Monthly Reminder To Tip For Good Service, If You Enjoy the Blog, Help Pay for the Blog

Oh boy, it’s my monthly reminder about donations!!!! What fun for you all! Oh well, I’ve got a few new readers (or at least new commentators), maybe they haven’t seen this before.

There are two ways to donate. First, you can set up a monthly subscription through Patreon. And then you get a special greeting card from me every month thanking you, it’s very cool

Second, you can do a one time donation through Paypal. And then you get a one time greeting card, which is also cool.


Donate $1 or $2 or $20, however much you feel like and can afford


As to why you should donate, well, because it’s the right thing to do? If you enjoy my work, you should pay for it. At least as much as you would tip for good service at a restaurant. And then I can keep buying movie tickets and paying for WordPress and all the rest of it.

Oh, and you can also always buy my book. I get very excited when I see it crawl up the Amazon rankings.


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