Genevieve! Which Movie Do You Want? Main Hoon Na, Gumrah, Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na, Saaho

Genevieve may not be able to come to Friday movies after this week because of stupid school and stupid parenting, booo! Just let the kids go feral! We need you! Anyway, it’s Genevieve’s pick this week, I will describe all 4 of these movies and then she can choose.

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Saaho Review (SPOILERS): Why is Shraddha Bad at EVERYTHING???

Honestly, doesn’t matter if you read the spoilers or not. Might even help you enjoy the film more if you can follow the plot in advance. Although there is also something to be said for enjoying twists and seeing if you can guess them in advance of the reveal. If you like twists and stuff, read this review. If you get confused by twists and want the summary in advance so you can follow the plot, you can keep reading.

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News Round-Up: Emraan and Ajay and Mouni Have New Movies, Censor Board Still Has Issues, Everyone’s Got Scheduling Issues

More news!!!!  Yaaaaaay!  Lots of little things that are interesting to keep an eye on and see how they pan out.  And of course Padmavat, the story that will never die.

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