Zero Discussion Post Part 2: More Madhavan Ending Options! Gay, Older Woman, or Kat?

Okay, I gave 3 options yesterday, and then in the comments you all came up with 3 more. And now I am torn! All 3 of them are wonderful!

Shreyan’s Goenka suggests, Madhavan is gay and doesn’t even realize it himself. He has repressed all his desires and believes he would be happy in a loveless marriage. In which case, his happy ending would be this:

Vicky Kaushal is brought in to help track down Shahrukh’s shuttle when it is lost. He works closely with Madhavan and makes Maddy feel feelings. Vicky is in a relationship that is falling apart with Sidharth, a pushy overly confident medical doctor. Maddy is kind and understanding, and even offers to let Vicky move in with him when he and his boyfriend break-up. Vicky comes to appreciate older kind shy Maddy and is tormented by wondering if he is imagining this or not, Maddy never makes a move and was engaged to Anushka, so is he gay or not? Maddy pretends to be Vicky’s boyfriend at the grocery store when they run into Sid while shopping (Maddy and Vicky of course are gently flirty shopping in a very cute way without acknowledging their feelings), and then they end up having to go out to a gay bar that night with Sid and his new boyfriend (Varun? In an inside joke?). Vicky helps Maddy get dressed, Maddy feels uncomfortable, then gets drunk and does a sexy song, which ends with him finally acting on his feelings and kissing Vicky (after having been inspired by all the scantily clad men who climb all over him while he dances, like Shahrukh in “It’s the Time to Disco”). And then they go home and have hot sex and start to admit their feelings, before it all goes wrong with terrible misunderstandings, rush to the airport, confession of love, SONG

Image result for vicky kaushal beard
Picture this guy, making out with shy older virgin Maddy.

Reflects on Life suggests a slightly older, intelligent woman who appreciates Maddy’s sense of humor and kindness, and who Maddy grows to find super sexy. They start a relationship full of sex and laughter and intelligence:

Maddy gets a new supervisor at work, she is older than him and classy and comfortable. He is shy at first, but drawn out of his shell by her sense of humor and intelligence. She invites him to have lunch with her and gently guides him through the tricky emotional territory of comforting Anushka as a friend. One night after a dinner party at her place, they are sipping wine after everyone else has left and he suggests sex. She is surprised, but he calmly explains that he is very attracted to her and thinks they would be sexually compatible and wants to try an experiment, if he can feel passion again for someone he actually likes (unlike his ex which was a whole messy opposites attract thing). They start a Friends With Benefits thing, complete with funny stripteases for her in her office, and secret sex in the space shuttle, but then a new Rockstar scientist comes to town, Grey-haired Anil Kapoor (or whoever, your choice, but sexy and more age appropriate so Maddy feels young and threatened. Arjun Rampal?). He immediately starts pursuing her with massive romantic gestures and declarations of love. Maddy is confused, he thought he could have sex and just keep it as friendship, but when he sees her with another man, he finds himself feeling….jealousy? After a lot of messy emotions (including a sexy dance off, because why not?), Maddy dramatically interrupts her romantic proposal to declare his love, that he now realizes it is possible to feel lust, affection, respect, friendship, and love all for the same person.

Image result for madhavan shirtless
Picture this guy, sitting around with his older woman girlfriend.

And talking with Molly made me think “hey, Kat and Maddy should get together!” Which would go like this:

After Shahrukh’s shuttle disappears, Kat comes to Orlando to do a special Indian show on Shahrukh. Maddy is assigned to her as her laison. She is charmed by his kind absent-minded professor routine, especially when he admits he has never heard of her before or seen one of her movies. He treats her as a real person, and someone with intelligence. She gets a crush on him and keeps trying to get his attention, and failing. Until he watches her rehearse for her TV special and she rattles off all the information he gave her perfectly, including pronunciation of the technical terms, perfectly simplified for the general audience. He is so impressed with her intelligence and turned on by her clear understanding of his work that he kisses her. They are in love and happy until she misunderstands a conversation and thinks he is still hung up on Anushka. She decides to take herself and her broken heart away, there is a dramatic rush to the airport, love confession, and so on. The two of them end up being godparents to Anushka and Shahrukh’s daughter, Katrina tells her lots of stories about her father, their children are raised with her like little younger siblings, Kat and Maddy live in a nice big house in Orlando and Kat flies back and forth to Bombay for work as needed.

Image result for madhavan katrina
Look at them, hanging out being cute!

Now, which do you prefer? Or do you have yet another option?

10 thoughts on “Zero Discussion Post Part 2: More Madhavan Ending Options! Gay, Older Woman, or Kat?

  1. The last option. But then, I’m also gonna need a sequel … or I guess a second sequel? I need to see Bauua integrated back into his daughter’s life. LOL, I know!!! They can go to COLLEGE together!! Karan can direct. 🤗


    • Margaret gets all the credit. I may have spawned the idea but she really fleshed it out with rich detail. It’s a fully formed treatment, all it needs is an official script 😀


        • And then Maddy will help the heroine marry the other guy, until she changes her mind at the last minute.

          On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 4:15 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Another idea, not as good as the others unfortunately, but how about there was a woman who worked at not-NASA with Anushka and Maddy and was maddly in love with Maddy. When she finally decided to confess her feeling she saw Maddy propose to Anushka. She thought they are in love and happy, and didn’t confess. But then she noticed strange relationship between A. and Buua, and decided to try her luck with Maddy. She seduces him, and they have a secret affair (I steal the idea of secret sex in the space shuttle, because it’s super sexy). Maddy starts to reconsider his engagment, he is not sure anymore, because he feels very attracted to our woman. There is a lot of tension, nobody knows how it will end. The day of the marriage, Maddy let Anushka go easily because he sees she loves Buua and he loves the other woman. Anushka goes to Buua, Maddy turns around, takes thaali/mangalsutra , shows it to the girl, she nods, he ties it on her neck and they are married (improvised wedding yay!)


    • Can we combine your idea with the other ideas? The just sex relationship with the older woman, or the secret coming out of the closet same sex relationship, are both happening at the same time as Maddy is engaged to Anushka, he thinks it is okay since he and Anushka aren’t planning a “real” marriage. but then he catches feelings for his sexy side piece, and then the bit you say, where he turns around and marries the other person at the wedding.

      On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 4:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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