Zero Discussion Post: Important Question! Does Fuzzy Professor Madhavan Ever Find Love?

Even the new Netflix edit leaves on important question unanswered, does Madhavan ever find love? Harmless innocent sweet untouched by passion Madhavan? Is there a woman who will awaken the sleeping sex God inside of him? I say YES!

Madhavan, as we have him in the movie, is shaggy haired and bearded and tends to wear tweed layers. He is soft spoken and kind, the type who would offer directions to strangers on the sidewalk, and nicely remove himself from a love triangle even on his wedding day. He also doesn’t seem to really be in love with the woman he is planning to marry. At one point he says that all he cares about is his project, and her mind. It is her mind that he enjoys, not anything else.

As I picture him, he is a genius who has learned to put the life of the mind ahead of anything else. He has a large natural empathy for others, and a strong moral and ethical compass. But he has never felt the sort of passionate emotions that others feel, does not quite understand them although he respects them. He planned to live a solitary life, but when he learned his long time friend and co-worker Anushka was having a baby, he slowly started to change his mind. He waited until she had completed her pregnancy and given birth and returned to work, because he wanted to give her time to recover and be able to think logically and clearly again. He spoke to her family first and received their approval and let them broach the subject with Anushka. Once he was sure she would say yes, he created a romantic proposal because he understood it was the proper thing to do and was happy with her happiness. Madhavan planned a loveless marriage, it would be ideal, she assured him she wanted no physical relationship ever again, he would gain a daughter and she would gain a caregiver as she got older. Plus they had compatible personalities and interests and enjoyed spending time together. But then Anushka left him and he managed his slight disappointment and went back to his original plan of a solitary single loveless life.

I screenshot him for you! Because I care.

Now, what should happen to him next? Tell me what you think, and I might write the whole fanfic for you!

Option A: Madhavan notices a new maintenance worker crying and talks to her in Tamil. She is a recent immigrant and is having a hard time renewing her Visa. Madhavan kindly offers her a green card marriage. The woman is an older (like 30) spinster who is working in America so she can send money back home to her family in Sri Lanka. Madhavan encourages her to take night classes and helps her study, she makes him lunches and worries about his health. They take walks together every night. She decorates his apartment and brings home a puppy. They are shy with each other when they catch each other in undress. He feels things when he sees her with wet hair. Blah-blah, sex, misunderstanding, romantic run to the airport, love confession SONG.

Option B: A new supervisor is brought in to Madhavan’s department, confident and sexy and abrasive. They take an immediate dislike to each other, she thinks Madhavan is too fuzzy-headed and soft, he thinks she is too goal focused and not ready to sit back and enjoy what they are learning along the way. But they slowly learn to respect each other as they are forced to work together to complete the project. And when she dresses sexy in a sari for a celebration party, Madhavan starts to Feel Things. And then she sees her ex-boyfriend and gets drunk and Madhavan takes care of her and she starts to Feel Things too, especially when he showers at her place and she sees him in a towel. She pursues him, he is confused but eventually figures it out. Love, misunderstanding, run to the airport, love confession SONG

Option C: Anushka’s family feels terrible about the broken marriage and offers up her cousin. Also highly intelligent and educated, her parents want her to get married, it just makes sense. Madhavan agrees to meet her but explains at the first meeting that he is not looking for a “real” marriage. She agrees, she does not want a “real” marriage either, she has one true love and he does not love her back. She and Madhavan agree to a marriage of the mind and nothing else. At first all is fine, they start to really enjoy living together and spending time together and all that. And then they have their first big fight and suddenly Madhavan discovers he is feeling all the passion he never thought he would have in his life. But just as he is about to confess his love, his wife’s lifetime crush reappears and confesses his love. Misunderstanding! Run to the Airport! Love confession SONG

The man deserves love!

What’s your vote? Or will we leave shaggy professor Maddy alone with his books?

16 thoughts on “Zero Discussion Post: Important Question! Does Fuzzy Professor Madhavan Ever Find Love?

  1. I think he is gay…hasn’t experienced passion/attraction yet because he just didn’t realize he is in the closet…that would also explain why he was willing to enter a passion-less marriage with Anushka…what we need is a sexy younger co-worker who awakens his passion (Vicky Kaushal?)…helps him come-out…deal with internal conflicts..blossom into a sex god etc..and Anushka can be by his side the whole time as a supportive friend!

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    • Oh, YES!!!! All kinds of yes. Vicky Kaushal is brought in to help track down Shahrukh’s shuttle when it is lost. He works closely with Madhavan and makes Maddy feel feelings. Vicky is in a relationship that is falling apart with a young hot guy, Maddy is kind and understanding, and even offers to let Vicky move in with him when he and his boyfriend break-up. Vicky comes to appreciate older kind shy Maddy and is tormented by wondering if he is imagining this or not, Maddy never makes a move and was engaged to Anushka, so is he gay or not? And then they run into Vicky’s ex with someone else, it’s embarrassing and uncomfortable, and Maddy spontaneously kisses him and pretends to be his boyfriend to make it easier. The kiss awakens something in him, that night when they go home, Maddy awkwardly admits he is feeling things he thought he would never feel, Vicky kisses him tenderly, they have sex. Love, Misunderstanding, romantic rush to the airport, SONG

      On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 6:53 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yay! Let’s also throw in a scene where Vicky takes Maddy to a Gay bar for the first time and he is swarmed by men…giving him the confidence he needs in his sex appeal and identity..leading to him do an empowering coming out song in the bar! Now the question is who plays Vicky’s problematic ex – Ranbir? Sid? Tiger?


        • Sid. I want to see him making out with Vicky, and also he is surprisingly good at that kind of comedy. I think he could play smarmy and vaguely insulting and threatening very very well. And some kind of high powered medical doctor or something, he was always cooler and made more money and stuff than Vicky.

          And yes!!!! Maddy pretends to be Vicky’s boyfriend at the grocery store when they run into Sid while shopping (Maddy and Vicky of course are gently flirty shopping in a very cute way without acknowledging their feelings), and then they end up having to go out to a gay bar that night with Sid and his new boyfriend (Varun? In an inside joke?). Vicky helps Maddy get dressed, Maddy feels uncomfortable, then gets drunk and does a sexy song, which ends with him finally acting on his feelings and kissing Vicky (after having been inspired by all the scantily clad men who climb all over him while he dances, like Shahrukh in “It’s the Time to Disco”). And then they go home and have hot sex and start to admit their feelings, before it all goes wrong with terrible misunderstandings, rush to the airport, confession of love, SONG

          On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 7:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I hate to be a party pooper but I think Maddy stays alone. He is marrying a friend and when that doesn’t work out he goes back to his single, work obsessed life. He still has Anushka as a friend and he still has a hand in raising her daughter. Shah Rukh is gone years after all.


    • That’s so sad though! I’m not sure why, I’m okay with Kat being alone at the end but somehow I want more for Maddy.

      Oh oh!!! Could he end up with Kat? She shows up to do an Indian TV special about lost Shahrukh and Maddy is her guide and consultant, she appreciates his kindness and reliability, he likes her inner sweetness and kindness.

      On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 7:20 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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        • Yes! And Kat and Maddy can be godparents to Shahrukh’s daughter, she can grow up with lots of godsiblings and someone who can tell her stories of her father (I worry that Anushka doesn’t really have anything to tell her, but Kat has all kinds of stories she can share). And Kat can be one of those global commuters, living with Maddy in Orlando and just flying in and out for film shoots. Much healthier for her.

          On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 7:29 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. Backstory – I think Maddy has been in passionate lusty love before. Probably during college. Someone who isn’t right for him. Either unrequited or she dumped him for another or cheated on him. As someone who is both an intellectual and the product of an Indian background, he figures that was his episode of immature youthful lusty passion and now it is time to settle down with someone who makes more logical sense for him. So Anushka is basically his own personal arranged marriage.

    Moving forward – he is solitary again. But later on connects with a slightly older woman, one who like anushka is smarter than him and somewhat less empathetic and humorous than him. She laughs at his nerdy jokes and he likes that he sets her at ease. She can recognize a diamond in the rough. She is sexier than she realizes, but he realizes it. It is a relationship that is at once intellectual, philosophical, humorous, and sexy. PS. I’ll be happy to play this role in the fan fic. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • Oh oh! Maddy gets a new supervisor at work (same as my Option C) only instead of her being young and sexy and confident, she is older than him and classy and comfortable. He is shy at first, but drawn out of his shell by her sense of humor and intelligence. She invites him to have lunch with her and gently guides him through the tricky emotional territory of comforting Anushka as a friend. One night after a dinner party at her place, they are sipping wine after everyone else has left and he suggests sex. She is surprised, but he calmly explains that he is very attracted to her and thinks they would be sexually compatible and wants to try an experiment, if he can feel passion again for someone he actually likes (unlike his ex which was a whole messy opposites attract thing). They start a Friends With Benefits thing, complete with funny stripteases for her in her office, and secret sex in the space shuttle, but then a new Rockstar scientist comes to town, Grey-haired Anil Kapoor (or whoever, your choice, but sexy and more age appropriate so Maddy feels young and threatened). He immediately starts pursuing her with massive romantic gestures and declarations of love. Maddy is confused, he thought he could have sex and just keep it as friendship, but when he sees her with another man, he finds himself feeling….jealousy? After a lot of messy emotions (including a sexy dance off, because why not?), Maddy dramatically interrupts her romantic proposal to declare his love, that he now realizes it is possible to feel lust, affection, respect, friendship, and love all for the same person.

      On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 8:10 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • This is beautiful!

        And I also like the gay angle, but I am vying for a story in which I can co-star. :O ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anil works, but possibly even Brendan Frasier, as an international visiting astronaut. IMO Brendan is Maddy’s white doppelganger (esp during the 2000s) thus making him doubly threatening for Maddy.


        • I wrote it out in more detail in today’s post ๐Ÿ™‚

          On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 9:34 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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