Shahrukh Summer: Love Triangle Voting! Who Should End Up Together in KKHH, KHNH, Veer-Zaara, Devdas, DTPH, and More!

My goodness he’s been in a lot of love triangles! And we don’t always have to agree with the pair the director decided to end with.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Tina versus Anjali:

Pretend Tina had lived. Or Anjali told her feelings back in college. Who would you want Shahrukh to end up with?

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Personally, I’m team Anjali all the way! Tina was pretty and made him a better person, but Anjali really really knew him.

Kal Ho Na Ho, Saif versus Shahrukh:

Pretend Shahrukh got a heart transplant. Is Preity still a better pair with Saif or with Shahrukh?

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Saif! Definitely Saif! He was there for her when she had no one else, he loved her enough to marry her when she was in love with someone else, they could build something real, while she barely knew Shahrukh.

Veer-Zaara, Rani versus Preity:

Shahrukh and Preity had a magical youthful love, but Rani listened to him with big serious eyes and made him smile again after 20 years. Who should he be with?

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I guess I will let Shahrukh and Preity stay together, after that 20 year wait. But if Preity had died or remarried, I would be alllllll about Shahrukh-Rani!

Devdas, Madhuri versus Aish:

Chandramukhi or Paro? The love of youth or the companion of young manhood?

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Chandramukhi! Always Chandramukhi, in every version! He and Paro hardly knew each other by the end.

Dil To Pagal Hai, Karisma versus Madhuri:

Karisma, his best friend who partied with him and teased him and worked with him. Or Madhuri, who challenged him to be a better artist, who slowly blossomed under his teaching, who had a magical connection with him?

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Karisma, definitely. What are he and Madhuri going to have, once the magic of Fated Love wears off?

Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, Juhi versus Amrita:

Juhi Chawla who ran around the streets with him like they were kids playing hooky from school, and shared an intense sexual evening with him? Or Amrita, who appreciated his intelligence and free thinking, and encouraged him to change as he inspired her to change?

Image result for raju ban gaya gentleman

Well, Juhi, I guess. But if it was just the running around the streets without sex, or just the sex without running around, I would say “no”. But how often do you find someone you can have fun with, and also are super super attracted to?

Chak De! India, India versus Any Living Woman

India versus Any Living Woman. One is his passionate true love of a lifetime, but the other might actually get him to have kids of his own and stop being so obsessed he’s gonna have a heart attack by 50.

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Ooo, tough one! I want him to pick Any Living Woman, but I feel like it will just end in disaster because he won’t be able to forget his true love, India. So I will let him stay faithful to India and live out his life with her.

Ra.One, Real Shahrukh versus Robot Shahrukh

Shahrukh or Robot Shahrukh, which is better? One is goofy and funny and has a history with Kareena. The other is super powerful and has blue eyes and good hair.

Image result for poster

I think I have to go with Robot Shahrukh. He’s powerful, he’s kind, he’s reliable, and that good hair is important.

Raees, Mahira versus Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub

Mahira or Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub? One has that lifetime of history with him, that understanding that goes deeper than words. The other is the mother of his child.

Related image

Obviously Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub. His romance with Mahira is cute, but their bond can’t compare.

9 thoughts on “Shahrukh Summer: Love Triangle Voting! Who Should End Up Together in KKHH, KHNH, Veer-Zaara, Devdas, DTPH, and More!

  1. KHNH
    The basic psychology of this movie makes no sense. She’s not prepared to end up with either of them, either in the actual film, or in any rewrite.

    Since she’s got SRK in her system,
    1. Dump saif, go with srk, don’t marry him, start a relationship, give it 3 months
    2. If srk is the real deal, then stick with him, with the plan to eventually marry
    3. If srk is a fantasy, then go back to saif, saif will naturally feel more appealing, and she won’t have lost her bff after just 3 months.

    Only Dev D gets this right.


    • I agree with you on KHNH. Which is why I have come around with the film as it is showing the best possible solution. Marry SRK, and he dies within weeks, and she will never get him out of her system. Even if it wasn’t “true love”, it will feel like true love. Put off getting together with Saif, maybe, but you still have the risk of not getting SRK out of her system because she builds him up as “true love” after death and then Saif never feels more appealing. Force the marriage through, you kick the SRK out and force Saif in, since you don’t have time to make it happen naturally.

      And absolutely agree on Dev D! That was the best ending.


  2. KHNH, Saif all the way. In the end they are both boring and Amand would tire of her. Let the doctor find him someone like her.
    KKHH: Kajol all the way, “She’s your best friend yaar,” best friends last a lot longer than sex fantasies.
    Devdas: Neither. He sobers up, finds a real person who makes him go back to London, be a lawyer and ditch all these crazy people. Also that movie with Saif and Vidya Ballan which is also a Devdas remake ends correctly.
    Veer: has to Priety; she waited soooo long and Rani is too young and he’d have to stay in Pakistan which jailed him.
    Ra One: Robot all the way…but he becomes human in the sequel.
    Raju: Juhi, no contest. Amrita was manipulative and no nice until the end. Though her daughter now looks soooo much like her then. But it also means Sara won’t age well.
    Chak De: REAL WOMAN. I hate the Mohabbatein thing of him being all alone.
    Raes: Both. you can have a great best friend and a beautiful loving wife at the same time……


    • Deep thoughts and excellent choices all around. And let’s just assume that the third real woman who gets Dev to clean up and pull himself together then has a great granddaughter who looks just like her and does the same thing for Chak De Shahrukh.

      And glad I’m not the only one who votes for Robot in Ra.One. If he does become human, I want it more clearly defined than the Paheli ending which still bothers me. I’d even be okay with some kind of magical God sparkles that make him a real person in return for his good deeds.

      On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 3:24 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • But the poor husband! I rewrote it in my own hand to show that he merged with the husband into one being, but the film itself doesn’t actually show that.

          On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 3:21 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • The husband is a sad sad story. If he had looked at Rani, not listened to his father about leaving his bride….he’d have had the marriage….


          • That’s interesting, so it’s like the moral of the story? If he hadn’t regretted and missed what he lost, then there would have been no moral? Rani did the right thing, the ghost did the right thing, it was the husband who sinned?

            On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 3:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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