News Round-Up Part 1: Sacred Games, Class of 83, Krrish 4, and Aamir’s Gump Thing

So many stories today! None of them super worth talking about, but then that is why I do a “news round-up”, so I can just dip in a little bit to a whole bunch of things that aren’t worth their own post. And because there are so many little stories, I am going to do two posts, just to make it easier for discussion.

Shahrukh’s New Netflix Series Starring Bobby Deol

Shahrukh announced the start of filming for “Class of 83” on twitter and tagged Netflix, and it successfully made me go “what the heck is Class of 83”? So thank goodness I found a news article and now I know. It is about a group of cadets in a police training program, with Bobby (supposedly) as their teacher. (story here)

This is a great series idea, I think. Fun to see a group go through training and beyond together, and the police academy concept guarantees drama and excitement, plus I think Bobby Deol as a wise teacher is perfect casting. No idea if that is actually the storyline, but if the rumors are true, I am excited! Plus, kind of cute the way it is imitating Fauji.

Two Movies I don’t care about are Releasing at Christmas

Well, at least I have a year to prepare. Right? “Christmas 2020” means 18 months from now, not 6? Anyway, Aamir’s stupid (yes I am prejudging, but I think we can all agree it is going to be stupid) Forrest Gump remake is announced opposite Hrithik’s stupid (again, pre-judging, but if the last two were stupid, there is a pattern here) Krrish 4. Which means I will have to skip family Christmas events to go watch two stupid movies I don’t even want to see. (story here)

Sacred Games 2 Cast Revealed

I have to admit, I feel really “done” with Sacred Games. I watched the whole first season, and I found I couldn’t remember plot points even within the same episode, and somehow the characters I related to best ended up not getting any attention while those I cared about least got too much (mostly women. Women got no attention). I’m not even sure if I will watch the second season, my biggest reaction to this was “Kalki is in season 2? Does that mean she won’t be back on “Made in Heaven”?” Oh, and also “Konkona’s husband is getting work! That’s nice, maybe she can direct more if he is bringing in the big bucks”. So I guess my biggest reaction was “how will this effect other things that I care about more?” Oh, and thank’s to Reflects on Life for the tip!

17 thoughts on “News Round-Up Part 1: Sacred Games, Class of 83, Krrish 4, and Aamir’s Gump Thing

  1. I think I’ve already made it pretty obvious I’m excited about Sacred Games. I’m glad to see it’s coming back for a second season despite the (absolutely correct) decision for 2 of the writers to part ways with Varun Grover.

    I agree the plot is hard to follow at points (I will have to rewatch for sure), and I do wish the female characters had gotten some more exploration. Though I loved the very human and non-tokenizing protrayal of a trans woman, particularly given the time period her character is set in. I also found the setting of the tensions between the Muslim and Hindu populations a very rich, albeit often tragic, setting. And I’ve already said how amazing I think Saif Ali Khan is in this!

    Looking forward to Class of 83, too!


    • I think Saif is amazing too, but the rest of it just kind of left me tired. And I kept getting distracted in the trans plot since there was no discussion of the Hijra community as where this woman could have gone to belong or even just a reference point for people when talking about her. I’ll let you watch season 2 and then come back and tell me if it is awesome or not.

      On Mon, May 6, 2019 at 2:04 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • That’s a good point. I would have been interested to learn if there was a specific reason why Kukoo was not part of the Hijra community and whether or not it was a choice on her part.


  2. If I’m not mistaken, Class of 83 is a movie for Netflix, not a series. It would be much better if it was a series to be honest because the material seems to suit it. As a movie, it sounds boring. As a series, Bobby could fade away into a supporting kind of role as the new recruits get better and better. As a movie, it’s a Bobby Deol starrer. Hard pass.

    I dread almost every big upcoming Aamir movie because I know what it means we’ll have to endure. We will get videos of The Making of the Body as he successfully gains and loses weight for different segments, grows his hair and cuts his hair, grows his mustache and shaves his mustache, etc. Having different time segments will mean he gets to do all this favorite tricks to show what a dedicated and “perfectionist” (absolutely hate that word and how the media wrongly uses it) actor he is.

    Krrish is always bad and Hrithik has lost it completely. I don’t think movie wills start filming anytime soon and even if it does, it won’t dare to clash with Aamir’s movie. He already has to contend with Super 30 (with all the #metoo accused) clashing with Kangana’s next movie. Will he survive another round of Kangana? He’s barely hanging on as it is.

    Sacred Games is a snooze for me. I tried watching it and gave up after 2 episodes and like you, I remember absolutely nothing from it. My question is why does everything have to be so dark all the time nowadays? Is this the only way it can be considered cool and hip? It’s like we’re not allowed to have anything fun or lighter especially on these streaming platforms. The darkness goes beyond just the plot points. Even the sets are literally dark! It’s like everything is made for vampires.


    • Oh, that’s a terrible idea for a movie! Great idea for a TV show, just terrible for a movie. So strange how the same set-up can be great for one and bad for the other.

      I really hope that Hrithik’s YRF movie with Tiger is good, I feel like that is the best thing he has going for him right now. And there’s no reason for it! He took a long time filming Mohenjo and then that movie was STUPID, but Super 30 was taking a ridiculously long time even before all the director changes. He could have easily squeezed in a cameo or a TV show or just SOMETHING to keep himself in the public eye. Maybe Kangana really did a number on him?

      Agree about Sacred Games being dark! And it’s such a waste of money too. Part of the reason “Film Noirs” are traditionally dark is because the sets are so cheap, they have to rely on the bad lighting to hide it. But Sacred Games is throwing all kinds of money at the screen, and we can’t actually see any of it.


      • I seriously wonder how many people will watch all these Netflix original movies that are going to be put out. Everyone knows they are basically small budget movies that wouldn’t be able to find theaters. I hope it doesn’t just mean cheap movies that nobody would pay for. Please use this to make stories that you could not possibly be put up anywhere else. Whether it’s too outlandish or crazy, or the humor is too dark, or whatever. Use it to push the envelope, not just as a place to dump stuff nobody else will take.

        Like this Class of 83.. sounds like those old low budget tv movies that would come on TNT or something. WHY.


        • Netflix is a great place for miniseries, terrible place for movies (I think). You can get the upfront commitment to film a perfect limited series with a really wacky premise, and the captive audience that will give it a chance. But with a movie, you might turn it off after 5 minutes if you don’t like it, versus if you had bought a ticket or rented it from a store where you will feel committed.


          • Maybe the ‘movie’ (Class of 83) would be like a pilot film (which a mini series in mind).
            Many years ago, RedChillies had a TV-department because ShahRukh wanted another film-making leg producing serials, among others. Samar Khan had been the responsible for this department.
            But then, ShahRukh had to shelve this business venture, parting ways with Samar.
            I look at the Netflix-collaboration as a new attempt to produce content for another viewing platform.


          • I hope so! Because just as a movie, it sounds boring.

            My impression is that the Netflix deal is pretty open-ended, they will take anything decent Red Chillies has to offer whether it is rights to an old movie or a new TV series. That must be so freeing, to be able to make anything you want and knew you have a place that will take it.

            On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 12:45 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • The one interesting thing SRK said regarding Bard of Blood in that HWR interview was that the series was going back and forth between Netflix and RCE now that it had finished filming and that it was helping them learn. I love the idea that there is someone to oversee the material and maybe make suggestions about how certain things should go. It seems like a different way of working that what RCE would usually do where all the control is in their own hands. I hope it means a better final product.


          • You are right, and it seems like all the control is with RCE because they are kind of being damaged by their own power. Shahrukh is allowed to star in any move he wants and no one will give him feedback because they want to work with him. He has the money and influence to produce and release any move he wants too. It’s nice that he gets to work with a company that has an outside perspective.


  3. There are too many streaming platforms, shows, series and I start being confused with all this stuff. Wasn’t SRK doing something with Emraan? And doesn’t Emraan have some other movie on other site? And now there will be a movie with Bobby. I’m happy for Bobby but will it be good? And who has time to watch all this?


    • Bard of Blood with Emraan is just finishing filming now I think, definitely a series and not a movie. This Bobby thing is new.

      And I agree about the streaming platforms!!!! It’s really hard to know what is worth watching. I only watched Sacred Games for Saif, and I only watched Made in Heaven because people told me I had to. But there’s all kinds of other stuff I skipped and I don’t know if I am missing something awesome or not.

      On Mon, May 6, 2019 at 4:22 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I don’t know about Sacred Games–without Radhika I’m not sure it will be worth it, but I will probably keep watching. And I do like Ranvir Shorey (he and Konkona are divorced now, btw).

    I couldn’t bare to watch the original Forest Gump and I will have to take a pass on Aamir’s as well. Unless it succeeds beyond all of our wildest imaginings, but I have a thing about movies featuring a magic developmentally delayed person/mentally ill person. Barely made it through Barfi.

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    • Noooo! Love is DEAD!!!!! Although, this means Konkona is free. Who can we set her up with? Probably not Salman, but there must be some nice sensitive guy for her. Oh! Is Rahul Bose single?

      Everyone says that My Name is Khan was Forrest Gump, but I just don’t see it, mostly because Shahrukh’s character didn’t come off as “magic” to me, just a person. But that’s just me. And I have never even tried to watch Barfi because the whole plot idea makes me feel (get ready for brilliant wordplay) “barfy”.


      • I liked – and still like – the movie…it was the first one I watched with Ranbir (now, after having watched him in several similar ‘knitted’ roles – albeit enjoyable movies – the actor has lost my interest).


        • I liked MNIK, so I’m not sure what my criteria for “magic” is. Maybe because Shahrukh’s character isn’t just a vehicle for other people to learn and grow? But I’m not sure if that’s the case with Forest Gump; it just didn’t seem like a movie I would appreciate. I wager right now that if Aamir makes this movie they will watch the hell out of it in Japan.

          Yeah, Konkona and Ranvir called it quits I think a couple of years ago, pretty much right after their child was born. I don’t know about her and Rahul–they’ve been in so many movies together they’ve probably friend zoned each other. (But how cool would it be! Real life Harry Met Sally!). I can’t right off hand think of any single man who is worthy of her. Maybe Rajkummar, but we don’t want him to break up with Patrilekha because then love will be really, totally, dead.


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