Wednesday Watching Post: Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak!!!! And Bharat Mubarak! It’s a great day all around. I will be seeing Bharat at 6:30 tonight, and I know it’s selfish, but please no spoilers before then! Especially opinion spoilers (“I liked it”, “I hated it”). I want to go in unprejudiced and give an honest response. Instead, let’s talk about anything else we watched!

I’ll start!

Watching: I have now seen every single Tiger Shroff movie. Is this something to be proud of? Is it better than having seen all but one Tiger Shroff movie? Anyway, I finally watched Heropanti on Friday. It was cute. Oh, and I watched Junglee on Sunday. It was less cute and more “Is Vidyut Jamwal made of muscles?”

Reading: Bardwaj Rangan’s really good article on filmic grammar and why some films require more plot explication than others. Read it!

Thinking: I’m going on vacation! A real vacation, when I don’t have to do anything. Starting Friday I’m taking a week off work and staying with my parents at the family house. Which means I get to not work, eat food my parents make for me, and be in a beautiful wonderful place. Oh, also no internet. But I’ll stop by the library every day so DCIB will still be maintained.

Listening: Bharat soundtrack of course! It’s really quite good. Especially “Zinda”

Now, question for you! Simple one. Give me an Eid song!

Here’s mine, the new one from Kalank:

25 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: Eid Mubarak!

  1. This isn’t an Eid song per se, but it is a song about feasting. And lurve!

    Starving for new SRK movie content, I started to get curious about Prithviraj after the gazing songs post. So far I’d only seen Aiyyaa, which I assumed is not a typical role for him. Have watched some songs and interviews, including reading older posts from here, and watched Ezra, because I was in the mood for a Thriller. I had no idea that he’s been around so long, because he’s so young! He might be a worthy SRK alternative. An intelligent, feminist, adoring husband and father, who also holds my interest as an actor. I’ll have to work in seeing City of God soon. What else? Oh, and I definitely prefer soft muscles Prithvi to ripped and hungry-looking Prithvi.

    Sadly, I’m not going to be able to fit in a trip to Mumbai when I travel to India at the end of the month. I’ll be in Hyderabad for a conference, and will wave in Mannat’s general direction. At least one of my Indian colleagues who’ll be there is a movie buff. She’s not really an SRK fan per se, but totally gets his appeal. I hope to at least see a movie in a theater there. I haven’t had that experience in India yet.

    Your vacation sounds wonderful. I’m looking forward to a week off at the end of July.


    • I have a few Prithviraj recommendations. And I can also give you a VERY VERY GENERAL run down on his career. He was the child of two actors, not stars but working actors. His mother has a slightly scandalous story attached to her, she arrived in Kochi (the film capital of Kerala) with a young husband who also dreamed of being a star. They divorced, for whatever reason, and he went on to be a beloved character actor Jagathy while she married another actor (sometimes it is rumored she was cheating on Jagathy with the other actor). Thanks to the small size of the Malayalam industry, Jagathy has co-starred with his ex-wife’s sons which is always SUPER WEIRD.

      Prithviraj got his start very very young, had a few miscellaneous odd roles, like playing a guilt ridden rapist, and then hit it big in the movie “Classmates”, which also revolutionized the industry at the time it came out. In the 80s and 90s, Malayalam films had been ruled by Mammootty and Mohanlal and a little bit Dileep, older men with natural builds. They were in deep serious dramas, or occasional lighter family comedies. Classmates had shockingly young and handsome Prithviraj and a college romance plot with jokes and hijinks, very different. Prithviraj never really “played the game” the way he was supposed to, didn’t bow and scrape in front of his elders in the industry, or try to imitate the kind of movies they made. The early 2000s era of Malayalam film, in general, was one of their weaker periods. So early Prithvi stuff is not the greatest, just because of the era he was in. Since around 2010, the Malayalm stuff has leaped forward in quality all of a sudden, a lot of exciting new talents behind and in front of the camera. But for the past 4-5 years, he’s been focusing on thrillers mostly, which is sad for me because I am sick of thrillers.

      Anyway, recommendations! Enne Nintu Moideen is beautiful, and sad. Koode is beautiful, and sad, but with a hopeful ending. City of God is freaking brilliant, and Prithvi responded to my review on twitter, which is cool and also shows how important that film is to him. Watch out though, you really need to watch the official version of City of God with subtitles from googleplay, and you need to watch it really closely. It’s a hyperlink film that goes back and forth in time, think like Pulp fiction but with more heart and more backstory. If you don’t watch closely, you won’t get it. Oh, and you get to see Prithviraj’s equally talented but less handsome brother as the other hero in City of God. That’s kind of neat. Ivide is interesting, but can be hard to track down. Ranam is a recent one, set in Detroit, another hyperlink story (the new age Malayalam cinema really likes hyperlinks). Mumbai Police is super interesting and odd and complicated, and I’m not necessarily recommending it to you, but I would be really curious to hear what you think about it. Oh, and he plays the villain in Naam Shabana, a Hindi movie on Netflix.

      On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 11:46 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. Don’t have much time to watch the movies now when school is over. Only 2 movies in 2 weeks. First I watched 2.0, and only because my son wanted to see “that movie about the bird”. And it wasn’t that bad. I wish I could watch it in the cinema. I love when indian filmmakers are like: why not? And so I absolutely loved little Rajnikanth riding the pigeon. I didn’t see it coming, and it was hilarious.
    And today I saw Notebook because it’s on Prime now. Very, very nice, exactly as I thought it would be. Beautiful visually, good acting (I only wish Pranutan was a little more complex, she was good, but could use more emotions). I kept comparing this movie with Music Teacher (another slow, full of flashbacks, love story with stunning visuals) and Notebook was so much better.
    Recommended for all romance lovers.

    Reading: still the book about Lech Walesa, and it’s hard because it reminds me the story of Kammara Sambhavan (haven’t seen the movie but I read your spoiler review). Shallow, bad guy is considered a hero because he won re-wrote the story.


    • Yaaaay for Notebook on Prime!!! I have been waiting for it to show up. It’s such a nice pleasant movie, nice songs and visuals and poetic kind of love story. If it’s on Prime in the US, not just Italy, I may have this week’s Sunday rerun.


      • Yes, it’s on US Prime too, because I get to know about it from Access Bollywood.
        Oh, and also from today, kannada version of 96 called 99 is on Prime too. I just started watching it, and just from the first song, I can say Ganesh is not Vijay Sethupathi.


    • Maybe the Chinese made a mistake and offered a ton of money without realizing it was a bad film? If I was an Indian producer, I would snap that up and laugh all the way to the bank. Or, on the other hand, an Indian producer realized he could be smart and offer it for little money and make it look like a deal, and it worked.


  3. I had a bunch of friends over yesterday and we watched Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. It was as good as I remembered it to be and now I’m pretty curious to see what Ayan Mukherjee is doing with Brahmastra. I also realized that YJHD is a really good party movie when you have a large group of teenagers. The plot isn’t too complicated, there are entertaining songs every 20 or so minutes, overall its a fun movie with pretty people in it. What other movies would you say fit this kind of criteria? The only ones I can think of are maybe SOTY and K3G.


    • Yes! This is why I watched SOTY last time I was hanging out with a friend. It’s fun, it’s pretty, you can talk over it, it’s great. I also saw Dilwale in a theater filled with hormonal young women (Shahrukh’s appearance resulted in whistles that lasted at least 3 minutes), and it was also great in that way. Lots of fun laugh lines, bits you can talk over, squee-worthy songs, and so on.

      I’d say also Dhoom 2 and 3 for sure, Bang Bang, Anything Rajshri. It’s the movies you liked to see in theaters, right? The ones you would go to with the whole family and all enjoy.

      On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 5:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • All Farah Khan movies!! Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om and even Happy New Year. You can watch them a million times, talk with your friends, enjoy the songs and the comedy bits every single time. It’s just plain old fun.

        If you’re an Aamir fan, then Dil Chahta Hai. A genuinely good movie which also has a lot of repeat value.


  4. I watched the rest of Mard ko Dard Natin Kota (sp?) Last week, then watched it again end to end. I’d say it’s my favorite film released in 2019 so far (gully boy is second, notebook is 3rd), certainly the most original film of the year, maybe 2nd for “best” film (behind Gully Boy). Another example of a film with mixed reviews but which the reviews are about expectations vs reality, instead of judging the film on its own merits. Really, everyone who I’ve convinced to watch this film has enjoyed it thoroughly.

    In the streaming space, I’d give Best to Made in Heaven and Delhi Crime, and favorite to Made in Heaven and Once Again (though I think Once Again doesn’t count because it released before 2019). Never seen such a well made middle aged romance – most romances are either youngsters or seniors.

    Now that we are in June, what are your selections for Favorite and Best film(s) and streaming series released in 2019 so far? Can include regional industries in the mix.

    I also watched Always Be My Maybe. A light rom com about an alpha female and beta male who were childhood friends reconnecting. Except for a famous cameo, this is an all Asian cast. Unlike Crazy Rich Asians, the cast is superficially more approachable rather than impossibly good looking, and the scale is more small screen. When minorities no longer have to be “better than the best in order to be considered good enough” in a western space, that’s when we start to approach a post racial world. And this movie is above average but not stellar… to me that’s a good thing. It’s definitely worthwhile viewing, especially because it’s quite unique to make an alpha female be warm, empathetic, have a backstory to explain both the alpha and the warmth, and hold onto herself while asking the boy to love her as is. Oh wait that’s Notting Hill lol.


    • Favorite and best is so much pressure! I always feel like it isn’t fair unless I have seen absolutely everything.

      I like your vote for Gully Boy as best this year. It was awfully good as a whole film. But now I am torn because in some ways I think Bharat was more ambitious, a true attempt at an all ages Masala movie in the Hindi film style versus Gully Boy’s kind of 8 Mile but Indian feel.

      On Thu, Jun 6, 2019 at 11:27 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Hearing great reviews on 3 of the eid malayalram releases. 1) Virus starring tovino, indrajit sukumaran, parvati,kunchako boban, asif ali, revathi, soubin shahir, sreenath basi, Joju George, Madonna Sebastian (premam fame) (most of your favourite actors in 1 movie :)) . The real life Virus incident is captured really well not make it overlly dramatic.
    2) Thamasha starring vinay fort produced by lijo jose pallesery. Hearing its a great feel good movie with a message
    3. Thottapan starring an excellent Vinayakan


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