News Post: The Whole Ananya Panday Scandal is SOOOOOO High School!!!

Prepare yourself, I am going to puncture this nice juicy exciting story like a souffle and make the whole thing just turn into “oh, that’s boring now”. It’s what I do! To be practical and grounded and unemotional and kill all drama.

Here’s the story, in generalities. Part of the PR put out about Ananya Panday, teenager launched by Karan Johar in Student of the Year 2, best friend of Suhana Khan, daughter of a semi-successful character actor, was that she was accepted to an American university but delayed starting school when she got the role in SOTY2. Establishing her as good decent “every girl” kind of person, one whose parents wanted her to have an education and worried about her future and so on, not just a strange fame hungry star kid.

And then on social media (I honestly can’t even figure out which form or function of social media) one of her high school classmates posted that Ananya definitely did not get into that school, she was lying. Ananya, also through social media in an unofficial account, responded saying that it wasn’t her business to say Ananya was lying and anyway that girl just had a crush on Aryan Khan and was jealous because Aryan was hers. And then the girl responded with a lengthy post saying that Ananya wishes she was dating Aryan, that she stole a boyfriend from another girl at school, and then started dating someone else just so his mother would hire her as ambassador for her fashion line and then dumped him too, and she was horrible in high school and bragged about all her connections and was mean to the scholarship kids. And she said that Ananya and her friends were now attacking her on social media, and Ananya claimed she was being attacked, and then finally Ananya apologized and asked the other girl to take down all the posts. Here is an article about it and here is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of the article, the last line: “All these were posted in the form of screenshot by this girl. The authenticity of the screenshot is not known.” Yes, this is one teenage girl saying things about one other teenage girl, with no verification or support beyond social media screenshots, and it is being reported everywhere.

Coincidentally, Dimple Kapadia was also a teenage girl, playing a teenage girl, when she sang this song that was all about posturing and accusing folks of lying

Now, let is put in a pin in that and look at some fun research on brain and personality development! Because that’s always the best part of any gossip story, research! According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology:

Based on the stage of their brain development, adolescents are more likely to:
act on impulse
misread or misinterpret social cues and emotions
get into accidents of all kinds
get involved in fights

engage in dangerous or risky behavior
Adolescents are less likely to:
think before they act
pause to consider the consequences of their actions
change their dangerous or inappropriate behaviors

Now, let me give you an example. When I was 19, I was a Freshman in college. My roommate was very confident and seemed sure of herself, and she was also very focused on studying. We were on a bit of a party floor, so often there was noise in the rooms around us, ranging from loud music to just talking. No matter what it was, my roommate found it unacceptable. She also knew I got migraines. So she would convince me to go with her and lie that I was getting a migraine and force them to be quiet. I had one very serious migraine incident in my college career, but otherwise all that noise and so on really didn’t bother me. Now, I can say that honestly and own responsibility for allowing someone else to lie about my health and unfairly pressure people. Because I am an adult person.

But when I was 19, if I had been plucked from college and made a movie star, and if I had told a white lie about having friends on my dorm floor (for instance), and then my floormates had cared enough to speak up through social media, there probably would be some exaggeration involved. In their minds, what I had done was horrible, could be phrased as “she lied about her medical condition just because we were talking a little, it was pathological and ridiculous”. And if I were 19, I would have felt defensive and angry and would have convinced myself I was being abused, I would have hit back by saying something like “They came to college to party and made me ill with all their noise and parties, I asked a perfectly reasonable thing and they should be ashamed of themselves.” My roommate would naturally support my version of events, their friends would support their version. Both sides would feel like they were being persecuted and attacked, me and my roommate because all the college kids were lined up against us and them because I was more famous, and the story would grow into feeling like we were fighting against an angry clique of a social group and they would feel like they were striking a blow for the little guy. And suddenly, some small thing gets blown up to be something massive. Versus if I became famous now, I would simply tell the truth about college or, if my PR put out a little lie, my college floormates would read it and laugh and tell it as a funny story at a dinner party but not really care. Because we are all adults.

So in this case, I don’t really believe any of the details. I also don’t think anyone is “lying” exactly. I just think that young people do not have a very good sense of proportion, or impulse control. Especially when they get together in groups. And I also think that teenage girls in particular are very good at being confident and sure and making other people believe things that the other people really should have the common sense NOT to believe.

Image result for fake fairy photos
Remember the Cottingly fairy fake? A couple teenage girls faked these photos and fooled basically EVERYBODY? Because teenage girls are very good at lying, and believing their own lies.

Say Ananya was rude to the poorer students at school. Say she did brag about her closeness with Shahrukh’s family. Even say she broke up a relationship so she could date the boy. She was IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! People do all kinds of things in high school!!!! And in the end, most of it only matters, also, IN HIGH SCHOOL. Was that relationship she supposedly broke up going to last forever and ever and be true love? Or was it a high school relationship that didn’t mean that much anyway? I’m guessing the later. Is it possible for a teenage girl to get caught up in status and wealth and act poorly, and later regret it and learn better and be a different person? YES!!! Absolutely!!!! Really even if the worst possible things they are saying is true, I still don’t really care, because a teenage girl is still capable of turning into a totally different person later in life. This is why college is amazing, you get to leave high school and go somewhere new and figure out who you really are. And often who you really are is completely different from who you were in the 4 year powder keg that is high school.

Related image
Hillary Clinton was a conservative Republican in high school

Mostly what I find interesting here are two big things. A) that social media means these kinds of nasty high school girl clique feuds are playing out semi-publicly now. And b) that Ananya was launched too early. There’s a very bad American movie, Country Strong, in which the troubled heroine starts struggling not to go back to drinking and another character challenges her husband that the problem is, he took her out of rehab before the rehab was over. That’s how I feel about this story. Karan took Ananya out of high school before the high school was over.

The same thing happened with, for instance, Rekha. She started acting professionally at 15 (or 16, if she lied about her age. Anyway, young). She dated a lot, and used to hide from her directors and run away from set because she wanted to go on coke dates. Exactly the same as any other teenage girl, except other teenage girls were skipping classes for coke dates, not skipping filming schedules. It’s the risk you run when you hire teenagers, they may end up acting like teenagers.

Related image

Ananya is a slightly special case, but not really. She was from the high school for the rich kids, she started being famous and “special” even before leaving school, all these battle lines I have no doubt were drawn long before it all became public. Ultimately though, any teenage girl from any high school would run the risk of her high school stuff following her into fame these days, run the risk that some social media post gets pulled up and thrown in her face. It was probably a little easier in this case, because I am sure these girls knew just how to post these things to make sure they got noticed (after all, they are part of the Bombay elite too), and because the names of high school romances they are throwing around include other young celebrities, but that is about it.

Anyway, HIGH SCHOOL! And also TEENAGERS. And also TEENAGE GIRL FEUDS. All of these things, I want no part of and I am so glad I am too old to have to deal with it.

And now you can all talk about the Ananya story, or the stupid things you thought were important when you were in high school, or anything else you want.

30 thoughts on “News Post: The Whole Ananya Panday Scandal is SOOOOOO High School!!!

  1. This Ananya Panday story is very interesting. You are right, it’s exactly like high school.

    I think though, the issue is that people are just tired of these star kids getting a free ride on the Karan Johar nepotism machine. Ananya didn’t really study acting in school, didn’t really work for it, like say a Suhana Khan. She didn’t get into USC, which I guess a lot of kids in her school are mad and I understand She didn’t need to. For a while, this behaviour would have been ok and tolerated, but now people are SO tired of seeing these faces who are just groomed to be in the industry without any real credentials that they find it easy to jump on the hate bandwagon.

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    • I think you are right, in that the media is acting as an amplifier for this high school feud because they know people are ready to hate on Ananya.

      And I also think Karan was a little blinded by his own prejudices and over looked the problems with Ananya. Not every teenage girl straight out of high school is incapable of good judgement and staying out of drama (Alia, for instance, was very grounded). But it seems more likely that this kind of thing would come up than if Karan had put all his eggs in the basket of someone who had actually grown up and been in the real world a while. He has those stars in his stable, Kiara and Tara Sutaria and Sara Ali Khan, but he foolishly thought Ananya would be a safer bet.


      • The media hasn’t really reported this Ananya story that came from screenshots. Nobody picked it up. I saw people on twitter tagging all the media handles and normally they pick up the smallest things. It makes me think Ananya’s PR got control of the story very early on and stifled it.


  2. I believe every word of the Ananya story because this is exactly how teenage girls are. I have cousins that age and I can tell you… teen girls are evil. It’s become extremely common to say snide things about each other through texting and social media and then take screenshots and spread them around. I’m not that old but this wasn’t really a thing when I was high school. Of course there were teenage fights but they didn’t come with incontrovertible proof in the form of screen shots and saved texts and stuff like that. It was easier to move on and forgive without evidence staring in your face. Even if you’re angry and vent to a friend about another friend, nobody really remembers in a few days. Now it exists forever because nobody talks on the phone anymore. It’s all on text. That means it gets screenshot and saved forever and can be spread to another 10 people including the person that was being talked about. Any small issue becomes huge.

    As far as Ananya is concerned, I definitely think she lied about her college status. I saw an interview and her father couldn’t even remember the name of the college she was supposedly deferred from. It was a story invented to make her look like a smart normal girl who auditioned for a role and now she couldn’t let her talent go to waste and had to put off college. That was never the case and it was built up for PR because that kind of story plays better with the audience. She made up some stuff about how she was bullied too for being tall. Let me tell you, no tall, skinny, light-skinned girl with contacts to movie stars is going to get bullied. But again, these kind of stories are invented to appeal to normal people.

    What you have in Ananya is an annoying entitled teenage girl combined with a hyper overactive PR and the result is this.

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    • Personally, I don’t blame anyone for anything on a “mistakes in judgement” level until they are over 22 at least. But that’s just me. Following my personal rule, I don’t blame Ananya for lying about the college status, and I certainly don’t care about her high school romance of friend feuds.

      But I do blame the PR team for thinking they could get away with these lies. A less famous person, sure, anything goes. Heck, I take even the quoted official ages for folks like Priyanka and Katrina with a large grain of salt. And that’s fine, all these stories are just part of the narrative the first few years, then they create their own identity and narrative in public. Like, when was the last time anyone talked about Katrina’s whole “this is how I was discovered and became a model when I was just an average teenage girl” storyline? But why follow the usual “created narrative to introduce her to the public” for a new star when you know the whole world has been watching her all along? Either make your narrative adhere to the evidence available, or don’t do a narrative at all. It’s just a stupid lazy PR decision to treat her like any other new young star.


      • I don’t know why but PR companies that work with celebrities in India are extremely unprofessional and unethical. They all spread lies both about their clients and their clients’ rivals. The same methods are repeated all the time. For younger actors, they deliberately link them up with older, more successful actors and claim the older ones are jealous, their careers are dying, the younger ones are in the running to take their movies and so on. The actresses regularly pretend they are first choice for movies that are in the news. Occasionally they get called out but it never stops the practice. Then there is the scourge of blind items. Spread anything about anyone to start rumors.

        Ideally, the point should be to present their client in an authentic but still likeable way. It shouldn’t be about spreading bald faced lies. But that’s where we’re at.

        Ananya alone wouldn’t have been behind these types of lies. The fabrications would have been created with her PR’s advice to appeal to middle-class people – oh I too wanted to go to college and I was also bullied. See I’m just like you!

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    • I’m so glad I had finished high school before social media were invented. School sucks even without fb likes, screenshots, ig comments and videos people shoot without asking.

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      • I had another friend who was completely devastated in middle school by a nasty note her friends passed to her. Imagine how much worse that would be if it was a Facebook post that the whole school could read and share.

        On Sun, May 26, 2019 at 4:21 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Country Strong – so so bad! I watched it and even forced my husband to watch it because Chris Young’s song was suposed to be in this film (spoiler – I watched entire thing, and haven’t heard the song 😦 but till date I’m not sure if the song was there because it was the most boring movie ever and maybe my brain felt asleep)

    Ananya’s drama – I agree, it’s only stupid feud between teenagers, BUT Anaya is not alone, she has her mother (who btw started all this lie), her father and Karan who knows well how social media and gossip works, and it’s strange nobody stopped her. She is not an ordinary teenage girl anymore, she should behave. Having said this, I enjoy this drama, because I never like the girl.


    • Yes, it’s the second part that surprises me. How could her team have let it go this far?

      But then, that’s what parents of teenage girls always say. She seemed so mature, I trust her, of course I let her borrow the car to go to the library. And then she ends up spray painting graffitti on the gym because teenagers have no impulse control (actually happened to a family friend, honors student, advanced placement, on track to graduate early, left a school event with three other good kids, they ended up at a party store and thought it would be fun to buy spray paint and paint the gym. Life over, expelled, all because of one moment of random poor judgement). Sounds like she had a secret social media account and just pulled out her phone and went on social media and responded to these girls without thinking. Short of watching her 24 hours a day and taking away her phone, no way to stop it. Heck, knowing teenage girls, if they asked her a direct question like “you don’t have any other social media accounts, right?” she would respond “No, of course not!” because in teenage girl logic somehow this account didn’t count.

      On Sun, May 26, 2019 at 11:45 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I was a chubby, shy, “Please like me” teen with one big eyebrow. I went away to college, dieted and tweezed and all of a sudden, I’m hot. Said goodnight to one date at the front door of my dorm and took off with another out the back. It’s was all good until my best friend told me I’d become a bitch. She was right. I’d stopped caring about others and turned into the meanest mean girl ever. Talk about bad-rapping and stealing boyfriends. I stole my English professor from his wife! Then I hit my twenties, fell in love with a no-nonsense man (current husband) and saw the evil of my ways. I went the AA route of apologizing to all I’d hurt and most, thank heaven, forgave. They were in their twenties too by then. All this to say, I think I’m a good person now. Ananya and her friends and enemies soon will be. (Although given Ananya’s privilege, maybe not.)


    • Exactly! The ages between 15 and 25 are full of so many changes you can truly become a completely different person year to year. Who Ananya was in high school won’t necessarily have anything in common with who she is for the rest of her life.

      And don’t forget, Ananya’s enemies are all privileged too. This is coming from the high school for rich people in Bombay. My Dad went to the high school like this in Chicago, and that place is vicious. Either you keep your head down and survive, or you turn mean in self-defense. And then you graduate and all the madness slips away. Unless you keep living in the area and never let go of that identity (my father did not choose to do that)

      I am assuming that all these girls are still living in Bombay society, and so high school for them is just going on and on. If they went away to college and found a place where which high school you went to, and how popular you were there, doesn’t matter, then they would probably be much healthier people.


  5. One could have shrugged about this ‘girl war’ if there hadn’t been adults to blow the whole thing out of proportion. Like most here I blame those who took/take profit from Ananya (Karan, parents, PR-team if she has one) without giving her the guidelines how to behave in public now that she was shoved into the public eye beyond the random pics with Suhana and Shanaya Kapoor. In the contrary, they helped to taint her reputation.
    Maybe something positive could result out of this ‘teenage drama’: Shanaya and Suhana could learn from it. (Learning to not being fake and to deal with meanness is one of the most important things when one is in the public eye…I still admire that Gauri and ShahRukh supported Suhana’s wish for the Vogue shooting preparing her to what she would have to endure – with an adequate backing from the family.)

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    • Let’s expand this! Maybe the high school will have a special assembly on online behavior, a discussion of what is and is not appropriate to say online about fellow students who are celebs. I would have thought it was understood already, but apparently not.


  6. I think the main thing that brought this all about was that she lied about getting into USC. I think the other girl goes there and was pissed off about her lying. Because in one of the posts from ananya’s other account she told that girl ‘you sulk in usc’ or something. The other star kids have never gotten in this type of drama because they haven’t lied about their education and if they did they probably wouldn’t respond to any confrontations. Lying is dumb. If they wanted to make her seem normal they could say unspecific things like “I was a really good student” “I loved academics”..she told a specific lie that was backed up by her mom and her team definitely knew about it and clearly they all approved of it or they would have stopped it from happening. People are sick of seeing these star kids get opportunities easily but what bothers people more is seeing them take the public for a fool and lie about how hard they’ve worked. It’s not like people were boycotting her film or flooding her Instagram with nepotism hate comments, leaving her desperate to somehow impress the public. She was getting decent praise and reviews for her movie. So she had no reason to lie. If you get greedy for more praise and appreciation, well, it’ll all blow up eventually. She doesn’t deserve hate for this though because these types of things are normal as a in college and high school. But she deserves to learn a lesson about professionalism and honesty

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    • I don’t know if I believe it was the USC lie. Or rather, I don’t know if I believe that this other girl is pure of heart and disinterested and only speaking up for the good of the World. I am going to assume that there was a past stuff between them which made the USC lie harder for her to swallow.

      And I am also wondering if they told that lie because they just didn’t think it mattered. It sounds like the argument is that she never intended to go to college, always planned to be a movie star, based on her never having visited a college adviser and so on. But, that’s talking about what is in her head, right? How does anyone know what she thought or didn’t think? And in terms of lying that she didn’t just consider college but actually got in, I’m not sure why anyone cares? I mean, it’s not super hard to get into an American school. To me it feels kind of like lying that you can do a handstand. It’s a lie, but it could be true with a little effort. I could see the PR team thinking they could just exagerate a little, say that instead of just considering this school she actually got in, and not expecting that anyone would care enough to argue against them.

      On Mon, May 27, 2019 at 4:05 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • The other girl is definitely not innocent. she probably did have previous beef and if she wanted to call her out on the USC thing, that’s fine . But what I mean is that they had no oppurtunity to fault her until she brought up something. She started talking about it and opened a window for it to be discussed. But shaming her publicly for her relationships and cheating and all that, even if it is true, is pretty bad. A lot of people do those things and no one needs to be shamed publicly for it. Ananya admitted that she didn’t get in to USC in a post to that girl, I’m just shocked at how naive this girl is. If the pics were fake in any way her team would definitely release statements. I can’t believe she started contacting this other girl and actually admitting she lied. And I can’t believe that her pr team didn’t see this coming, if they wanted to lie they should have coached her and made sure she knew that no matter what any of her friends or classmates say, she should ignore it. It’s the age of social media. Olivia jade got called out about her USC acceptance by her classmate too, one posted a video about it talking about how she never came to class or took the SATs.

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        • Maybe they figured that no one would honestly care whether or not the USC story was a lie? Because it is an awfully petty small thing to come out.

          I’m also wondering if maybe she was still on social media in that private account because she’d been living her life like normal and figured everyone would understand and not make things public. My impression is that is not uncommon, to have a private phone number and private twitter and so on for your personal business. Really, the more I think about it the less shocked and stunned I am by Ananya and the more by whoever this girl is who felt the need to call out a tiny lie and then leak to the media (and I know most of them aren’t reporting but some are) this whole story.


  7. How do we actually know it’s a lie? We only have another High School girls word for it? USC hasn’t said and won’t. I spent a lot of time with high school seniors and college admissions as well as the sons and daughters of the very famous. 1) all sorts of rumours abound about college admissions. ”she bought her way into Harvard” is actually she had straight A’s when you weren’t watching. Etc. OR she spoke too soon and assumed she’d get in before she actually did. Stories abound. 2) the friends of the famous kids protect them. As a life long friend of Suhana’s no matter how ditsy she is, she would never drag Aryan and Suhana into her dispute.
    I agree teenagers make bad decisions. I agree it looks like Ananya might not have been ready for all this. Karan who has not yet had a teen of his own, may have thought they are all like Alia.
    It’s also as you say not fair that teenage idiocy is made so public.


    • I’m not anonymous, I’m mpollak. my ipad doesn’t like to reveal my identity, but that’s better than my phone which won’t let me post at all. All of which means I often write posts that are lost!


      • 1. Teenagers are stupid and impulsive.
        2. Ananya admitted herself with her other account that she didn’t get into USC.
        3. The girls that exposed her are well connected themselves. For example, they know Aryan personally and also run a fan account for him. It is not just one girl who runs that account. It is multiple people who do.
        4. Ananya was just pulling a childish move throwing Aryan in there because she was aware the other girls ran an Aryan fan account.
        5. Ananya messed up by asking the other girls to delete the screenshots by accidentally using her REAL verified account.
        6. Nobody was really trying to get anything into the media. As soon as they realized, everyone deleted their accounts. Ananya also deleted her fake account she was using to threaten these people.
        7. It was just all around stupidity. Ananya shouldn’t have lied about USC. It annoyed the people who actually go there that she’s using the name this way. Then instead of just ignoring the people who exposed her, she used her fake account to threaten them along with her other friends. That’s when it escalated. It’s like Ananya hasn’t been trained well about how to behave now that she’s a public person.

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        • Exactly! I would only add that , yes, teenagers are impulsive, but 20 years old girl is not teenager anymore! She is young woman and also a woman who lives in a city, grew up among famous people, and not in some undeveloped village and in my opinion one must be really dumb to make the things Ananya did. Just saying..

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    • I was wondering that as well. How could anyone possibly know the admissions status of another student? College admissions and complicated and unpredictable. People who seem like guaranteed admissions don’t get in, and ones who seem like they would never make it do get in. How can you be sure it is a lie to the point where you feel it is your “duty” to point it out?

      I was also thinking about the “famous kids” effect. Suhana and Ananya and Shanaya have been friends since elementary school. I am sure that there is a bond there not just with each other but with their whole families. Part of the accusation was talking about all the stuff Shahrukh and Karan have done for her. But if Ananya has been a loyal protective supportive friend to Suhana her whole life, then in some way she has earned that. I don’t even want to say “earned”, just that people are human. You build bonds with folks you know and love and who know and love your family. And if outsiders see Shahrukh treating her like one of the family and are jealous and resentful, well, there’s nothing to really do about that. It’s not like she tricked and cheated to become friends, they were little kids.


      • But those other kids are wealthy themselves. Almost everyone in that school is so it’s not a case of jealousy. It’s more that they were saying Ananya is mean and flaunts her clothes/car to others in the school when in reality, it’s SRK who is providing it so she has no reason to be so arrogant about it.

        It seemed like some kind of high school fight between people who know each other but don’t get along for whatever reason. Neither side was that innocent but private people have nothing to lose. Ananya is a public person now and can’t react this way to criticism. She must have learned from this incident.

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  8. Your comment to Anonymous re: Katrina made me wonder if you would do a post on her. There are so many competing stories about her entry into modeling and films, of her “father,” family etc. Yet, I find it hard to believe most of them. She is extremely circumspect and gives vague white-lieish answers to most questions about her background besides her mother’s and sisters’ professions. I also find it fascinating that no one, literally NO ONE has tracked down her actual father.


    • I’ve heard rumors of an interview with Jackie’s wife, who produced Boom, just straight up saying “Oh yeah, we changed her name from Katherine to Katrina and added Kaif and invented a Kashmiri father”. But I haven’t been able to track down the interview. Certainly her sisters, both older and younger, look white-white.

      Salman has been, not exactly slipping, but not being careful with his Bharat quotes. I think he said something about casting Kat as a Hindustani Ladki like “Why not, she’s been here for 20 years”. Which I agree with, why not? But it also isn’t the usual “she is desi although raised overseas” party line, tying her identity more just to having lived in India so long.

      I’ve always assumed that Kat is white-white, and maybe 2-3 years older than her official age. But yes, it is amazing that no one has really cared to track all that down! Maybe because the Salman relationship was enough background and gossip and there was no need to find anything more?

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      • BW media is extremely lazy. I’ve been saying this for long. They don’t research *anything.* Whatever gossip we get on any story is very obviously being leaked by someone, whether true or false. They straight up just print whatever they are given.
        The Katrina story is not even that hard to find. Regular BW fans have occasionally tracked down facebook pages based on Katrina’s other relatives like her sisters. Her father is a white guy named Ronald Turcotte and lives in Canada. Her sisters post on his page and refer to him as Dad and the resemblance is there too. He is remarried and has a wife.
        Kat’s mother was involved in the Children of God cult and someone once found quotes from one of Katrina’s sisters in a British paper regarding the cult. That’s why they moved around so much. It’s possible Kat herself is not Ronald’s daughter because the cult encouraged women to sleep around and have children from many men. Her skin is darker so it’s possible but who knows.
        If regular people can track down this much information, I’m sure the media could find more if they wanted to. They just don’t care. BW is not taken seriously enough to put in time and research into anything related to it.

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