Upcoming Film Announcement: June! Next Wednesday, 5/22!

I’m so excited to watch this movie! I missed it in theaters, and now here it is already on Hotstar, yaaaay!

This is a coming of age drama like Premam or dozens of others, only this time the lead character is a GIRL!!!! Because girls can do stupid things in high school and make impulsive romantic leaps and have complicated internal lives just like boys. Well, not “just” like boys, in their own girl-y way.

Only problem is, the guys aren’t as cute as they could be. But we are watching it for the journey of the heroine, hot guys would just be icing on the cake.


5 thoughts on “Upcoming Film Announcement: June! Next Wednesday, 5/22!

    • I think you would like it!!!! Sunny Wayne shows up at the end, you like him.

      On Thu, May 16, 2019 at 12:48 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Sunny Wayne, and Joju George, and the most important I heard the script is good, and that it’s something I would like. The only problem is that Hotstar doesn’t work in Europe. Will have to find it in some other place.


  1. Hello,
    Have you already watched it?
    If so, why don’t you put the review up earlier? Your review date coincides with the election counting day here!!! Might affect the views, I think…


    • I have already watched it and I thought about putting the review up sooner. But I also want people to have the chance to watch the movie before the review, if possible. Oh well, maybe it will make nice counter-programming.


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