she would have had if her career had taken off.

            With AbRam, I think SRK’s shadow being less will make his life easier in any field. He could get an engineering degree and be the VP of CGI at Red Chillies and marry a nice woman and have a nice quiet normal life if he wants, a luxury that Suhana and Aryan don’t really have. Not unless they want to cut off almost all contact with their parents (which they have already sort of done by going to school in America, so they can just be “normal” college kids).


          • The strange thing is that being far away in California doesn’t really help either. I have friends in USC circles and let me tell you, Aryan gets hounded there too. People ask him for selfies, stalk him around campus and secretly take videos of him doing normal things and leak them online. They send hate mail to his girlfriend regularly with messages calling her a gold-digger and telling her she is too ugly for him and that he will cheat on her and all kinds of crazy stuff. All this when it isn’t even public yet though everyone there knows who she is. Makes me wonder how much nonsense Gauri must have to go through and how much of a steely reserve she must have had to develop to put up with this. Sometimes I think things must be harder on the partners and other family members than on the star himself.


          • Miss Braganza and I were just talking about how the new Empress of Japan should be friends with Natasha, Varun’s girlfriend, so they can sympathize with the pressures of being a normal person who happened to fall in love with a famous man. I think Aryan’s girlfriend and Gauri could probably hang out with them too.


      • I actually think AbRam looks like Gauri’s family also. But time will tell. I think the similar expressions of Shah Rukh and AbRam speak to how much time they spend together and how close they are. Shah himself says that no one thought he was handsome as a young man. Sexy yes, handsome no. Aryan is absolutely handsome…so therefore is a Chiba!!

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        • Little little kids are such amazing mimics. A friend was just showing me a video of her 1 year old reading a book out loud. Doesn’t know words yet, but has the rhythm down perfectly. AbRam is so tiny, he must still be mostly just mimicing what his parents do more than developing his own personality.

          On Thu, May 2, 2019 at 11:00 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Oh, they have their own personalities at that age, but part of that is deciding exactly WHO to mimic!! If I had his Papa, I’d pick him too!!


          • When I was a little younger than AbRam, I surprised my parents by mimicing my grandmother. She was fussing about something and suddenly this two year old was standing behind her waving her arms and making faces and pointing fingers.

            On Thu, May 2, 2019 at 11:06 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I love all of Taimur’s expressions! Part of why he is such a funny cute little baby is how expressive his face is. His dramatic “mama, you are ruining my LIFE” crying photos kill me.


  5. I think the very presumption that ALL these star kids will join films, whether in front of or behind the camera, is what is troubling. In urban India today, many kids are purposely choosing careers alternate to their parents just to prove that they have what it takes independently.


    • It’s different with the studio babies. They either need to sell the studio, or hire someone to run it for them, but it’s going to be theirs someday no matter what and their decisions will have a big effect.


    • That’s understandable. But in most middle-class cases, an alternate profession from the parents will still allow the children to live a similar or maybe upgraded lifestyle. That’s not the case with these star kids. They have essentially gotten used to living wealthy lifestyles and it’s the only thing they know. To maintain that standard of living, they *have* to remain in the industry because it’s the only place where they have the ability to make the same type of money.

      Hypothetically, if a star kid became a teacher or a microbiologist, he/she would have to keep drawing money from parents to maintain a similar lifestyle. No matter how rich someone is, money rarely lasts for generations if nothing is being added by the children. Forget generations, sometimes it doesn’t even last one lifetime. That’s why you hear of rappers and other celebs going bankrupt even after earning millions.

      Most of these children will be getting companies/studios as their inheritance. What sense is there is not learning anything about that business and handing it off to someone else? It’s not practical. It’s the same reason the Ambani children got business degrees and joined the family business. It would be silly to do something completely different and not have the skills to handle the family business and thrust it onto someone else.


      • Thank you, that is a lovely and clear description of the situation. We can look at someone like Ekta, because her father was an actor he had disposable funds to invest in a business and picked a business related to entertainment. She tried it and discovered a knack for it and her career went off in a totally new direction. Ibrahim and Taimur may not become actors, but I would expect them to at least try taking on some kind of role in their father’s production house. Why not? AbRam could end up running a sports empire, Roohi could become an ad films director, anything is possible. But breaking away from the family wealth and established businesses seems like it is unlikely to happen for most of these kids.


  6. Saara and Ibrahim look so much like their parents in that picture you posted, that for a moment I thought it was young Saif and Amrita with Saara and Ibrahim as babies. Also, Taimur looks so much like Rishi Kapoor that I am always disoriented when his picture pops up somewhere out of context.

    I like your take on how these kids are all set to be major powerbrokers in the film industry in a few years whether they start acting or not. I had never thought of it that way.


    • Similar to Taimur, Aryan’s recent photos always make me do a double take because he looks so much like Shahrukh, especially in profile. I think it is the nose and the jawline. He has Gauri’s cheekbones though.


      • Agree about the profile! But his body is much more lean and lanky than Shahrukh was at that age, don’t know if that is just different diet and stuff, or from his mother’s side.

        On Wed, May 1, 2019 at 9:37 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Taimur looks even more like Randhir than Rishi to me. But present day, not what they looked like as young men. It’s like current overweight Kapoor men were shrunken down into babies by an evil laser.

      On Wed, May 1, 2019 at 9:35 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  7. This was super interesting! It would be doubly interesting to get your take on why some star kids flame out. For example, Sunil Shetyy’s daughter, Govindas daughter. Sunny Deols kid is debuting soon but I have a strong feeling he will be a flop. Is there any traceable reason why some work and others don’t?


    • I find it really hopeful that they don’t all work out. There is something required, some unique talent you need to have, family connections alone won’t do it. Look at Alia and Varun, children of two successful but not super powerful directors, no instagram fame or anything behind them, but they have the star charisma and raw talent to make it. And then you have Athiya, instagram famous and with a famous father, and she just is not making the grade.


  8. I’m sorry to hear about Aryan and his lack of privacy in Ca. I think NY will be easier for Suhana. New Yorkers HAVE to pretend to be blase!!


    • I really didn’t like it when Aryan went to boarding school (none of my business of course, I just had a knee jerk “any 14 year old is too young to live away from his parents!”), but the older the kids get and the more I see how they are being treated, the smarter it looks. Not just sending him to school out of India, but sending him to a small school that specializes in children of remarkable parents. At 14-19, they deserve to have that level of protection and understanding. Too bad there isn’t a safe place like that for college, but then he is 19 and this is going to be his life, I guess college is the best place to sort of get used to handling these things on a smaller level before it gets that much worse once he is out in the “real world”.

      On Fri, May 3, 2019 at 10:39 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I taught at a private school in NY which had a lot of celebrities kids. Early in my career I taught the son of one of the biggest movie stars of the moment. His friends were SO protective of him, that if on the soccer field or somewhere in public, kids noticed who he was…they would immediately rally around him. So, small protective boarding school= good idea. And also at USC there are the children of famous Americans who MORE people know and potentially bother..so that must help too. He’s not alone.


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