Discussion Post: Share Your Song Memories! What Song Takes You Back in Time Immediately?

I’ve decided I like living in a temperate climate. Wait for it, this will have a meaning. It’s sunny today after a series of rainy days which is throwing me into that weird springtime headspace where everything and nothing both seem possible. Which is better than the winter headspace of total sluggishness where nothing matters, but not as good as the mid-summer headspace of being mildly irritable or the fall headspace of being filled with optimism. Anyway, I was thinking about how some people live in places where their headspace and the weather doesn’t wildly change every 4 months, and I think I wouldn’t like that. It’s good for me to get all shaken out of my mind space every few months, even if it makes me feel bad some of the time. And today, it didn’t make me feel bad, just weird, as I kept being thrown back in time by the music playing on my ipod while I drove to work. I can’t be the only one who gets musically created Deja Vu, right?

Here are some of the songs that popped up on shuffle this morning and brought their memories with them.

I’m 19 years old and visiting my college best friend at her parents’ house for the weekend for the first time. I’m sitting on the floor with her and her little sister and her Mom is making us pizza in the kitchen. We are watching a movie they rented from the little Indian grocery store they go to, it just came out on DVD and it is the hot film, the store owner hid a copy behind the counter for us because her family comes in every Friday. It is my 4th Shahrukh Khan movie ever, and I am swept away and can’t wait to find out how it ends. It must end happily, right? Somehow?

3 years ago, my sister and I have just driven out of the Chicago urban area to go on a weeklong road trip ending in Memphis (we’ve never seen Graceland). As we pull onto a little back road between corn fields, the sun breaks through the clouds and a rainbow appears, and this song pops up on shuffle.

I’m a senior in college, living on my own in apartment style dorms, moving around my tiny kitchen making lasagna for the first time while the cd I just bought plays in the boombox sitting on top of the fridge and I feel very grown-up and like my whole life is figured out.

What are your memories? What songs suddenly throw you back in time? (doesn’t have to be Indian, but doesn’t not have to be Indian either)

11 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Share Your Song Memories! What Song Takes You Back in Time Immediately?

  1. The Kismat Konnection soundtrack! Like, the entire album lol I just remember one school holiday when my dad and sisters came to visit, my sister chose car music and the only thing playing was that CD because nobody could be bothered to switch it out. I was ten, and whenever I hear the end credits song ‘Move Your Body Now’ I’m just immediately transported to sitting in the passenger seat next to my dad late at night as we drove out of the caravan park my uncle and aunt lived in, and I just remember looking out the window at the trees passing by and that feeling of drowsy contentment that comes from knowing you have no responsibilities whatsoever.
    That was also the year he gave me a tiny mp3 player and transferred the songs from that CD onto the computer and then onto my player haha and I’m pretty sure it only had memory for those seven songs so I listened to them on a loop every day for like, six months. I saw the film *once*, that same year and I don’t think I’ve ever watched it again, but the soundtrack is firmly cemented in my consciousness as ‘2008’.

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    • That is such a nice story!!! I miss the time when you would have one soundtrack, not even a particular good one, that was the only thing you could play. I’m older than you, so for me it was Aladdin and then The Lion King, we got them on cassette tapes and could play them in the car and all enjoy them. And then we would get to the B-side and the “instrumental” versions they put in to fill out the tape and quickly hit fastforward to get back to the “good” songs. I haven’t listened to them in years, but I bet if I did, I would find myself somehow still knowing all the words.

      On Fri, May 3, 2019 at 12:43 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I mean I always get nostalgic when I hear soundtracks that I heard growing up when I was a kid but for some reason the Fanaa soundtrack hits me with a strong wave of nostalgia (I know I’m super young) whenever I hear it now and reminds me of how my sister would play it on loop in her room when it first came out. Also I had a Kareena obsession when I was really young so Mujhse Dosti Karoge and some of the songs from K3G always reminds me of the times I’d start dancing in front of the TV. KKHH also makes me super nostalgic.


    • It’s funny how some things hit you harder and there is no logical reason for it. Or at least, no reason you can remember. I always feel particularly nostalgic when listening to the Salaam-Nameste soundtrack. I think I watched the movie once maybe, I don’t know why it sticks with me, there must have been some time I have forgotten when I listened to it over and over.


  3. Early 2000 latin music throw me back to when I was 18 years old, was learning spanish to understand the lyrics and was guarding like the biggest treasure every little song/cd I found. Beautiful days.

    From indian music – Suraj Hua Madham, and I’m again in my dorm, listening to this song on a very bad and noisy computer, which wasn’t even mine.
    And I also have a nice memory of Kismat Konnection, because I had Bekhuda Tumhi Ho as my alarm in the nice period when I was newly wed.


    • My college roommate made me play Suraj Hua Madham for her a lot, so that brings me back to college too. And Bekhuda Tumhi Ho is another one of those that I don’t even remember any more why I have such a connection with it, but I do.


  4. One of my earliest memories is sitting in our family car, a white late 60s sedan, and hearing Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush, the one that starts, “Well I dreamed I saw the knights in armor coming saying something about a queen…” I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4. The haunting melody and then knights, a queen, a ship flying into the sun!

    Danced to When I Fall in Love by Nat King Cole with my husband at our wedding reception, and danced to Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones with my dad. Both really fun and powerful memories.

    Titli from Chennai Express because it was my first experience of watching a Hindi movie, when you are just along for the ride, laughing, looking at the colors, and then zip!–the characters, the music, the story, has grabbed hold of your heart in an almost physical way. Of course Shah Rukh has that effect on me more than most actors and actresses, but many Hindi movies have that effect. I can only remember a few times I’ve had that experience watching American movies, and most of those are ones I watched in my childhood/young adulthood.

    A side tangent, Margaret–did you see that Anupaman announced on Twitter that Film Companion will no longer be doing stars as part of their reviews? She credits Shah Rukh directly for the decision. And Shah Rukh retweeted it with a really cute comment. Can you imagine having that kind of influence in one’s profession? One ten minute speech, somewhat off the cuff. Wow.


    • Awww, I have the same memory about After the Gold Rush! But I am younger than you, so it is from the Linda Ronstadt cover that was on a CD my Mom had. Similar, “When I Fall in Love” by Nat King Cole was one of the songs my Mom used to like to listen to while she was making dinner, it makes me feel all cozy and safe. Brown Suger, no connection 🙂

      And yes, I just finished my massive and quantitatively researched response to Film Companion.


  5. Surreptitiously listening to American rock ‘n roll on the radio as a child in Morocco and quickly turning it off when I hear my mom coming down the hall.

    Waking up beside my new husband in our Upper West Side apartment in Manhattan, listening to Groovin’ on a Sunday Afternoon, and feeling like I ruled the world.

    I’m 35, unpacking boxes at my first house in the Bronx. Un Bel Di from Madama Butterfly is playing loudly. I’m weeping because Pinkerton will never come back for her. But I’m sooo happy.

    In Jamaica. My house has a thatched roof. I cook over a fire in the back yard. My husband and sons are out catching fish for our dinner. They are free and wild, out from morning to night. And I’m happy for them. But Bob Marley sings Na Woman No Cry and for some reason, I don’t like it here anymore and I want to go home.

    Hubby and I live in a ramshackle house in Upstate New York with five ramshackle dogs. The boys are grown and gone. He’s out chopping wood; I’m baking bread and listening to Coltrane. Life is good.

    It’s my 60th birthday. The family throws a big bash at a Harlem restaurant. The old man gets out of his wheelchair (he’s had a stroke) and we dance to Jim Croce’s Until It’s Time For You To Go.

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