Upcoming movies! Madhuri Day 5/15, Ghulam 5/17, and Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety 5/19!

This should be a fun week. All Hindi, which makes me feel a little guilty, but then it’s Madhuri day. She has earned her own day even if it means the southern industries get a little shortchanged.

Wednesday May 15, MADHURI DAY!!!!!! I have lots of fun posts about her, so I’ll just be putting those up. And maybe some new content too (best Madhuri costume? Best Madhuri hair?)

Image result for madhuri hair
Best hair, or simply most iconic hair?

On Friday, for the start of Monsoons, Ghulam! Aamir’s brilliant early film playing a troubled enforcer who falls in love and dreams of being a boxer. And Rani’s first film ever. With my favorite rain song! The Hindi version of “but will you love me tomorrrrrroooooow?”

Oh, and this is how you can watch Ghulam, I found the one version on youtube with English subtitles. Arabic too, but they are along the top, English is on the bottom. Enjoy!

De De Pyaar De is coming out on Friday, I am probably going to see it opening night (I promised to take Dina to see SOTY2 too), and I am looking forward to it because I really sincerely enjoyed Luv Ranjan’s last movie. I encourage you to give it a chance! Have an open mind, and you may find you enjoy it for the light comedy of errors it is. Oh, and it’s on Amazon Prime.

Or else enjoy it for the against the grain queer reading it is practically begging you to make


7 thoughts on “Upcoming movies! Madhuri Day 5/15, Ghulam 5/17, and Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety 5/19!

  1. I really should get around watching Ghulam properly but Mona Shetty’s voice coming out of Rani’s mouth combined with Deepak Tijori having no hair really scarred me


    • I’m fine with the hair, but the voice thing is WEIRD!!!! I can only enjoy her performance in the dialogue-less scenes and song scenes (because I’m used to a different voice when she is singing)


      • Yeah! And the thing is that the reason for the dubbing was that “they felt like it would fit the character more” but I feel like her natural husky voice would suit her character even more! They just didn’t like her voice smh


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