Hrithik Kangana Ekta Discussion Space, I Am So Tired of This!!!!

Oh boy, I get to recap the whole Hrithik-Kangana thing again! The only good thing is, I was team Hrithik from the start (go me!) because Kangana’s story was always just WEIRD, and his wasn’t. So I get a little ego-boost each time it comes up again. But that is literally the ONLY good thing. Otherwise, it is all stressful and exhausting and strangely repetitive. I would much rather go back to Kangana’s weird work issues than digging up her work-personal issues.

I am going to write this out in detail, and I am going to be biased towards Hrithik. This story, for me, goes far beyond celebrity gossip or “team” anyone, and well into the line where Hrithik is in clear imminent danger from these people and no one seems to be taking it seriously. That’s not me being racist, or classist, or anything else. That is just me looking at what Kangana has said and done and seeing that it follows a pattern that could end with an attack that goes beyond social media and into the real world. This situation worries me, and I am worried for Hrithik, in the same way I would be worried about anyone who had a woman stalking them and harassing them at work and publicly threatening “I will kill you”. And I want more people to be worried!!!! I want more people to be paying attention and witnessing this in hopes that witnesses provide some level of safety.

2016, a story goes around that Aashiqui 3 is in development with Hrithik, Kangana was suggested as the lead actress, and Hrithik vetoed her. Kangana calls up Pinkvilla (the equivalent of US Weekly, not the usual legitimate source, and it is also very weird for a celebrity to just call them out of the blue instead of waiting to be contacted) and says that it is all because of a “silly ex” that she is losing the role. Hrithik responded with a tweet saying that to anyone who is saying he dated her, he would rather date “d pope”.

And at this point, you can forget Aashiqui 3, because that movie still hasn’t happened and was never confirmed anyway. Although that is kind of another odd part of the story, Kangana jumped on the chance to make a comment to a news outlet about a movie that wasn’t even confirmed and which she had casually been not-considered for in a very common way (heck, when hiring at my job we say “oh, I don’t like that person because we had a fight two years ago, don’t hire them”). That, along with calling Pinkvilla out of the blue, was one of the first red flags for me that maybe Kangana wasn’t in the right.

Ther r more chances of me having had an affair with d Pope dan any of d (Im sure wonderful)women d media hs ben naming. Thanks but no thanks

Oh Hrithik! So pretty, terrible grammar, but still kind of weirdly a gentleman

Kangana started making a few more statements, and pretty quickly Hrithik’s lawyers mailed her a legal cease and desist letter. Which Kangana chose to make public. At which point Hrithik issued a statement saying that it was a misunderstanding, Kangana had been catfished by someone pretending to be him, he filed a police report 3 months ago and his laptop and other computers were with the cyber crimes unit. Kangana said it was a cover up, and also refused to give her computers to the police, claimed the only reason she had no emails from Hrithik were because he hacked into her accounts and deleted them. But things did die down for a bit.

In 2017, Kangana was in a movie called “Simran”. During the promotional campaign, Kangana was the only star (and she claimed a screenwriter credit) so she did interviews all over. And every interview turned into a rant about Hrithik and how he used her and dumped her but ultimately she is stronger than him. She had a very specific timeline for her version, they started dating during Krrish 3 (so, before his divorce was announced), they were in love, in December of that year he flew her to Paris and proposed and gave her a ring, and then he dumped her. A few media outlets bothered to point out that this was shockingly obviously a lie, Hrithik can hardly sneak in and out of the country without people noticing. But most media outlets just repeated Kangana without investigation. The film ultimately ended up flopping.

Kangana still had another movie coming out, Rangoon. During the promotion for that, she was invited onto Karan Johar’s talk show along with her co-stars and accused Karan of being the “flag carrier” for nepotism and pushed him for an apology for recommending Aditya Chopra not hire her for a movie at some point. Post that appearance, Kangana got a lot of positive feedback for being “fearless” in confronting the scourge of nepotism in Indian film and for a long time that was all she talked about, just nepotism and how the establishment was trying to keep her out.

Image result for koffee kangana
Check out Saif’s extreme discomfort with her, to the point of almost falling off the couch to get away

But somehow Hrithik kept coming up too. Until finally, through her sister’s twitter account, she released “proof”, a photo of him embracing her from behind. Within hours a variety of people, including Suzanne (Hrithik’s ex-wife) had released additional photos from the event. It was a house party, they were all very drunk, and Kangana and Hrithik were surrounded by people at all times. Including his then wife. It was hardly a smoking gun.

Image result for kangana hrithik photo
Photo in the upper right is the one Kangana released, after removing the arm in the background to make it appear they were alone. Other two photos are just some of many that other people at the party released to show it was just a party.

After the photos, Hrithik FINALLY came forward to give his version of events, after being silent for over a year. He gave a short statement saying that he hates to say someone is lying, especially a woman, but she is lying. In fact, she has been stalking him for years, and he has police reports to back up his version. And emails from her. Hrithik followed the statement with a lengthy painful interview (like, he looks in physical pain the whole time) going over the details.

Image result for hrithik interview arnab

In his version (which is supported by the police, independent computer experts he hired, the publicly available media records of his life, and Kangana’s own emails that she does not deny were hers), they were work acquaintances. She came to his hotel room once at the end of the Krrish 3 shoot in the middle of the night in 2013, he called her sister and asked her to come take her away, and then forgot about it. Months later they had a weird exchange at a party where she indicated he had emailed her and he hadn’t. He emailed her to clarify (email part of the police record) and her sister responded saying Kangana and he had been carrying on an email relationship for months (this email from her is also part of the police record). He responded saying he wanted to sort this out, they should go to the police or talk it through or something, Kangana’s sister was not open to that (again, email exchange is part of the police record). He started getting sexual emails from Kangana that eventually turned abusive, he blocked her account and ignored it and waited for it to go away. Then mutual acquaintances started coming up to him and referring to his “girlfriend”, Kangana had been going around telling people they were in love. She even gave a magazine interview about it, which is when he finally opened up his spam folder and discovered hundreds of obsessive emails from her including many that day asking if he had seen the article, they could be together now. He freaked out, and that is when he sent her the lawyer’s letter and why he reacted so strongly to her out of the blue Pinkvilla comment. And hired a cyber security firm to find and organize all her messages and provide them to the police, police have them and the security firm is ready to testify.

And none of this, including the police investigation going on, seems to have shaken Kangana’s confidence that she did have a relationship with Hrithik, that he did propose to her, and that he has wronged her now and deserves to be punished. That is what is terrifying to me. This is the level of delusion that can easily lead to acts that go far beyond abusive and sexual email messages. Especially since no one seems interested in stopping her, instead encouraging her in her insane vendetta. Meanwhile, Hrithik has retreated from public life, is primarily seen at school functions with his kids or with his family. He hasn’t had a movie release in well over a year (admitted in the interview that he was waiting to give his side of the story until between films so he couldn’t sign anything else). He doesn’t go to award shoes, he doesn’t do live performances, he doesn’t give interviews, he doesn’t even go to parties. And during the 6 year period that Kangana has been stalking him, his health has visibly worsened, gaining and losing weight and other evidence of stress.

Image result for hrithik

After Manikarnika, Kangana’s ire was turned first to her director who betrayed her, and then to her rival actresses (Alia and Deepika). Hrithik has escaped her fury for a bit. At least publicly, no idea if she is still sending him abusive/sexual emails (in India, you cannot even file a case for stalking against a woman, it is a gendered crime, only men can stalk). And now Kangana’s next movie, Mental Hai Kya, has been moved to be opposite Hrithik’s next film. Almost immediately people started pointing this out and that it could hardly be a coincidence. Ekta Kapoor, the producer of Mental Hai Kya and a close family friend of Hrithik’s family, released a statement carefully avoiding mentioning the whole situation and instead saying it was purely a matter of having a good release date.

And then she put up a tweet asking people not to attack her actors, and saying she had instructed her actors to do the same.

I suppose it is possible there were ugly tweets about Kangana related to Hrithik, but I certainly didn’t hear or see of them, and there was nothing from Hrithik’s official account. In contrast, after Ekta’s statement, Rangoli, Kangana’s sister and “spokesperson” on twitter, unleashed a stream of tweets directed at Hrithik.

And she retweeted “proof” of the conspiracy against Kangana by Hrithik, an unaccredited unconfirmed screenshot with no address or anything else on it besides text, supposedly giving orders to a PR team. Like the photo proof of Hrithik and Kangana, the very fact that this is supposed to be “proof” makes me trust them less.

The only thing I feel better about this go round is that, even on twitter, everyone seems to be taking Hrithik’s side. The replies to Ekta’s tweets are almost universal in saying that it is her own actress who is starting this fight, and her own decision to move the release date that set it off. Even the replies to Rangoli’s account are pretty firmly “what is happening? Why are you crazy?”

Anyway, that’s my take on it! You can give your own opinion in the comments.

41 thoughts on “Hrithik Kangana Ekta Discussion Space, I Am So Tired of This!!!!

  1. I honestly don’t remember anything from this Hrithik/Kangana mess anymore. It’s been going on for years. But I would not take twitter seriously. Fan groups get mobilized and yes, some of them are PR-led so even if there is support for Hrithik, it does not mean much. Just two or three days ago, Akshay fans were upset about his Canadian citizenship reveal so as retaliation they started trending tags calling SRK a terrorist along with the help of the BJP IT Cell. There were more than 50K tweets related to that. Opinions on the ground are not likely to match the silliness that goes on on social media. For instance, youtube is the complete opposite where Kangana gets full support. She just has to make a pro-right wing comment and the IT cell will activate to support her. The BW fans getting upset with her are too small to matter.

    I imagine the people in the real world are probably just rolling their eyes. Nobody remembers any details of this and it will come across as two exes arguing about stupid stuff nobody cares about.


    • It’s the real world that concerns me. People do tend to think of it as two exes arguing about stupid stuff. And that leads to stuff like Ekta (or someone) deciding to schedule the films opposite each other to create drama. But, this isn’t exes arguing. This is stalking and is really not okay and the more it is treated as just business as usual, the closer it comes to something actual dangerous.

      I found a resource sheet from the victimsofcrime resource in America, and it matches exactly with what Hrithik is describing and we are seeing. It also says if you feel you are in danger, you probably are. And says that if your stalker threatens murder or suicide, your danger has increased. Which is what just happened. And it is STILL being treated as business as usual, just another gossip story:

      That’s kind of why I wanted to write out this whole thing instead of just repeating the most recent part of the story. Because it is part of an escalating pattern of behavior which, for me, has now gone far beyond “gossip” level and into something very disturbing, and extra disturbing since no one seems to be taking it seriously.

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  2. I’m riveted in the way you are when you see a police car and lights and can’t look away… it’s tragic but you want to know anyway!!


    • Yes, exactly! It doesn’t follow a pattern of a break up, or a PR move, but it is identical to how stalking behavior happens. Except that instead of the police and his family and friends supporting Hrithik, they are all believing the stalker in a weird way.


    • I just finished reading it, that is a really good article. In fact, it is so good i am going to post a link to it.


  3. Here’s my take on the story, and you’re not going to like it. But let me start out by saying Kangana, up until recently, was a wonderful actress. That she has lost her touch (Manikarnika and others) is proof of her growing pathology. She can’t become someone else anymore, lose herself in a role. She is lost in her illness and possibly dangerous. It all started…now hear me out, when she and Hrithik had something quick, meaningless (to him) and down and dirty years ago. They were making a film together, drinking a bit too much at the end of a stressful day, made out and maybe ended up in bed. In the morning he was like, “Sorry. It was a mistake. Friends?” But unfortunately, he had handed her the chance to build a fantasy out of what might have been her silly crush. The more he protested, the more she became the betrayed, cast-aside woman, used and abused by a man. I don’t know if she was crusading for women’s rights six years ago, but it dovetails. What happened with him brought her sickness to the forefront and feeds it. Everything she does from that point on is not for its own sake, but to punish Hrithik.

    Now here’s what I think he should do. Stop fighting and stop hiding. Get back in the swing of things and be the megastar his fans adore. Make a blockbuster movie and tons of public appearances, give interviews, and issue carefully-crafted statements that PRAISE Kangana. “She’s such a great artist; I admire her talent; we are industry friends and colleagues. Blah blah blah.” In short, carry on on with his life and IGNORE THE BITCH! She will retaliate, to be sure. But then, he’s won. He’s become the clearheaded, put-upon the victim of a deranged perpetrator. (Slight risk she’ll shoot him in the head but I doubt it. He has bodyguards, right?) And anyway, if Hrithik stays above it all, Kangana’s continually thwarted attacks will prove to everyone that she’s a nut case who needs help.

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    • That’s exactly what I think too. She was nice enough to work with initially that Hrithik did a second movie with her and that also a home production. I’m pretty sure something must have happened on set and Kangana couldn’t handle it when he wouldn’t acknowledge it. She anyway always feels downtrodden, ignored and mistreated by everyone so Hrithik not giving her any validation after something like a one night stand would drive her insane. Since then she’s been single-mindedly trying to prove to everyone that he’s a terrible person and not the nice image they have of him. Even if they did have something, it’s not an excuse to keep harassing him but she has lost it completely so I don’t expect any normalcy from her.

      The thing that must be most disappointing to Hrithik is that even so-called friends like Ekta don’t care enough to lessen the damage. As I predicted, Ekta was trying to strong-arm him into moving his movie and he did. He just put up a note that he is delaying Super 30 and that they will look for another date because he can’t handle more harassment.

      I’ve long said this that there are no real friends in a cut throat place like a small film industry. Everyone is busy looking out for themselves.


      • I don’t know, that’s still using the idea of “driving her insane”, like it is his fault, like something he did must have triggered it.

        I agree though, the way Hrithik is living this nightmare where no one believes him must make it so much worse.


    • Hrithik’s behavior is so odd that I think he might be legitimately terrified. And to the point about bodyguards, that’s fine so long as he is in public, but what if he goes to an event and someone thought it would be “fun” to invite Kangana and bring them together after the bodyguards are outside? Like with this film release, when everyone thinks it would be “exciting” to schedule them opposite each other and it results in Kangana issuing death threats, and Hrithik having another little mental breakdown. One of the things I found on the stalking suggestion guide was to shut down your circle and limit it to only people you completely trust in order to make sure the stalker has no access.

      I think you are absolutely right from a PR perspective, but that may not be the right thing to do from a pure personal safety perspective. It’s possible he is talking to safety experts more than PR experts right now. Actually he’s been doing that all along, in his interview he mentioned that he reported the situation to the police and followed their advice from then on (no contact with Kangana, keep a record of interactions, and so on).


  4. I agree with Maria, he should really stop hiding and letting what has happened consume the image he decides to put out. I know it’s hard but I’m sure if he gets a good hit film the focus will turn more to that. He should do a fun kind of film like the ones he used to do. Fun/action with some humor, his other movies are boring. His best was Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, I don’t know if he can top that and movies like that aren’t made anymore but he should do something that shows off his dance.

    The whole Hrithik Kangana thing is too complicated, I remember reading this weird interview that Adhyayan Suman did about her back in 2016. Anyway it must be really hard for Hrithik, it’s sad

    But I think it’s good that she passionately keeps talking about the nepotism thing, most outsiders don’t because they want to keep good relationships with the film families and all. I mean maybe she shouldn’t have spoke about it on Karan Johar’s show since he gave her a chance to promote her movie on his show she should have been polite
    But in general, outside of that, I think it’s good that she talks about it. She’s done some crazy things for sure but I don’t think speaking out about nepotism is bad, especially when it takes over the industry. I mean Alia keeps getting these roles that help her prove she can act because of her connections, and that’s been there straight from the start.
    Whereas others have to usually do a bunch of plain roles or ensemble cast films before they finally get a breakthrough role

    It’s not that Alia or Sara or Jahnvi don’t deserve the roles, but simply that non-film people deserve equal opportunity

    Maybe you didn’t make this the focus of your post but the nepotism thing is always annoying lol, 8/10 star kids these days are lackluster and can’t act to save their lives
    If they had no name, they’d be gone after one film

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    • I feel like with Kangana she just kind of hits out randomly most of the time but when she gets a reaction, she will keep hitting. Nepotism worked because it was a real issue, but jumping on Alia and the Bhatt family (for instance) didn’t get a reaction because it’s not an issue.


  5. Hrithik’s statement:
    Kangana’s statement:
    Hrithik Roshan, Madhu Mentena and Ekta Kapoor had collectively decided that Hrithik would push Super 30’s release date and Ekta will bring her film MHK on 26th July, they had taken this call last week itself, I don’t know why he wrote this sob story but I am glad MHK getting a solo release, I salute my producer Ekta Kapoor for making her way in this male-dominated industry, its not easy to do what she does…. I applaud her courage and power.”


    • Thank you!

      And I don’t understand how people can still be supporting Kangana at this point? Hrithik’s statement is so sad and broken, I’m now a little worried about him harming himself.


  6. Hrithik really needs to sit down with a team and strategize about how to deal with Kangana. Moving the date of his movie won’t solve anything because she will take this as another win. It won’t stop her from mudslinging during the promotions because she will keep talking about him. The fact that Super 30 has moved won’t affect her at all.
    In this Hrithik and Kangana fight, the one truly getting away with bad behavior is Ekta Kapoor. There was really no need for her to clash the films in the first place. Her movie is not so big that it needs a certain date. It would have been fine anywhere. But in order to create controversy and get media space, she deliberately created this situation.
    The fact that Kangana keeps getting support from powerful people for her antics means that she will continue doing them. That’s another reason why Hrithik’s story is not totally believable. Even his supposed old friends are taking this thing as dumb fighting between exes that might help get attention for their movie. Nobody is really buying his story and they have more inside information than we do.


    • I’m really uncomfortable with not believing Hrithik at this point, because it’s doubting a victim. If he says nothing happened, and the only real evidence that something did is Kangana’s word (and her version is complete lies), then I am going to believe Hrithik completely. And chose to see the obvious evidence of his mental breakdown as a result of no one believing him more than anything else.


  7. Does anyone see parallels between HRITHIK AND AMITHAB BACHAN’S LIVES? Both good men, sensitive men accused of wrongdoings by fellow actresses. Wasn’t Amithab accused of similar things by Parveen Babi and Rekha? Maybe both are too gentlemanly to involve themselves in public spats with others, so would rather keep quiet than wash dirty linen in public. The women then see it as a sign of weakness and attack them more, knowing the men wouldn’t shame them back in public.
    Didn’t Amithab take a break from films because he was too tired dealing with all the stress? Didn’t he also take a break from giving interviews to magazines, not being able to stand all the rubbish written about him? I see the same attitude in Hrithik. Not wanting to fight, Backing off from controversies because he doesn’t want to deal with all the negativity.
    I can never see this happening with someone like say Shahrukh Khan, who is too street smart and world-wise. He would be going Wankhede on them.
    I wonder what made these men target of all the women accusers? These are too sensitive, too gentlemanly, too well bought up, too good for their own good


    • That’s not true. Nobody is a saint. Amitabh and Hrithik have enough skeletons in their own closet. There is no effective way to deal with someone as insane as Kangana so I doubt anyone would have been able to handle her rants well. The only thing you can do is ignore her and hope she goes away. Alia’s approach to Kangana was the best one so far – just say nice things about her and try not to poke her ego. Arguing with her will get you nowhere because she enjoys it and she has no limits so she will happily attack the other person’s family and other things that are important to them. She doesn’t fight fair so she’s not someone that can be fought with. It’s not worth it.


      • It sounds like Hrithik started with the “nice things” system, and it ended with Kangana creating a delusion of a romance that has lasted to this day. So it doesn’t always work.


    • At least with Kangana and Parveen, there doesn’t seem to have been any reasoning or logic behind it. They latched on to a figure to feed their delusion. what I could see is that Amitabh and Hrithik both suffer from perception, since they are so powerful and connected, there is less likelihood of someone having sympathy for their situation or trying to help them. More likely the feeling is “there’s no smoke without fire”.


      • People also generally think “not my business” when it comes to things like this. Nobody can possibly know what actually happened between them so it comes across like a “he said/she said” situation. They are busy people and I highly doubt people are tracking every detail of this. Most of them probably have no clue what Hrithik and Kangana are even fighting about. People have their own lives to live. People also would refrain from saying anything or supporting Hrithik because at the end of the day, he is a rich and powerful insider and male superstar (well, *was*) who doesn’t need anyone else’s help. In fact, it would look like people were bullying little outsider female Kangana (and a lot younger than Hrithik too) if they got involved.

        Not only that, the film industry actually *is* a dangerous place for women and we’ve seen from all the metoo stories. Since nobody would know the details, they would automatically assume what seems like the most obvious explanation – Hrithik must have cheated and she’s a woman scorned. Think horses, not zebras… If Hrithik is 100% innocent, only he would know that and it’s a very tough place to be in.


      • I can’t go either and I hear there’s already a wait list for the tickets but it’s okay. These are hour long interviews so I’m excited. It’s not like those 5 minute late night interviews where you come pre-planned with some funny story. I hope it’s well researched and David asks some decent questions. But anyway, I really love that SRK is continuing his recent policy of cutting out the Indian press and only giving substantial interviews to the international media. Let them stew for a while!

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        • Yes! That’s why I am excited too! although Letterman’s interview with Aish was terrrrrrible. But then that was also just like 5 minutes in the middle of his show as part of a movie promotion, this is something different.

          And agree about the SRK policy! Especially with no movie coming out, this is clearly not promoting his film to a wider audience or anything like that, it is a bigger strategy.

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          • The Aish interview was cringeworthy but she is an unlikeable and icy person in general. Those short late night interviews require the person coming with a funny story and making people laugh. Aish would never be able to do that even if her life depended on it.

            From what I can tell, nobody promotes anything on this show. Obama was the first guest and that was after his term was over. George Clooney also came without anything to promote – just talked about his life.

            SRK always makes for a good interview because he’s smart and charming. I just hope Letterman or the show do a bit of research so they can ask something besides generic stuff we’ve heard a million times. Please don’t ask questions about song and dance in BW movies. Just don’t. I doubt even the viewers unfamiliar with BW want to hear that same boring question.

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          • The nice thing is, with an hour long show, even that boring question would have time for a follow-up that would maybe make it less boring. It’s the lake of follow-up questions that kill me with the usual interviews, even if the first answer is some kind of generic thing, you can always jump off of that to something more interesting if you have time to build to it.

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  8. I happened to catch Aish and Abi on an old Oprah. Aish was like, “I’m the princess; bow before me.” He was kind of okay, charming and humble. Oprah was at a loss, gushing without actually getting it. She thought it would be a hoot for the stars to surprise a small troupe of bangara dancers. Helloooo!


    • Yes! That episode was so strange. The way it came across to me was Aish working very hard to sell herself to this new market, and Abhishek really not caring. He was polite and all, but he wasn’t going over the top to please. And then Oprah came to India and the Bachchans threw her a party, so I guess the connection stayed.

      On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 7:47 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Nothing about Ash’s international career ever made any sense. She has no people skills so it was always uncomfortable trying to see her interact with people who barely know her. She’s boring to watch in India too but it’s even worse when she’s out of her element in another world.


    • If your status says waitlist, that doesn’t mean they are out of tickets. According to their FAQ, they release tickets in batches up til 24 hours before the event. However, they also oversubscribe each event to make sure the audience is full, so even getting a ticket isn’t a guarantee of getting in. I learned a lot yesterday! 🙂


      • Do you know where it’s filmed? It seems there’s no one location and could be anywhere?! I heard there was an episode shot with Kanye West in January but that was done in Los Angeles. The audience didn’t even know who they would be seeing. It would suck if that’s the case with the SRK episode too with random people in the audience who probably don’t care who the guest is while the fans miss out.


        • 1iota says NYC for this episode. That would be a bummer if random people end up getting tickets rather than fans. But, as others have said, the episode with SRK should be fun to watch, whether anyone from DCIB gets to see it being shot or not! 🙂


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