News Round-Up Part 1: Sacred Games, Class of 83, Krrish 4, and Aamir’s Gump Thing

So many stories today! None of them super worth talking about, but then that is why I do a “news round-up”, so I can just dip in a little bit to a whole bunch of things that aren’t worth their own post. And because there are so many little stories, I am going to do two posts, just to make it easier for discussion.

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News Round-Up: Shraddha Plays Badminton, Hrithik Plays Krrish, Sid Plays Parineeti, Arjun Plays Hair

Quick one today, nothing super exciting, but some fun stuff to think about and maybe for you all to talk about.

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News Round-Up: Upcoming Movies, and Other Stories

Even more news!  Announcements of upcoming movies primarily.  Which kind of makes sense, we are entering the spring doldrums, so now is the time to start your promotion campaign while nothing exciting is hitting theaters.

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