Shahrukh Summer Discussion Post: What Fictional Detective Do We Most Want Him to Play? Sherlock Holmes, Columbo, or Other?

Another lazy discussion post, but hopefully one that some of you can leap in and join the discussion. Shahrukh doesn’t really have a solid “mystery” in his filmography, and I think he would be great playing the detective role, especially now that he is too old to play the young hero.

Sherlock Holmes: Brilliant, erratic, lives on his nerves. But always a gentleman with a deep understanding and care for the issues of women in his society.

Phillip Marlowe: a modern day knight errant, a rude crude surface that hides a desire for justice and fairness, and a weakness for damsels in distress.

Hercule Poirot: An immigrant and a minority who deals with prejudice with dignity, embraces modern life and technology, and is frequently dismissed because of his accent and behavior but is in fact more intelligent than those who dismiss him.

Nick Charles: A wise-cracking alcoholic who rose from modest beginnings and a life lived by his wits to great wealth, and who loves his wife and his family more than anything else, although he hides his affection under humor.

Perry Mason: Sure of himself lawyer whose life is his work, and whose family is his work family, his dedicated secretary Della Street who loves him but doesn’t want to marry him and his best friend down the hall Paul Drake.

Father Brown: A wise philosophy who believes in God but is worn down by the sins of man, who loves and forgives everyone, even the murderers he brings to justice.

Virgil Tibbe: A dignified successful professional trapped in a world that does not respect him, but refusing to give in to anger or hopelessness, just continuing to do his job as best he can and let his anger hide inside.

Mikeal Blomkvist: A middle-aged journalist who suffers a public humiliation and fall and retreats to solving an old mystery. He is a man that women trust and want to be with, and he moves through multiple lovers with care and respect.

Columbo: A determinedly average guy, lives a simple life with his old clothes and old car and stories about his wife, but has a strange charm to him that draws his suspects into confessions.

Miss/Mister Marple: A little old man who loves to knit and tell stories of his nephew and grand-nephews/nieces, who is dismissed by those around him that put up with him because of his old family connections (although he has now fallen on hard times), but secretly is the most dangerous of them all.

Batman: A caped avenger in a skin tight body suit, striding through his city solving mysteries and righting wrongs, only trusting his old butler Anupam Kher and his ward Rajkummar Rao.

Batman/Miss Marple: Same as above, except that during the day he is a little old man that loves to knit, and at night he goes out in skin tight body suits and beats people up.

Other: Any other detective I have forgotten.

13 thoughts on “Shahrukh Summer Discussion Post: What Fictional Detective Do We Most Want Him to Play? Sherlock Holmes, Columbo, or Other?

  1. Spontaneously, I – again – think of Lord Peter Wimsey…or, as a more ambiguous character, ,Arsène Lupin (a gentleman thief who turns into detective).
    From the more recent times, I would like Inspector John Rebus (Ian Rankin’s police detective).

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    • I was debating that! My problem is, I really really love the Sushant version and now I have a hard time picturing anyone else, including Shahrukh, in the role.


    • Ooo, just looked up Cormoran Strike, and I am sucked in by the long running slow burn romance with his assistant. Plus the combination of gritty army background and celebrity glamour seems like a good fit for SRK.

      On Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 6:50 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’d love him to play Inspector Rebus or Commander Vimes from the Discworld books. Not as a movie but as a Netflix series. Philip Marlowe or any other hard (gritty, mix of brains and brawn), urban detective would work too. I love the idea of him as Blumkvist. If we’re going Scandinavian Noir, then he’d make an excellent Wallander as well.


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