News Update: Salman on PC, and Shahid Does Prabhudeva

This is it, right?  This has got to be the end of the Priyanka Chopra story, since PC refuses to give a statement herself, that means Salman’s version becomes definitive and now we are done?  Please please say we are done!  Oh, and if you don’t care about PC, it is possible this other news story will get you very excited (angry maybe?).

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News Round-Up: Hrithik Will Dance, Salman Will Circus, and Priyanka Will Promote Herself

It was so nice not reporting Priyanka news for years and years.  But now she is back and I can’t escape her.  And I really don’t like it, because it makes me sound a little mean and a lot crazy, but on the other hand, it is what it is and this is the only way to interpret it.  Other stuff is more interesting though, so I can talk lots and lots about that and little little about PC.

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News Round-Up: Imraan Has a New “Job”, Disha Patani is Folded into ANOTHER Priyanka Story, Kangana’s Manikarnika Sounds Like a Disaster

I have 20 minutes before the kids get here, so I am going to write a news report post real quick, and then dig a croquet set out of the attic so they can hit each other with mallets.  Or possibly actually play croquet, but that seems unlikely.

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