Hrithik-Kangana Background Reading

An anonymous commenter (sorry! If you identify yourself in the comments, I will thank you!) posted a link to this article and I finally sat down and read it. It not only gives an extremely similar story to Hrithik-Kangana, only not between celebrities so it is easier to be objective, it also gives information on stalking behavior from psychiatrists and police experts.

Here is the link, I highly highly HIGHLY encourage you to read it. An extremely well done article:

And here are a couple of quotes to think about:

It is not unusual for the police to be cautious when there is a potential female stalker involved, said Dr. Rajat Mitra, a criminal psychologist.
“Police are usually shy of pressing charges in cases where there are women stalkers,” he told HuffPost India. “Living in a patriarchal society we don’t believe a woman can be a stalker. The police and judiciary trivialise it and you come across a strong bias in these cases.” It was also a common assumption, he said, that the woman would have a male accomplice in such cases–how would she do it alone?
“In these cases, a woman usually wouldn’t say she was at fault,” said Anuja Kapur, another criminal psychologist. “She would go into a blame game. In her mind she would picture the man as hers, and that she would have kids with that man.”

“Usually, women stalkers are very aggrieved, and they have an inner rage they are unable to cope with,” said Dr Mitra. “They would usually miss subtle cues (that the other person is not interested) and it reveals a lack of sensitivity.”

“Cyberstalking is not an offence under the IT Act,” cyber crime expert and lawyer Pavan Duggal said to HuffPost India. Section 67 of the IT Act says a person sending obscene messages electronically could get at most three years in jail and may have to cough up a fine of at most ₹5 lakhs.
Men who stalk women in person or on the internet can be charged under section 354D of the IPC–but the same law does not apply if the victim is a man.

And the victim’s account of his issue with dealing with this:

“I think some of them believed the shit,” he said. “The general assumption is this must be someone he has really messed around with, and that is why they keep doing this, right?”

The big take away is that a stalker is absolutely completely delusional. They are capable of literally crazy extremes of behavior, and are so sure within themselves that they are never doubted no matter how blatant they are. The woman described here lied about things like having spoke to Salman Khan, having a cousin brother who was a police officer, very detailed specific lies that were shocking easy to uncover. But then, why would you investigate? Who would lie with such detail, she must be telling the truth! And it worked, she is still employed despite her victim having warned everyone he works with and her behavior having affected multiple people besides herself.

Really, read the article! It is the kind of thing I keep waiting for someone to write about Hrithik and Kangana, actually treating it like the dangerous behavior it is and digging into the criminal pathology.

UPDATE: I kept reading about stalking, because learning is fun! And here are two more things to consider. The Victims of Crime advocacy group posted some statistics, and here is one that leaped out at me, only 39% of female stalking victims have never had an intimate relationship with their stalker, but 56% of male stalking victims have had no relationship with their victims at all.

And a recent research study broke stalking down into four categories, intimate partner, acquaintance, private stranger, and public figure. In 3 of the categories, the majority of the victims were female. But in the acquaintance category, the victims were over-whelmingly male. A female stalker is, statistically, more like to have NOT had a romantic relationship with her victim than to have had one. Here is a description of this type:

approximately one out of three will assault their object of pursuit or damage property. If they threaten, they do so repeatedly, and their pursuit patterns are likely to be indirect, sporadic, but relentless, enduring on average for almost 2 years. A less intense bond with the victim may mitigate violence risk in this group, but their desire to initiate a relationship, rather than just react to rejection, is ravenous.

11 thoughts on “Hrithik-Kangana Background Reading

  1. If I remember right, you (and others) already mentioned the seemingly pathologic behaviour of Kangana in one of the first posts about her.
    The movie with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction) deals with this kind of stalking behaviour, too, I think.

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    • Yeah, at first I was thinking it was erotomania, which tends to be about a public figure and a fan who hallucinates a connection (“raising and lowering the window shade is saying that he loves me” kind of thing). But with the aggression and threats now, it fits more with acquintance stalking behavior.

      On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 12:37 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Thanks for posting he artcile. That was a fascinating read and eerily similar. I do think in the case of Hrithik and Kangana, as some of the other commenters stated yesterday, they might have had a drunken hookup. But even so, they were consenting adults and Kangana’s behavior is dangerous and should be taken seriously by law enforcement.

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    • One minor thing that irritates me is how Kangana is trying to make her hallucinated story of an affair fit within some kind of #MeToo narrative. Setting aside whether or not she imagined absolutely everything, the “consenting adults” part seems to be missing in her story. She was a grown-up, she knew he was married (even knew his wife), if they hooked up then it is on her as much as it is on him.

      On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 1:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I don’t think that is minor at all. Sexual harassment or abuse and two consenting adults engaging in an affair are NOT the same thing. Conflating the two is insulting to the MeToo movement and the individuals who were subjected to sexual harassment or abuse.


        • Yeah, you’re right, that alone is enough to make me doubt her “feminist” credentials.

          On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 10:08 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Just read this over lunch. Wow. This paragraph is scary. Whatever has gone on in the past, I hope Kangana (and possibly her sister?) get the help she/they need. Maybe going outside of India for a time to get help privately and in a setting that is different and restful. The link between domestic violence and stalking is also interesting. I never thought about it before, but of course.

    “Stalking is largely a crime against women perpetrated by men.Although female stalkers only represent about 15% of stalkingcases (22,23), a finding confirmed by this study, they do pose aserious risk of violence. The gender disparity in stalking casesparallels other violent and nonviolent crime. The specific crime ofdomestic violence pre-existed the stalking behavior in one-third ofour cases—a pattern first noted by others (24,25)—which accen-tuates the further need for combined domestic violence and stalk-ing research and risk management.”


    • Yeah, my impression from the mild amount of research I just did is that a common pattern is for a woman to leave her partner because of domestic violence, and then he stalks stalking her. So it’s two separate crimes in terms of what is happening and what can be prosecuted, but they are related. Once I read that, it kind of clicked into place, because we’ve certain heard stories of domestic violence cases that go bad where that is the pattern, woman leaves him, gets a divorce, and so on. And then he starts following her, calling her, etc. etc.

      If I am reading that excerpt correctly, it says that there are fewer female stalkers, but the few that exist are more likely to turn violent, right? Oh, and did you catch the part that suggested acquintance stalkers tend to be women with Borderline Personality Disorder? That would fit with Kangana, ability to read other people’s emotions and use them, but not empathize with them.

      On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 1:21 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Yes, exactly! He talked about even earlier wanting to speak to Rangoli or her parents suggesting she get help, and her family was not interested. Although at least the police were responsive, they just couldn’t charge her with anything.


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