Trailer Report! Battle of the Love Songs, Super 30 versus Article 15 versus Kabir Singh

Huh, everyone is releasing love song trailers. And they are all nice with sweet stories and handsome guys and stuff. But which is the nicest?

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Super 30 Trailer! Really Interesting Look

Huh! This trailer is not at all what I predicted and the film looks like it might be far better than expected, in terms of performances, imagination, and topic. Yaaay! I love good movies!

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News Round-Up: Imraan Has a New “Job”, Disha Patani is Folded into ANOTHER Priyanka Story, Kangana’s Manikarnika Sounds Like a Disaster

I have 20 minutes before the kids get here, so I am going to write a news report post real quick, and then dig a croquet set out of the attic so they can hit each other with mallets.  Or possibly actually play croquet, but that seems unlikely.

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