Happy National Black Cats Day! SRK and Matching Cats!

This is gonna be a fun post! At least, fun for me to put together. And fun for y’all if you like cats and/or SRK.

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Hindi Film 101: Filmi Babies (and a few older kids), the Adorable Little Munchkins That Will be Running the Industry in a Few Years

This is not a “oh boy, these are the next stars to launch!” post. This is a 101 post, it’s just the basic names and general ages of the children of celebrities, so when I (or other media outlets) casually refer to “Hrehaan” or “Nyssa”, you will know who we mean.

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TGIF: For Shahrukh Month, Best Shahrukh Candid Photos

Why over think it, you know?  I’m not coming up with a theme or anything like that, I’m just saying out of all the candid photos I can find, these are the ones I like best.  Feel free to disagree and post your own suggestions in the comments.  Or to skip this post entirely if you can’t stand his face.

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News Round-Up: Aayush Sharma Will Romance, Ayushmann Khuranna Will Action

I’m going to try to be better about putting out news posts for these smaller stories just so you can discuss them.  Although also, REMINDER, you can always mention these stories or post links to them in the Wednesday Watching post.  That’s what it is there for!  Even if it’s not Wednesday.  Just like you can always ask me any questions on Monday Morning Questions, even if it’s not Monday.

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Happy Shahrukh’s Birthday! News From India

Good morning!  Shahrukh waited to come out to greet his fans until I was awake, which was terribly considerate of him.  Well, for me.  Not for the poor fans who had been waiting all night and day.  But that’s just part of the November 2nd story, what else has been happening?

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Random Fun Photo Post Thanks to Hrithik’s Facebook

Be aware, there is almost no content to this post.  It’s just a funny photo that my friend showed me, and another photo I found for myself as a bonus.  And a third thing that looks like news, but actually isn’t. (if you want content, check out my Jab Harry Met Sejal series)

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Christmas Give Away! Final Week!!!!

SO EXCITING!  Don’t feel too bad if you didn’t win (although I think most of the regular commentators did), I’ll be coming up with some other kind of give-away for Valentine’s cards in a few weeks. (week 1 here, week 2 here, week 3 here, week 4 here, week 5 here, week 6 here, week 7 here, and week 8 here)

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Important News Update: AbRam is Cute

And so is his father!  And also a bit of a tech nerd, have you noticed that since he discovered instagram, Shahrukh has been posting a lot of videos that are kind of like the ones your dorky uncle posts after his son shows him how to use the video tools?  But more interesting, because it’s a movie star.

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Eid Greetings From the 3 Khans

Everyone opted for more of a family party this year.  Which I understand on like a personal level, I also would prefer to celebrate big holidays with just family.  But I resent it on a film news level, because I want more pictures of people in fancy outfits arriving for big parties!  At least to make up for it, all 3 Khans went out for a viewing and photo.

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Late AbRam Birthday Post: Is He A Cute 3 Year Old, or THE CUTEST Three Year Old

AbRam is getting so big!  Well, big in terms of age, he is still a little pocket-sized nubbin in terms of mass.  He turned 3 a few days ago, and I am finally getting around to doing a very abbreviated post about it.  We don’t have many AbRam facts, or official videos, but we do have some really cute candid things.  So I am putting up a tiny little post to match his tiny little body.

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AbRam! So much SRK coverage today!

I mean, there’s always a lot of SRK coverage.  Supposedly, Neha Dhupia said in an interview “Only sex and SRK sell”, a quote which instantly became an aphorism.  And with the way her career is going, she is probably going to be more famous for that quote than anything else.  And thereby prove her point, because it’s the closest she’s ever come to being associated with SRK.

Anyway, on any random day if you turn to Times of India, they will have some kind of SRK slide-show or news story or something, because they know we will click on it.  This habit reached it’s nadir/zenith when this article was briefly their top online headline.  It works, of course, I not only clicked on that article but discussed it in depth with multiple people, and checked the site obsessively for any follow-up information they might have.

But with a movie coming out, there is this cycle (sycle?) where Shahrukh is giving greater access than usual, which means more to report, and because there is more reporting, people are thinking about him more and more, and are more likely to click on even old stories if they are posted on a homepage.

Which lead to this, an epic 37 page slide-show combining every single slide-show ToI has ever done on AbRam into one, leading off with the recent quotes about him courtesy of the Dilwale publicity express.