Saaho Teaser! Prabhas Looks Gooooooood!

What a lovely thing to wake up to! And now I get to share it with you all. Most important thing to know, SUBTITLES! Even on the little teaser, even just as it is released. I am now in love with these producers.

First, and most importantly, Prabhas looks Gooooood! I’ve been nervous because he’s had kind of that “lost the muscles too fast” look around his face and body, kind of disproportionate. And he never really has a great facial hair system in personal appearances. But he looks great! The modern-y costumes with the layers and the leather work on him, and they hit that sweet spot of unshaven and slightly long hair.

Second, the action looks really good! Not just cool car chases, but stuff like the camera looking through the grill as his hand reaches out to grab a gun, interesting stuff.

Third, Shraddha isn’t terrible! Okay, she only has like two lines, but she’s fine with them. And I know she can do the action stuff, she was good with what they gave her to do in Baaghi.

Now, the downside. These quick-quick-quick edits make me nervous. Sometimes that means they don’t have the whole film pulled together and are just throwing together the little bits that are finalized for the teaser.

I’m also nervous about the dark futuristic look. Because that dark rainy black look can get real boring, real fast, especially if the director is in love with how “different” it is.

And of course, we still have no idea what the plot is. But that’s less important, if it’s great action and good looking Prabhas around a plot that makes no sense, I’m still gonna watch and enjoy it.

Oh oh! I just rewatched and there is one more super important thing! Prabhas sounds like he did his own dubbing for the Hindi version. THANK GOODNESS!!! I want to watch the Hindi so I can kind of understand what they are saying, but I also want my rough Prabhas voice.


23 thoughts on “Saaho Teaser! Prabhas Looks Gooooooood!

  1. I thought this looked good but I don’t think I liked it as much as I liked the teaser they put out for Prabhas’s birthday…


  2. Also the teaser for Manmadhudu 2 starring Nagarjuna and Rakul Preet came out today. It’s not a direct sequel to the original but I think they want to call back to Manmadhudu. I don’t know how I feel about it to be honest.


  3. I am also not fully onboard with the futuristic,video game look & I am hoping the quick cuts is to show how much footage they have and give a sense of the world building & for justifying the delay,money spend. I liked the really sleek background score.Now unless the trailer and rest of the promotional material goes down the hill,I am sold on this. But then I had also liked stupid Rebel cos it had Prabhas walking in slow motion all the time.So really,just show me Prabhas & his voice.

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    • Exactly, letting Prabhas do his own dubbing for all the languages is the key to this movies success. I’m glad they realized it.


      • Pretty sure it’s for the fan boys. But then the last dialogue in the trailer is not coincidental. The fan wars in Tamil industry is truly abysmal. Ajith had written an open letter to disengage the fans from abusing,attacking rival actors. And seems like he is using every opportunity to say it again.


  4. Thanks for the last paragraph. I was about to comment the same – dubbing on his own adds more to the movie. I watched Telugu teaser earlier, but the Hindi one, I watched here only.


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