Trailers! Saaho Song and Mission Mangal Teaser

Well, we have a song that openly imitates every other club song ever, and a trailer that openly imitates every space movie ever. Hurrah for Indian ingeniuity (I’m grumpy this morning).

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Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Hide From the Heat

Happy Saturday! Supposedly we will get a bunch of thunderstorms today that will turn the 99 degree weather into a more tolerable high 70s. But I will believe it when I see it. In the meantime, I will spend my day hiding in air conditioned spaces.

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News Round-Up: Emraan and Ajay and Mouni Have New Movies, Censor Board Still Has Issues, Everyone’s Got Scheduling Issues

More news!!!!  Yaaaaaay!  Lots of little things that are interesting to keep an eye on and see how they pan out.  And of course Padmavat, the story that will never die.

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