Trailer Report! Battle of the Love Songs, Super 30 versus Article 15 versus Kabir Singh

Huh, everyone is releasing love song trailers. And they are all nice with sweet stories and handsome guys and stuff. But which is the nicest?

This is interesting, all of these love songs have actors remaining in character, in normal clothes, just interacting. No fantasy mountains, no big dance numbers, just normal every day love with normal every day guys and girls. It’s less surprising with Ayushmann, he always plays “normal”, but Shahid and Hrithik are both shockingly handsome, and shockingly good dancers. Seeing them just smile and act their way through a song is interesting.

Super 30 has a love song, which surprises me. Place your bets now as to whether this will be Hrithik’s wife who inspires him, or lost love whose pain he tries to hide by helping others.

It’s a nice song though, and nice images. I like their little neighborhood back and forth stuff, I like the subtle period touches with the phones, and I really like that she is as aggressive and forthright about her feelings as he is (throwing kisses, sneaking into his classroom, and so on). And I hope he sold that gold medal for cash, because keeping it for honor is just stupid. Sell the medal, marry the girl you love! (for those of you who are non-desis, when you win government academic competitions, you get an actual gold medal. Like, made of gold. It’s also a sign that you won the most prestigious of levels, so you get a gold medal and you get guaranteed entry to the school of your choice. So what we are seeing here is that he won a gold medal in mathematics and is showing it off to his girlfriend. And then she won what looks like a less-gold medal in dance and tries to show off to him).

And then there is Article 15. It’s a cop movie, so I feel more sure that Ayushmann is actually going to marry this girl. Cops tend to have faithful devoted wives, not lost loves and broken hearts. Like the last song, it is super cute, and less fantasy perfect than usual. I like that Ayushmann still looks and moves like a normal person, it feels like we are seeing an average guy in love dreaming of a perfect moment with his average girl.

And then there are the two Kabir Singh songs! Which are also less fantasy and more reality. But I love the contrast, the first one is college romance, magic and first meeting and first kiss and falling in love. And the second is 4 years of long distance romance, skype calls and a routine of meeting up and saying good-bye and surprise visits and all of that. The calm routine of love. I think I like the calm routine one better, and it is certainly more original. We’ve seen the mad passionate falling in love many times, how often do we see that love last through years of dating and distance?

Which do you like best?


5 thoughts on “Trailer Report! Battle of the Love Songs, Super 30 versus Article 15 versus Kabir Singh

    • Yeah? Over Kabir Singh and Article 15? Good to know! I will watch the movie and report back as to the romance ending happy/sad.

      On Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 2:06 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Article 15 song is nice, I especially liked gentle drums in the background, but overall super 30 song is better. I tried to listen to Kabir Singh’s songs too but I just can’t. He hasn’t done anything to me, but I just can’t stand his face.


  1. The last one reminds me the Kabhi Alvida song (KANK).
    There is something I don’t like in the slow songs…they make them even slower through slow motion…so, for me the Super 30 is the nicest song.


    • Boy, second vote for Super 30! I wonder if this will turn into the sleeper hit of the summer.

      On Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 2:13 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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