Upcoming Movies To Watch in Theaters List, Maharshi to Bharat

Thank you Angie! This is a great idea. A list of movies about to release in theaters that I recommend. Hopefully it helps more of you see movies in theaters! It’s the best way, and also the best way to keep new movies coming out 🙂

This is mostly Hindi, because the Hindi films tend to announce their release dates (and stick to their release dates) far in advance. But when there is a big southern film that I happen to know about, and which I actually believe the release date (not Saaho, in other words), then I will try to include it. Oh, and it’s not all movies, just the ones that pass my very low bar for being worth watching in theaters.

May 9: Maharshi (Telugu)

A new Mahesh Babu movie! Mahesh Babu is a big deal, so the songs will be good and the fight scenes will be good and we can count on all that basic stuff. Script doesn’t look that great though, yet ANOTHER NRI billionaire savior movie. And the cast (besides Mahesh) isn’t that great either, Pooja Hegde as your usual bland heroine, and a bunch of other actors filling in around the edges, not even a super interesting villain role.

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May 10: Student of the Year 2 (Hindi)

Fun, light, silly, good songs and good dancing. Probably a terribly shallow plot and not terribly interesting directing, and just horrible acting. Stars Tiger Shroff, who we alreayd know is a great dancer and bad actor, and introducing Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday who I am kind of assuming are not good actors just because otherwise they would overshadow Tiger. But still good fun if you are in the right mood!

Image result for student of the year 2 poster

May 16: Sindhubaadh (Tamil)

Woo, Vijay Sethupathi! That’s the only reason I am adding this film to my list. The rising young “actor’s actor” of Tamil cinema. He is the hero, the heroine is played by Anjali who has a pretty good reputation too. New director, new producer, looks like some kind of action film, don’t know anything else about it.

Image result for Sindhubaadh poster

May 17: De De Pyaar De (Hindi)

A romantic farce in the classic tradition! Ajay Devgan falls in love with Rakul Preet Singh and then is embarrassed and confused when he learns she is half his age. Love finds a way and they decide to get married, only to go home to meet his family and learn he has children her age, and he has a sexy ex-wife Tabu who wants to break them up. Will love defeat age, or will first love be true love?

Image result for de de pyaar de poster

May 24: India’s Most Wanted (Hindi)

Arjun Kapoor’s (maybe) come back, playing a nice large-sized leader of a team of oddballs who are going after a terrorist. From the trailer it is an odd mix of serious and lazy humor. Not sure how it will turn out.

Image result for india's most wanted movie poster

May 31: Khamoshi (Hindi)

A horror movie, with a fascinating cast. Prabhudeva as the villain, Tamannah as the heroine, and Bhumika Chowla in another central role. And it’s Hindi! Completely southern cast, still a Hindi movie.

Image result for khamoshi poster

May 31: Dear Comrade (Telugu)

This one looks great! Vijay Deverankonda and an up and coming Kannada actress in a romance between a Communist student leader and female Cricket player.

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May 31: NGK (Tamil)

Big deal movie! Big deal director none for crazy fantastical films, Suriya (big deal Tamil star) as the lead, plus Sai Pallavi (sweetheart of the entire south) as the heroine and Rakul Preet Singh (she’s fine) as the second heroine.

Image result for ngk poster

June 5: Bharat (Hindi)

A remake of a Korean movie, so we kind of already know the plot. Salman is separated from his father and sister during Partition, becomes head of his family as a little boy, goes through the decades of Indian history, and finally reunites with his longlost sister. But we don’t know the details of Salman’s romance with Katrina, or all the other little details of the story. And based on the trailers, it looks like all those details will be worth waiting for!

Image result for bharat poster

24 thoughts on “Upcoming Movies To Watch in Theaters List, Maharshi to Bharat

  1. Sindhubaadh may be delayed – Bahubali producer got a court stay order for this movie and another Dhanush’s movie – as he was not paid by the producers of these films for Bahubali Tamil rights


  2. One more movie to add to you list is Maula Jatt 2 for all those who have missed Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan!!! It is being released the same day as Bharat. Not sure where it will be playing, but I really hope some theaters near me play it!


    • I have missed Fawad & Mahira but not sure this is the movie I want to see them together in.It seems like the epic Gladiator kinda movie with Mahira having a smaller,love interest role.But would love to see how Pakistani epic movies will look like & Fawad in a larger than life role..Not sure if this will ever have a release in India,would have to wait till it streams somewhere.


      • Netflix is the only place I’ve seen Pakistani movies streaming, but they are getting more and more of them. Fingers crossed! Their analytics should tell them people want Fawad-Mahira based on how many are watching Humsafar, right?

        On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 1:01 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Agreed, Mahira looks like she might be sidelined into a boring heroine part like she was in Raees, that would be annoying. Still very curious to see Fawad the rugged action hero after all those spoiled rich boy roles, though! The Pakistani movies that come to Netflix are so unpredictable, I might see if this one comes to the local mall…


  3. Not really an upcoming movie, but definitely an interesting movie to watch: Majili. It’s recently been added to Amazon Prime and it’s directed by the same person who made Ninnu Kori. I won’t spoil it too much, but it definitely as a very “fanfiction” feel to it – I recommend it for a low-key movie night where you just want to watch some sappy cinema!


    • Interesting, I really liked a lot of Ninnu Kori, and really didn’t like other bits. Maybe watching another movie with the same director will help me figure out if it is the director who did the stuff I didn’t like or someone else.


      • I’m really curious about what you would think of Majili. I thought it was a decent movie but it could have been better. I do think I liked it a little more than Ninnu Kori though.


  4. I was looking forward to Dear Comrade because Vijay always strives to pick interesting scripts. After the unsatisfying efforts about communism from Mollywood, this film gave me some hope, until I read that it’s ‘inspired’ by Comrade in America, which is just massively disappointing.


  5. If I would live in UK or US and could watch Indian movies in cinema, this month I would certanly watch:
    Dear Comrade
    Dil Diyan Gallan (punjabi with Wamiqa Gabbi)
    De De Pyaar De
    India’s most wanted (but ONLY for Arjun)
    Hippi (telugu, Kartikeya’s (#RX100) second movie. It looks dumb but I wouldn’t miss it for sure)

    Will have to see NGK also later in streaming because I watch every Sai Pallavi movie, but if not for her I wouldn’t watch even trailer.

    Movies I will skip for sure: Maharshi, SOTY 2, Khamoshi, Bharat


    • Oh dear, I’ll be seeing two at least of the ones you would skip, and probably less than half of the ones you would see. I don’t appreciate what I have in the Indian movie theaters here!

      On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 4:16 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • The more anticipated a movie is, less I feel like watching it. I think the last big film I have seen was Zero and it was a torture. I don’t even remember the last time I watched a big movie and enjoyed it.


        • For me, it’s the promotions that can kill a big movie. If it isn’t really spectacular, if it was always going to be just a moderately enjoyable watch, then all those trailers and stuff that release in advance can end up taking the “moderately enjoyable” out of it. Like with Zero, I really liked Mere Naam Tu, but I’d already seen almost the whole song in the trailer, so it wasn’t the bright spot in the film that it could have been.

          On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 9:42 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. I saw Maharshi last night and it was a lot of fun! The story isn’t anything really new but it still sort of felt fresh for me. I don’t think you’d like it much because it is a variation of the nri businessman comes home plot, but there’s a really nice friendship angle to motivate him. In general, I think I really enjoyed Maharshi because I haven’t seen Mahesh in a movie where he has a character with this much energy in a while. I went with a large group of my friends and their parents and most people enjoyed the movie. Oh yeah, Pooja Hegde doesn’t have much to do and her character is pretty much useless.


    • Well, hmm. I had dropped it entirely off our list of possible activities but now I have to put it back on.

      On Sat, May 11, 2019 at 1:23 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I don’t know if it would be worth it for you to see it in the theater because it is sort of a remix between Srimanthudu and a couple of other past Telugu movies.


        • Then maybe not. Unless we want a long drive and an adventure.

          On Sun, May 12, 2019 at 10:22 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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